Chapter 7

Are You Ready To Be Innocent Instead of Guilty?

To seek enlightenment without purity or compassion
Is akin to lighting a lamp without wick or oil. It cannot be done.
 Sai Baba

God Created The Good, The Beautiful And The Holy

The Bible begins with, ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ Upon completion, God said, “It is good.” He did not say His creation was both good and evil. God created goodness without opposite. The way to the experience of both good and evil came through the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which God advised Adam and Eve to leave alone. Why would God make the tree available if it wasn’t advisable? Because God’s kingdom is freedom.

We can choose to experience evil, but it won’t be a real experience and there is nothing redeeming about it. In order to survive, ego needs you to experience evil so you will feel guilty. The only way ego can get you to feel guilty is by convincing you to do ‘evil’ deeds. In truth evil is impossible as it has nothing to do with God and God’s creation. Ego, guilt, and evil are all on the same team. Any time you do what your conscience tells you not to do, ego wins. The knowledge of evil came with the making of ego and as ego has no foundation, neither does evil. Look at it calmly and it must disappear. It stands on the tiny platform, “What ever you do, don’t look at me.”

God created you innocent and that means you are innocent forever. There is nothing you can say or do that will change your innocence in any way. Your innocence is guaranteed by God. What about original sin you may ask? Original sin is the making of ego. In the Garden, Adam and Eve choose to eat of the fruit of the ill-advised tree and as soon as they do, they become aware of evil and so gain the knowledge of both good and evil, where as before they only had the knowledge of good. In order that Adam justify blaming Eve, he needed to perceive her as evil. In that moment evil entered his mind. Eve needed to perceive the serpent as evil and thereby she also allowed evil into her mind.

There are those who believe sex to be the original sin. That idea would lead you to feel guilty every time you made love with your partner and is the cause of much needless suffering. It is ego’s trap to throw you off the trail of it as the cause of all guilt and subsequent punishment for crimes that were never committed. In the Bible God instructed man to be fruitful and multiply.

As making ego means making your own source to replace God, nothing happened simply because God is not replaceable. There was no original sin. Adam and Eve committed no crime and had no reason to feel guilty. God, goodness and innocence are all on the same team. Before the making of ego, Adam and Eve were only eating of the Tree of Life, which offered them the knowledge of good. God recommends goodness.

Though they did nothing wrong, they thought they had. Their belief caused them to feel guilty. Had they laughed at their mistaken idea it would have ended there. They did not laugh. They took the idea that they could actually make their own source seriously. As their minds are all-powerful, they have the power to convince themselves of anything they choose. For them, ego had taken on existence. Once given life, it was determined to continue to exist and the only way its existence could be sustained was through convincing them of the reality of evil and of guilt. The more guilt, the more time is needed to balance the scales and the more time ego gets to survive at their expense, the idea of karmic consequences. Balancing the scale seems fair as long as they don’t look too carefully. You will only feel you deserve to be punished for a crime you can be convinced you actually committed. Ego is determined to convince you that you did something you never did. For the past 10,000+ years it has been extremely successful.

All suffering is self-inflicted punishment for crimes that were never committed and that is a great tragedy. We have always been innocent and worthy of only God’s beneficent love forever. Ego wants us to think we are unworthy and deserving of punishment. It is a lie. Impurity is impossible for any creation of God. You cannot be guilty. You can err, but error is correctable. You cannot sin, for sin is not correctable and would mean that you could alter God’s creation, which He created unalterably perfect. The only error ever is the idea that you could be different from how you were created.

Maybe you wonder why God cast Adam and Eve out of the Garden. Maybe it wasn’t God who sent them away but rather their feelings of guilt. Maybe the angels blocking their reentry were merely reflecting back to them their own minds, as they are all-powerful. God cannot oppose their will. It was their will to leave the garden because they felt ashamed and feared God’s wrath. They simply did not know God in that moment. God is always only love. Love does not punish or separate. God created us to enhance His joy. He wasn’t angry with Adam and Eve. What did He have to be angry about? Why should He want to send them away? They felt guilty because they thought they had pushed God aside. He cannot be pushed aside as He created us to be one with Him forever. Nothing happened in truth. Adam and Eve’s story is our story. We have always been innocent though we have convinced ourselves otherwise.

