Chapter 9

Are You Ready to Master Love and Let Go of Fear?

Start the day with love; Fill the day with love,
End the day with love, That is the way to God.
Sai Baba

Love Is The Only Power

In the late 60’s, Phyllis Krystal was flying home from India on an airplane which got hijacked. The hijackers had somehow managed to carry guns on board. One was pointing his weapon directly at her. She fervently prayed to Sai Baba and He guided her to send them love. She responded, “I cannot, I am too frightened Baba, but let Your love pour through me.” In that instant she felt a tremendous surge of Divine love flow through her to the hijackers. They started to tremble and spontaneously dropped their weapons. The whole operation was aborted on the spot and no one was hurt. Fearful situations can be transformed through love. You cannot master fear, but you can master love, and when you do, fear vanishes.

Once, during our late teens, a girlfriend, Judy, and I were traveling by train from Holland to Poland. We were asleep in the night coach when a conductor asked for our passports with transit visas for East Berlin. We were not aware that visas were required so had boarded without proper documents. The conductor told us he could get the visas stamped for us. Too sleepy to argue we agreed and fell back asleep. At the next stop we were again asked to show our passports but did not have them as the conductor had not returned them to us. We were thrown off the train and put into separate jail cells in a station in Berlin.

While the authorities were interrogating me, Judy, being Jewish and having been raised with first hand accounts of inhumane atrocities perpetrated against her people, was terrified, envisioning me being tortured or worse. I calmly explained the situation and the officer could see that I was not frightened and that my story sounded reasonable. He made some calls and located our passports. I was ignorant of the horrors of W.W.II and that was undoubtedly a blessing under the circumstances. The officer asked Judy to join us for a coke and we all laughed at the story we could write home about. Soon we were on the next train and at the following station reconnected with our passports. We were pretty careless when I look back on it, but fearlessness helped us to negotiate what could have been a very bad scene relatively smoothly.

Misperception produces fear, while true perception reveals love. To use the metaphor of the rope and the snake again, though all the time there is only a rope on the ground, if you pass by it at dusk, you misperceive it as a snake and get frightened. The rope never turned into a snake. It was only misperception that produced fear. Judy was fearful because of her misperception, based on stories from the past. Every moment is new and when we have no past, we have no reason to fear.

There Are Only Two Emotions, Love And Fear

Only God and God’s love are real. We were created to be and have love as our only experience, both with God and with everyone. Yet we all experience fear because we have made for ourselves unreal experiences, separate from God. Any experience that is separate from God will be devoid of love by definition. Those experiences will be fearful. The fact is all fear is illusion.

The illusion that God is fearful is a prime example. That idea comes from trust in an ego that wants you to believe God wrathful, vengeful, punishing, judgmental, sitting on some throne somewhere condemning you to eternal hell and damnation. That is the furthest thing from God’s mind as He deeply loves all that He creates. But, as long as you believe that to be so, you will be afraid and will not want God near you and ego will survive. Ego wants to exist. It will try very hard to deceive you because its survival depends on you loving it more than you love God, thus it tries to convince you that God is other than who He is. It tries to convince you to believe in illusions. God is but love, and therefore so are you.

Hatred is another word for fear. You will only hate what you fear. Love cannot hate, for love has no fear. Joy is another word for love. If you are not wholly joyous, something is blocking your love. Love has no fear and means letting go of fear. When you are love, fear cannot exist and free of fear, your joy will bubble forth. You were created to be happy all the time. Baba says, “I am always happy.” He is constantly expressing His love and joy. He is constantly giving joy to others. That is why He is so happy.

However, don’t use this teaching to feign happiness when you are not happy, for then you are out of integrity with what is happening in the moment and you will feel even more confusion. If you are not supremely happy, stand still in what is happening and ask that the blocks to the awareness of love’s constant presence be removed for you. If you fake love, it will not bring you into true joy. You will be superficial and will be fooling yourself. Be honest with yourself. That way joy can resurface naturally and fully.

When you awaken joy in others, you will naturally feel joyful. When you are happy, you are in love with everyone and everything. It is up to you whether love and happiness are your experience. Once when I had to get a tire fixed, the repairman greeted me, “Hello, hon.” I felt his sincerity, warmth and purity, and it gave me so much joy. It was so simple. I sensed immediately that he had no ulterior motives. One just feels that. Everyone can recognize pure goodness. He was working hard the whole time I waited and he was happy. I could tell and I felt happy just to be around him, though I had nothing to do but wait for my car. It is not difficult to be loving, but it does require purity. It does require knowing who you are. As long as you think you need to exchange or get something from someone, your offering will not be genuine. Genuineness is rare and refreshing.

Master Love To Abolish Fear

Harriet Tubman, a nineteenth century Afro-American affectionately called Moses, rescued over 3000 slaves on the underground railway. Her trust in God was implicit, her cause just. She was guided and fearless. She loved her people and was determined to give as many Blacks as possible lives of dignity. She took tremendous risks. There was a bounty hunter who had been offered a handsome reward for her capture, dead or alive. But he was an unusual man considering his particular profession. He had heart and admired her fearlessness. Though he had a reputation for being the very best, he had a deep respect for Harriet, and when he finally caught up with her, he told her how honored he was to meet her and let her go without turning her in or receiving his reward. Her love for her people made her fearless in the face of injustice. She could not be touched. She had mastered love, thus fear had been abolished.

Once a friend, Colleen, and I hiked up to the top of Arunachala Mountain near Ramana Maharshi’s ashram in Southern India. While taking our picnics out of our knap sacks, we were suddenly surrounded by a dozen or so very large and vicious looking monkeys. They were hungry and wanted our lunch or maybe even us for lunch. I calmly looked them in the eye. At no time was I afraid and exuded a strength of love and self-confidence. We were, after all, on the top of a sacred mountain, in the presence of a holy sage who had lived there in a small hut of sticks and burlap, having sustained himself purely on God’s providence for over 10 years. I was in a very deep and profound meditative consciousness of blissful expansion. Love had been mastered in that moment and fear was simply not present. Keeping eye contact with my brother monkeys, I got up slowly and sending them pure love, backed away coaching Colleen to do the same. We retreated unharmed. Colleen was very frightened. Had I not had the composure I did, we might well have been brutally attacked. When love is mastered, fear has no power.

Being fearless in the face of danger can be exhilarating. One fine morning while Al Drucker was living on the Big Sur coast of California, Gayatri was playing in his mind. Gayatri is a mantra that asks that our limited consciousness be merged with the limitless consciousness that we are in truth. He went for a hike into the nearby mountains and all the while Gayatri continued effortlessly. As he was coming back down the mountain, what was standing directly in his path but a huge mountain lion, lean and mean. Al was not afraid. Gayatri was going. He crouched down so the animal would not be frightened of him. He softly called out to the cat and held out his hand. Slowly the animal slithered away. Al felt only love for the animal that could have torn him to pieces. He cautiously walked past where the animal had been seen and then when he felt safe to do so, fairly flew down the mountain thrilled to his very marrow. He perceived the lion as a visitation from Baba, so packed his bags and flew off to India. Al was fearless, thus the lion could not touch him.

When you are afraid of anything, you are acknowledging its power to hurt you. In your fearlessness, you acknowledge your invulnerability. However, let this teaching not be used to put yourself in harms way to test your fearlessness. There is a story of an Indian saint who taught his disciples to be fearless. One disciple took the teaching to heart and placed himself in front of a stampeding elephant. I will spare you the details of what followed. Always temper the teachings with a bit of common sense. If ever you do find yourself in a tight spot, you can negotiate it fearlessly by remembering God. God is love, and where there is love, fear has no power.

Love Has No Opposite

Love cannot be taught. It is who we are. But we cannot be who we are as long as we let fear stand in the way of our love. Though love has no opposite, fear is its seeming opposite. If you are not feeling your love, it must be that fear is blocking love’s flow. Our task then is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within ourselves that we have built against it. It is not necessary to seek for what is true, but it is necessary to seek for what is false and to then recognize its falseness. Once seen, fear disappears because it is not real.