We could never do anything to become guilty and yet we have all pled guilty to crimes we never committed. We have all put ourselves on death row. We have all agreed to sickness, suffering and loss because we thought we deserved it. Whatever is happening to you, you have agreed to. Nothing happens by accident. We do not deserve the untold suffering that we have all endured. None of it has served us in any way. We only ever deserved to be happy beyond measure because that is what God wills for us. He created us innocent forever. We only ever deserve to experience God’s infinite unconditional love. We deserve God right now. We don’t have to wait. “If you want Me, you deserve Me,” says Sai Baba.

Adam blamed Eve when God asked him what happened. He blamed someone outside of himself because he thought he had actually done something bad. He felt guilty and projected his guilt onto someone else. That made his error real. Eve also felt guilty and projected her guilt out onto the serpent. They listened to ego’s solution to the problem of guilt. As soon as they projected the guilt out by blaming someone else, they did not feel their guilt, but they still felt ashamed. Projecting guilt is how you keep it. They still felt tainted, but they were not aware of why, due to disowning their guilt. Ego doesn’t want you to stand still when you feel guilty or you will discover that there is no reason to feel guilty and you will correct your lack of love that produced guilt.

In Adam and Eve’s minds a tiny mad idea had been entertained and become a reality. As it was not a real idea, it was merely an idea of lack. Real ideas are creative and rich. Unreal ideas such as making your own source lack truth and substance. When you see the problem as a lack, you will desire to have the lack filled and then God can fill it by showing you the unreality of ego and the problem will be solved. Your mind will then be healed. Each and every error is a replay of the original error. All of time is going on all the time. Whenever you project guilt out by blaming someone else, you keep it. You may not be aware of this dynamic, which is no problem for ego, because it still gets to mete out punishment, to which you meekly agree. Be bright and honest. Let your errors be corrected. Listen to God’s solution to the problem, not ego’s. It is so very easy when you are willing to be wrong about your mistakes.

Be Good, See Good, Do Good

Baba makes quite an issue of behavior. He is constantly urging: Be good, see good, do good; Always be obliging; Love all, serve all; Help ever, hurt never; and watch your words, actions, thoughts, character and heart for purity. Why is behavior important if we are innocent no matter what we do? What you do attests to what you believe. When you behave in alignment with the goodness that you were created to be, you acknowledge who you are and you will know yourself. If you behave in a fashion that does not become the purity and holiness that you are, you cannot but feel guilty, thereby adding time to your sentence. You will feel guilty because to act counter to holiness means to listen to ego.

Don’t think that acting impurely has no effect. You will punish yourself, even though you may not be in touch with your guilt. It is easy to be perfect, because perfection is who you are. Don’t think there are forces outside of you forcing you to be less than good, kind and loving. Only when you step into personal responsibility for all your actions can you choose for your perfection. There is nothing outside of you. You are all powerful. There is no force that can prevent you from being perfect if you so choose. All actions either confirm your innocence or lead you to conclude you are guilty, thus imperfect. There is no way around this. You are free to think any thoughts you choose. Behavior emerges from thought. First you think your action and then you act. Your behavior reflects back to you who you think you are. All power is yours. You are in control of what you think, say and do. Be noble in thought, word and deed, for that is your truth.

When you don’t act nobly you won’t feel good about your actions and if you don’t immediately recognize your lack and give it to God to correct, you automatically give it to ego. When you have acted impurely you will feel inclined to keep God out of your life out of shame. It would be much easier if your character were impeccable. Your life would be much cleaner, more wholesome, sane and peaceful. But whether you choose to behave in alignment with the truth of who you are or in alignment with ego’s idea of how you should behave, you will not change the fact that you are innocent. Guilt is impossible. You can be wrong, but you cannot be guilty. By the same token, only one who leads a Godly life will not feel guilty. You are responsible for your behavior. We need not receive consequences for the past. We need merely turn over a new leaf now and our past is wiped out without a trace. To err is human, but to leave errors uncorrected is stubborn and foolish. Don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes. Just correct your errors. If you hurt someone, tell them you’re sorry and determine to treat them as the Goddess or God that they are from now onwards. Strive to your maximum capacity for excellence and leave the results of your efforts to God.



Goodness Averts Self-Destruction

In the Bible, God requested Jonah to go to the people of Nineveh to persuade them to repent of their sins. Jonah, fearing that his message would not be received, decided to drown himself in the sea instead. But God was not so easily refused and sent a whale to swallow Jonah up and spit him out on dry land. This convinced Jonah that he had no recourse but to deliver God’s message. When he urged the people to mend their ways and turn to God, they heard him and were glad. They did want to repent.

Why should God care for their repentance if He knew they were not guilty no matter what they may have done or if He was going to send a savior to deliver them from the burden of their sins? God loves everyone and intercedes where invited. If we are on a fast track toward annihilation He will attempt to reach us with His message of goodness and perfection so we can be saved. So great is His love.