All fear is reducible to the false belief that we could usurp the power of God. That is a fearful thought and is behind all anxiety of any kind. Adam and Eve ate the fruit and hid when they heard God approaching. They were afraid of God because they thought they had replaced Him as Source and that He would therefore punish them. God is Source and cannot be overthrown. They could not act outside of His will, but that they thought they could frightened them. Fear took the place of love. Fear is of ego. Only after they made ego did they experience fear. Until then their only experience was love.

There are those who think fear is a good thing. What if there were no fear? What if you were not frightened by the idea of karmic consequences? Because of fear, it is posited, people behave decently toward each other. That may be true. Knowing that you will be punished if you take certain actions is sometimes effective toward self-restraint. Perhaps fear of punishment does keep your behavior in check, but wouldn’t love be just as effective, or perhaps even more so?

Love was Adam and Eve’s only experience until they became fearful due to making their own source. Once they were fearful, the world reflected fear back to them. They were cast out of the garden and two angels with flaming swords barred their reentry. One of their two sons killed the other and the unreal world of fear and hate was up and running. Murder had never happened before the time of terror took the place of love. We must go back to the time of terror in our minds and let it be healed. Then we will again be in the experience of only love. That time is when we made ego, and is right now, as all of time is going on all the time. All we have to do is stand still right now and own that we tried to make our own source. As that is impossible, nothing happened, thus we have no reason to fear. It does require an admission that we were wrong and that takes courage.

There are those who insist that no matter what our experience may appear to be, all that is happening is love. In a way they are correct, for love is all that is possible, but when I was raped, that was not love. When you are sick you may feel the love of those concerned, but the experience itself is not love. When you are playing tennis and your partner cheats, that is not love. When a husband is unfaithful to his wife that is not love. When you see a kid stealing a candy bar from a store that is not love. Love is all there is, yet there are expressions that are not love. An earthquake is not love, nor is a famine or wars or Jews being exterminated in Auschwitz... These are not acts of love. They are acts of fear and fear is not love, it is rather a lack of love or a call for love. Fear is not real. When love is brought to a fearful situation, fear must disappear. Love can transform the hearts of those who are fearful and inspire them to act in ways that support their truth as love. The tennis partner can be inspired to play fair and the child to stop stealing. God’s love is the transformative agent.

Love Is More Than A Constant Desensitized Smile

The idea of love has been much misunderstood and misapplied. It is not enough to act lovingly in all situations. If a mother sees a child stealing and ignores him he will grow up to be a thief. That is not love. Love takes appropriate actions to prevent inappropriate behavior. If a child is unruly and a mother does not discipline, that is not love. In the work place, three women were named women of the year (2002) for being whistle blowers in corporate America. They exposed evidence for corruption in the work place and plucked up the courage to speak out. That was love in action. Had they remained silent to ensure employment, they would have been choosing fear.

Unconditional love does not mean a lack of discernment. Love doesn’t say everything is perfect when people are suffering. Unconditional love acts to relieve suffering. Unconditional love does not mean loving ego. Ego is not nice. Ego is the cause of all suffering. To love ego is to support suffering and that is not love. God does not wish anyone to suffer. A miracle undoes suffering. That is unconditional love. Suffering is not real, but if you say it is perfect, if you justify it, you make it real and that is not love. Those who find perfection in imperfection are making the unreal real. If you inspire a shift in consciousness toward the undoing of suffering, you are transforming the unreal back into the real and that is love.

There are those who think that love expresses itself only with a pasted on smile no matter what is going on at any particular moment. An acquaintance, Sandy, who had this belief told me how her boyfriend expressed displeasure toward her because he was angry with her inappropriate liaisons with other males. Sandy prided herself that all she did in response was smile back at him. She called this unconditional love, but her understanding was really only conceptual. I suspect her ‘magnanimity’ was not well received by her beau. You can say, “I love you,” and it can feel empty or it can be transporting. The difference is your purity, sincerity and genuineness. Are you real? Words and actions in and of themselves are not necessarily love, but rather may only reflect conceptual understanding. Love is deep, real, natural and easy and elicits joy in others.

Sandy held the notion that she should be free to be in sexual relationship with any man and she called that unconditional love and oneness. Baba says of that concept, “Animals enjoy that freedom.” It is body consciousness and has nothing to do with love. To want bodily freedom is to want freedom on the level of form, which you would only choose if you thought you were a body. That consciousness binds you to form. To be truly one, we must move beyond form to content, where we are indeed one. We express true oneness by joining at the level of mind, which is content. Sandy’s friend was hurting because he felt dishonored and reduced to a body by her actions. For her to respond as she did exposed a self-interest that did not connect with his pain at all. Communication did not happen. Love is mindful and communicates.

How do you know how to express love in a way that is appropriate to the situation? How do you feel inside? Follow your heart, not your head. When your heart is pure, the right response will be readily available for every situation. Ask God to show you how to respond. It is not hard. You are unconditional love. If Sandy had been open to hearing her beau, she might have responded by apologizing and mending her errant ways. You can have an idea about love, but if you don’t feel a heart connection, it is not love.

Love opens the heart of another. It cannot be learned or taught. It can be recognized. You recognize it because you are love, but some purification has to take place first. A pure heart knows love. When your heart is open, vulnerable and trusting, you are love. Then you understand what is being communicated and your response will be real. It will be right and it will be received.

Once in an interview Sai Baba revealed to a couple that He knew that the man had been with other women. Then He scolded the woman for allowing her husband to stray from his commitment. Baba was showing her that by not standing up for herself, she was not honoring or loving herself. Baba, in His infinite love, was showing her how to want only the very best for herself. She deserves the best because she is a precious child of God. A husband who is playing the field is not honoring his wife and if she supports his inappropriate behavior, probably to keep the peace, she is not honoring herself.

You cannot love others if you do not love yourself. I’m not referring to narcissistic love, where you don’t care about others, in a worshipping of yourself. That is not self-love, but rather self-loathing. When you love yourself, you will express it through the utmost compassion, caring and kindness toward everyone. At the same time you will only let yourself be treated with the deepest honor and respect.

Once Sai Baba had gone to a hill station in Northern India. It was Easter morning as He headed back to His ashram in the South, while an elderly couple was coming up the mountain on a scooter to offer Him their obeisance. Since they were poor they were scantily dressed, yet unmindful of the cold. They were full of devotion and intent on expressing their love for their beloved Lord. When Baba intercepted them He had His car stop and received them and their worshipful offering with the most gracious love. They were overcome by His tender reception, as He was by their offering and everyone who looked on was moved to tears. Such is the power of love and it is not hard to recognize.

Ring Story Taught Self-Worth

God reveals to us our lack of self-love, complete with the cure for our particular malady when we are ready to be who we are. Once in an interview Baba manifested a Shirdi ring for a young man. Shirdi was Sai Baba’s previous incarnation. The ring did not fit. Baba took it back and manifested another ring, which did fit. I was sitting at His feet. Suddenly I was startled to notice something sparkling at me from between His lap and the arm of His chair. I had always accepted with full faith that Baba manifested objects. Yet, the instant I saw the object sparkling at me and questioned my seeing, it surfaced even more prominently and there could be no doubt. At no time did I notice His hand near the ring, so how did it get there? At first I was shocked but soon relaxed as I realized Baba has some Divine mischief in store for some lucky soul.

He invited a small group into the inner room. With His hand cupped as if He were holding something, He closed the door. He was obviously clutching the rejected ring. To me it was unmistakable that He had taken with Him the manifested Shirdi ring that was too small for the young lad. I did not see Him reach down to retrieve the ring and I was at full attention. I wondered what He was going to do. When I looked around the group left behind, I could tell that no one else was wondering. This was somehow a play just for me.

When He came out again, He called our group into the inner room. He asked everyone how they were. The conversation was casual and light and put everyone at ease. He is the perfect host. When it came my turn, I said, “By Your grace all is well in our home, Swami.” He said, “Yes, yes, I know.” Then He held my hand and looked at a ring with His picture in a blessing pose. He had materialized it some 10 years earlier. It was rather worn, with some chips broken off and the band quite badly bent. He asked, ‘What do you want? You want new ring?” Affectionately taking His darling little brown hand in both of mine, I said with all my love, “I only want You, Baba, forever and ever.”