In the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities headed for self-destruct, Abraham pleaded with God to intercede for 50 good people. God said He could, but that there were not 50 upstanding individuals in all of Soddom and Gomorrah.  Abraham then pleaded for salvation if there were 40, then 30, 20 and finally just 5 God loving souls. Had there been just 5 good people, God could have saved both cities. There were not even 5 beings of noble character in all of Sodom and Gomorrah and so their corruption caused their annihilation.

Only a handful of souls willing to lead lives of goodness is needed to save the whole world. The power of truth is much stronger than the power of untruth. Only a little light is needed to brighten a dark room. A few good people can transform much evil. Using the hundredth monkey idea, once there is a critical mass willing to do whatever is necessary, including wake up in service of the salvation of the world, the world will be saved. It need not wait on everyone changing their minds. It will be easier and easier to change as more and more minds hold the true consciousness of oneness, purity, holiness and love for all. It all starts with you changing your mind and acting in ways that are true to the goodness, beauty and holiness that God created you to be for all eternity.

The Road To Hell Was Paved With Good Intentions

When you want with all your heart to be in alignment with who you are, you will be shown all you need to know. Turn to God to guide your every step along the way to purity, holiness and goodness. Without God’s constant guidance, even the best of intentions may be misdirected. Once a Sai Baba devotee, Noah, gave money to a village head in India for drilling a well. This seemed like a good idea, as then the villager could grow two crops per year instead of just one and the whole village would stand to profit. What was overlooked was that the money required to drill the well was a huge sum for that villager and it could easily corrupt him.

In fact the villager absconded with the money just as soon as Noah turned his back. That money created jealousy in the village and led to fights with knives. Some individuals were badly injured. Sai Baba called Noah in for an interview and scolded him soundly. Then He manifested a tooth colored lingam (egg shaped sacred object) for him to wear around his neck. The lingam got darker and darker till finally it was pitch black. One night it disappeared and Baba told Noah in the next interview that he didn’t need it any more. It was used to absorb the ‘bad karma’ that was incurred from doing a ‘good deed.’

It is wise to seek guidance in our hearts in relation to everything we do or do not do because we have so lost touch with our truth that we do not know what is in our own best interest. Fortunately we really can’t go too far wrong as long as we are willing to be corrected.

If you are unwilling to correct your error, you demonstrate that you believe you are guilty, for your unwillingness comes from alliance with ego and you will punish yourself harshly though needlessly. Be willing to do whatever it takes to come back on the mark. If you have asked ego to be your lawyer, you have pled guilty, but you can have the case appealed at any time and the high court will dismiss the charges against you. You will only appeal to the Supreme Court when you find yourself worthy. It is alliance with ego that makes us believe ourselves unworthy. Noah was obviously willing to correct his error, even though he was not aware that he had committed an error at the time. When we are willing to be wrong, we will be shown whatever we need in order to come back into alignment with our truth. We don’t need to know anything. We need only be willing to be wrong and to have error corrected. Then we will be restored to the moral clarity to make decisions that are in the best interest of all.

There are those who feel guilty, though not responsible. Until you step into personal responsibility for your errors, you will not be motivated to change your mind. As soon as you see the unreality of your errors you will be willing to be responsible for them. As soon as you accept responsibility, you will be motivated to bring your behavior into alignment with who you are. There are many closet drinkers, secret relationships and other hidden parts of people’s lives. There are no secrets in the truest sense, and if you need to be secretive, know that you have a problem. Until you own your problem, you will not be motivated to seek help in correcting your error.  As soon as you take personal responsibility for your particular set of circumstances, help is available.

Be holy in the presence of God or you will not know that you are there. What is unlike God cannot enter His mind, because it was not in His thought and so does not belong to Him. Your mind must be as pure as His to know what belongs to you. As soul you are pure forever, but you can choose to think you are not pure and if you do, you keep yourself away from God’s holy presence. Only in holiness can you merge with God’s mind. Only like can merge with like and the mind of God is wholly pure. When pure you will attract God, and when impure you will bind yourself to the world. Only holiness can content you and give you peace. Holiness means the end of guilt. You do not have to have only holy thoughts and behaviors in order to know your holiness, but you do have to want only holiness.

Evil Acts Without Consequences?