Ignoring my passion, He responded, “I will give you new ring in the main room, so everyone can enjoy.” I didn’t particularly want a ring, but it seemed Baba had His own agenda, and of course I was delighted just to let Swami unfold His play. When we were in the outer room again, He took my old ring and passed it around to show how banged up it was. He asked, “What shall I do with it?” Someone piped up, “Fix it, Baba.” Someone else suggested, “Make her a new ring, Baba.” It was all very light and playful. The ring came to me and I passed it on to Baba. He said, “Wait, wait, don’t haste, don’t haste.”

With a mischievous smile He asked me once again, “What do you want?” Again I patiently responded, “I only want You, Baba.” “Would you like Shirdi ring?” I was shocked as I instantly recalled the Shirdi ring Baba had made for the young man, which didn’t fit, which I then saw between His lap and the arm of His chair, and then clutched in His closed hand. I must have turned green. I could not say anything. I just smiled a weak smile. He did not seem the least bit troubled, but went about His business of inviting the next group into the smaller room, again with His right hand closed over something, which I assumed was again the rejected Shirdi ring. But now I understood that it was destined for me.

I was incensed! I could not have been more offended. Baba was going to give me a rejected ring! Never! I would simply not accept it. I would politely say, “No, thank You, Baba.” He was with that other group a very long time. As I waited my mind continued to churn out all kinds of ideas. I thought about how I would be trading in Sai Baba for Shirdi Baba, who I didn’t really feel a strong connection with. Maybe I should just insist on keeping my old banged up ring rather than trading it in for a new one. Still Baba hadn’t returned. So I fantasized, ‘If I were to have a new ring, and if I could have any ring I wanted, what would I choose? I like elegant things. I like diamonds and gold. I do not need anything, but if Swami insists on giving me a ring, it would be nice to be given a ring I would like.’

By the time He reappeared, I had pretty much regained my composure and was prepared for whatever was to happen next with the ring drama. Again Baba sweetly asked, “What do you want?” Again I responded, now with just a tinge of exasperation, “I only want You, Baba.” Comically, Baba imitated me perfectly, and then jumping out of His chair and throwing open His arms with a big smile gleefully exclaimed, “Here I am, I’m yours!” I was so touched. I didn’t know what to say or do. I just looked at His endearing preciousness and fell totally in love all over again. I wanted to throw my arms around Him. Then Swami waved His hand and made a dazzling diamond ring, with three large brilliant stones in a very elegant gold setting. He placed it on my finger exclaiming with delight, “Perfect fit.” I was absolutely stunned, overwhelmed by His love.

As He always does, at the end of the interview, He distributed vibhuti (sacred ash) packets to everyone. When He came to me, He held up both of His open hands directly in front of my face and said, “See? I didn’t immediately get it and reached forward to kiss His beautiful delicate hands. “Hey,” He scolded playfully, and tapped me lightly on the head. I felt like a naughty schoolgirl who had just had the perfect encounter and then blown it. While continuing to pass the vibhuti packets to everyone else He kept glancing mischievously in my direction to see if I’d gotten it yet. Suddenly the light bulb went on and I understood that He was communicating, ‘See, no Shirdi ring.’ He was letting me know that He had staged that whole play for my benefit.

It was not till later that I understood what He was offering with that little drama. I had always thought of myself as undeserving of the very best. I didn’t love myself and lacked self-confidence. I was shy and rarely asked for anything. I didn’t think I was worthy. Baba set up a drama where He restored a desire for the best, a desire to get in touch with what I really want. In saying to God, “This is what I want,” I regained the confidence to say it to anyone. I knew from then on that I didn’t have to settle for less than the best for myself. I deserve the best because I am a wholly worthy child of God. As a precious child of God I was created to be and have everything.

We ask for far too little. What are you asking for? Are you settling for less than everything? You deserve all the happiness, peace and love in the whole world. This does not mean to want the things of the world. The ring in itself is merely symbolic. Had I politely agreed to the Shirdi ring I would have been asking for far too little. My response demonstrated self-love and self-worth. I would never have been happy to have a ring Baba initially made for someone else. Baba says, “You come asking for a cup of coffee when I am prepared to give you the whole ocean of Divine nectar.” Don’t be falsely humble. True humility is grandeur. You are God. Act like God. Live like God. Walk with your head held high in the glory of who you are as pure unconditional love, wholly worthy of the very best. You do know who you are. Love yourself. Be yourself.

Tough Love Used For A Sacred Purpose

God is unconditional love, yet I have experienced Sai Baba’s anger. I have seen Him with lots of expressions, not one was ever a plastic superficial smile of ‘unconditional love.’ Once in an interview I was on the receiving end of His tough love. When He shouted at me, I was not stunned, surprisingly. I was calm and open to receive His gift. I recognized Baba’s anger as moving me toward collapsing time. He was using anger to heal my mind, not to create further wounds. There was a huge difference between His shakti and some other experiences I have had where the energy was of similar intensity. Baba’s purpose was healing because He is love and cannot but act in the best interest of those He contacts. He was expressing His love and I recognized it as love, though it took the form of anger.

In a subsequent interview again He said some rather strong words and then raised His hand as if to strike me. His hand came just short of my cheek. He turned abruptly away. I was holding onto His feet. I couldn’t help but note that they did not twitch or move at all, though His whole body turned swiftly away. That’s impossible. I have tried that maneuver myself a number of times. The message seemed to be ‘hold on to the feet.’ The feet do not change expression or vary. They are firm and unwavering and Baba was inviting me to step into that level of trust and faith.

Another woman in our group had the presence to express her love for Baba immediately after His expression of intense anger. He responded with the sweetest, “I love you too.” There was no anger in Him in that very next instant. It was remarkable. I had never experienced anyone to have so much anger one moment and then be so completely loving in the very next. It showed that Baba was using anger to heal and not to wound. He was not angry with me. He was expressing love. I felt His love. Love is appropriate to the situation. It is not conceptual.

Baba says, “Everyone must develop the higher values and consider himself as Atma (true Self). This is the mission for which I have come – to make known to all this sacred knowledge of Atma. I will bring all people near Me and make them completely ego-free. For many years it has been sweetness, kindness and soft persuasion; from now on it will be different. I will drag you to Me. I will place you on the table and operate. It is My love that prompts Me to save you. It is My love that prompts Me to open your eyes before you get bogged down deeper in the swamp of worldly life.”

Baba’s unconditional love is not contained. Unconditional love is not limited to superficial niceties. You know when you are real and when you are phony. You are love. You do know how to express love. It is your nature. True unconditional love supports purity, integrity and the moral fabric of society. It doesn’t just say, “I love you no matter what you do.” See if your ‘unconditional love’ is pure or if it betrays a lack of self-worth.

If you have another’s betterment in mind you do love him though your actions may not necessarily seem loving. If you love someone you want their salvation and are willing to do whatever you are directed by Spirit toward that end. It may be to withhold tenderness. That is generally Baba’s method of inspiring transformation in people’s hearts and lives. He showers love on some and others He purposely ignores. There is always a deeper significance to His every action.

In Professor Kasturi’s book, Loving God, he shares how Baba frequently avoided him. This withdrawal was unbearable but always when the ‘wrath’ was appeased Kasturi would understand why Baba had cut him off from His love. Once Kasturi had gone on a talking tour and pride had slipped in. Baba knows everything. He insists on perfect purity because where there is impurity you have turned from God and Baba’s ignoring you is only reflecting back to you your own mind. Once exposed it can be healed. The doctor might prescribe bitter medicine though his interest is always in the cure.

Win God’s Love

Baba says it is not so important that you love God. What is really important is that you experience God’s love. True, God loves everyone unconditionally, but if you are not pure in thought, word and deed, you have allied with ego, and have turned away from God. When you turn away from Him, God leaves you alone. This is at your choosing. Baba says, “If you want Me, you deserve Me. If you want ego, I leave you alone.”