Once Ramana Maharshi, an Indian saint of the last century, was asked, “Is it possible under any circumstances for a murderer to escape punishment?” Ramana answered, “If he can act without guilt he will not be punished.” It is guilt that leads to punishment and nothing else. If we could act without guilt, whatever we did, we would not suffer consequences. However, if you act hurtfully toward anyone, you are acting with ego, as Spirit would only direct you to act lovingly. When you act with ego, it is driven to produce guilt, without you recognizing your guilt, as it depends on guilt for its survival. You would not participate in guilt producing actions if you were aware that they would lead to guilt and subsequent punishment. You are treading on thin ice if you choose unrighteous or unkind actions, even if you are not in touch with guilt. You cannot be unkind to your brother and walk away without feeling guilty.

When you feel guilty, your ego has violated the laws of God, but you have not. Only when you change your mind about those your ego has hurt, can you be released. As long as you feel guilty, ego is in command, because only ego can experience guilt. You can always change your mind and become truly helpful. God is praised whenever any mind learns to be wholly helpful. The truly helpful are invulnerable, because they are not protecting their egos, thus nothing can hurt them. You can only ever be hurt by ego.

Be Carefree, Not Careless

Perhaps you will be tempted to think that it does not matter what you do, as your innocence cannot be affected. But by now surely you are beginning to recognize this as the voice for ego and not for God. Never underestimate ego’s determination to preserve itself. Carelessness will only lead to needless suffering. It matters very much what you do. Your every action is either collapsing or making time. Don’t feel guilty for anything you do and do only that for which you know you will not feel guilty. Strive to your maximum capacity for excellence and holiness, and at the same time, leave the results to God. Resist the temptation to feel guilty for outcomes that fall short of your expectations. Be ever vigilant against ego’s attempts at making you feel guilty.

There is story of a Sufi master whose disciples marveled at his purity and freedom from ego’s clutches. One day they asked him, “Master, how is it that you have managed to overcome illusion? We find ourselves caught in illusion’s trap every day. Please tell us your secret.” The master replied, “It is not as you think. I am ever vigilant. Not until my last breath will I relax my keen awareness of ego’s every attempt to reestablish its hold over me.” Baba says there are those who have become fully awake who then fall through the cracks again because they are not vigilant against ego’s slipperiness in its determination to live. Baba reminds us to be carefree, not careless. Good overcomes evil. Innocence removes guilt. Be the innocence that you are in truth.

Guilt is very hard to get in touch with because to do so would jeopardize ego’s hold. Usually we quickly project guilt out and justify our projections by convincing ourselves that our lack is someone else’s fault, or we don’t feel guilty because we didn’t get caught. We conclude that our behavior didn’t make us guilty and are bewildered when we are struck with a heavy dose of negative consequences sometime in the future. There are no victims. We do reap the results of our minds.

Be ever vigilant. Ego is an idea that things could happen to you against your will. You are all powerful. There are no accidents. Nothing happens to you but by your will. You may not be aware of the bargain you made but that is only because ego has convinced you to think you do not know your own mind. There is much that has been lost from conscious awareness but can again be retrieved when we so choose.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

It is very easy to espouse the ‘highest teachings’ and not be a living example. If you say one thing and do another yours is mere conceptual understanding. That is just another way in which ego is attempting to foil your plans for return to innocence. Some people say it doesn’t matter how a teacher behaves, but I look for the teacher who walks his talk. Anyone can talk. Baba’s dictum is, “My life is my message.” His behavior is impeccable. He works toward the end of suffering 24 hours a day every day of the year. He is constantly serving. He puts into practice what He teaches. Actions do speak louder than words. Your life is your message.

Everyone is free to do what he chooses. Though you can choose to do whatever you want, only those actions which give joy to others will give you joy. If you are keen for the truth, you will observe your behaviors to discover just what you believe. Do you believe you are whole and perfect? Then you will act accordingly. If you do not act nobly, you do not know who you are as God created you. Any decision you make comes from what you think and will affect both your behavior and your experience. You cannot however heal your mind just by changing your behavior, as that would merely be treating the symptom without uncovering the cause of the problem. But you can change your mind. When you change your mind, you will behave in alignment with that shift in consciousness. A realized master brings thought, word and deed into perfect alignment.

Watch a tendency to hide behind a face of innocence. If you are pure love with all, but make one exception, you are fooling yourself. Assume then that it is your unhealed mind that is causing you to exclude. Look behind this face of innocence. Be courageous. You are not pure till you are pure with everyone, no exceptions. Deep to our face of innocence is a saboteur, but deep to that face is our true face of innocence, is our purity and perfection. To find pearls we must dive deep. Make your life a message of love.