When you love and serve others you are loving God and opening the door to the experience of God’s love. All are God and we love God when we act in a Godly fashion toward everyone and treat all as God. Love is purity. You cannot be impure and loving at the same time, for impurity causes harm and that is not love. We do not love God when we show unkindness toward others for all are God’s children. Jesus said, “As much as you have clothed and fed the least of these my brothers, you have done it unto me.” All acts of kindness are expressions of love for God, as this poem conveys:

Abou Ben Adam (may his tribe increase)

Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace,

And saw, within the moonlight in his room,

Making it shine like a lily in bloom,

An angel, writing in a book of gold.

Exceeding peace had made Ben Adam bold,

And to the Presence in the room he said,

What writest thou?” The vision raised its head,

And with a look made of all sweet accord

Answered, “The names of those who love the Lord.”

“And is mine one?” Asked Abou. “Nay, not so,”

Replied the Angel. Abou spoke more low,

But cheerily still, he said, “I pray thee, then,

Write me as one who loves his fellowman.”

The angel wrote, and vanished. The next night

It came again in a great blaze of wakening light,

And showed the names of those whom love of God had blessed,

And behold! Ben Adam’s name led all the rest.

Ben Adam was not so concerned that he love God, yet God loved him because of his love for his fellowman. You experience God’s love when you are love, because that is who you are and that is who He is. He can only draw near when you are love. Like attracts like. Love attracts love. Anything less than pure love pushes God away.

Love Is Letting Go Of Fear

All negative emotions can be reduced to fear and fear obscures love. Jealousy is fear that someone else is getting something you don’t have. Once Baba advised someone who was jealous to love himself with jealousy. Why? Because jealousy cannot remain in the presence of love. Don’t love the jealousy, but love yourself despite it and you will be cured. You can include corruption in as long as you don’t entertain it. Invite it in, but don’t let it stay for a cup of coffee, as Baba says. Hatred is another word for fear. You will only hate your enemy if you truly think he can hurt you. Love your enemy and you have mastered love. Fear cannot remain in the presence of love. You cannot master fear, but you can master love, and when you do, fear vanishes and you are restored to God-consciousness.

Peace and joy are expressions of love. Love is their basis. God is love and He created you as love. You are love and love is expressed in joy, peace, kindness, compassion, forbearance, forgiveness, tenderness, gentleness, care, purity, eagerness and enthusiasm. These are all expressions of the one true emotion, love. And when you are love, do you have any doubt about who you are? Only when you are fearful, do you question your reality. That is because fear is foreign to you. When you are not wholly joyous, you are fearful and fear is not real, thus you do not know yourself when you are afraid.

Whenever you are not wholly joyous, it is always because you have reacted with a lack of love to some soul God created. You can always change your mind. Love is your nature. Love is who you are. Accept only loving thoughts in others and regard everything else as an appeal for help. Every response that anyone could ever have toward you is either love or a call for love. Fear is a call for love. Whether you are receiving love or a call for love, your only true and appropriate response to any situation is love.

The word for God in Sanskrit is Brahman, and its root ‘Bre’ means expansion or extension. That is love. Love offers everything forever. To withhold the smallest gift is not to know love’s purpose. To give without limit is God’s will for us, because only this can bring us the joy which is His and which He wills to share with us. Our love is as boundless as His because it is His. Could any part of Him be without His love, and could any part of His love be contained? Love asks only that you be happy and will give you everything that makes for happiness.

O loving Lord, Thank You for Your limitless, boundless, unconditional love that expresses itself so personally to each of your children all over the world. May all beings choose to experience Your love tangibly by turning toward You in all things. Please show us how to love ourselves, so we may lead lives of dignity and self assurance in the truth of who we are as created by You. Show us how to love each other freely, genuinely and purely, and experience the true purpose for which You created us for each other. Let love envelop the whole world and transform it back to its original state of peace, joy and abundance for all.

May all beings in all the worlds be happy and blest, Amen.

Only God and God’s Love Are Real

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