Don’t Invite Ego To Stay For A Cup Of Coffee

Baba says that if ego comes knocking at your door invite it in, but don’t let it stay for a cup of coffee. In other words don’t deny or fight ego and at the same time don’t entertain it. Ego stands on the tiny platform, “Whatever you do, don’t look at me.” To invite it in is to look at it. Face the devil. Ego is the devil and when we look, we see its nothingness. If you fight it, you have made it real. You will be fighting a phantom. Ego is very evasive. It doesn’t want to be seen. It knows that once you see it, you will see it is nothing and then it cannot but disappear. It doesn’t want to disappear. You have given it life and it wants to survive and will do anything and everything to stay alive.

To entertain corruption is to let ego stay for a cup of coffee. Don’t deny corruption. Invite it in so you can have a good look at it and see its nothingness. If you give it a cup of coffee, you will be making friends with it and thereby making it real. If you justify entertaining your corruption because of its unreality, you have given it reality and thereby bind yourself to consequences. Once it’s nothingness becomes apparent, you would find no purpose in entertaining corruption. Negative tendencies have no power over you except the power you give them by justifying them in your mind through denial or guilt.

Some people think it is good to have a healthy dose of ego. They think they would have no personality without it. Some even think that without ego they cannot exist. That is what ego leads them to believe. The truth is that without ego you would be yourself. You would know you are eternal and cannot die. You would know your mind. We don’t know our own minds because we have allowed ego to take over our minds and to limit us and restrict us to bodies and convince us that we are powerless. Ego is not a nice guy. It is not your friend. Behave with integrity and nobility and ego will lose its hold over you. Baba says that He has come to make us completely ego free.

Let Conscience Be Your Guide To Goodness

Your soul knows the truth and after communication between soul and mind was all but severed, that is after the separation, conscience was given to bridge the gap. When you have a thought that is not of truth, conscience will let you know. If you act on the thought anyway, it means you have disregarded conscience and you will not escape feeling guilty because you do know the truth. Choices not in alignment with who you are produce guilt. Conscience knows what is in alignment with truth. What is not was a choice with ego and thereby a choice for guilt.

At any point you choose, you can correct your error and your past will simply collapse behind you. If you have an untrue thought like ‘I can be separate from God’ or ‘I can do something that is not God’s will’ and you recognize its unreality and refrain from acting on it, there will be no consequences. It is alliance with ego that leads to impure behavior and subsequent punishment. It is you who inflict punishment upon yourself. You are always at the helm. Be bright in your mind and own your power. All your unreal thoughts should be given to God for correction. Only when error is turned over to God can it be undone. Behavior exposes what is in your mind, so watch your actions. Then you are the witness or the observer. To be the witness does not mean to be passive. The witness is engaged. Watch your behaviors so as to correct them when they are off. Be an active participant.

Only after we made ego did it become necessary to behave at all. Behavior is not a Divine attribute. We were created to create, to know and to love. All behavior is essentially motivated by need. Even though we were not created to behave, now our behavior can either bind us or free us. Integrity in the work place moves us toward the happy dream. Goodness, kindness, and noble behavior will lead toward the consciousness where behavior again becomes unnecessary. Act Divinely to know yourself. Purity is the opposite of frailty and weakness. To act with integrity takes courage and strength. Innocence is strength and nothing else is strong.

Talking about behavior doesn’t get much support. There are those who say that what is righteous and pure will be one thing for one and another for someone else, thus good behavior requires judgment. This is an excuse to plead ignorance, but we do all know everything and we do know what is in alignment with who we are as beings of noble character. There is no ambiguity about what true holiness is as it is the same for everyone. God created us all equally holy and we could not forget who we are. We are all the same, for holiness is the same in each of us. We do all know how to behave perfectly.

When you desire to be holy, it will be given you to know what holiness is. As long as you want to be a little corrupt... in some areas of your life... you do not want to be holy. As long as you do not want to be holy, how can you hope to know what holiness is? You can only be shown what holiness is when you desire with all your heart to be holy. Holiness and corruption are mutually exclusive. When you want to be corrupt, you don’t want to be holy. When you want to behave badly, you don’t want to be good.

Some argue that to be pure means to be confined. That is the voice for ego, hoping you will not see the virtues of purity and innocence or again its days are numbered. Purity is not confined. When you are pure, you are free, without any barrier or limitation. It is guilt that binds and nothing else. It is corruption that limits, contains and confines. The world has taught exactly the opposite, but that is only because ego wants to survive and tries to convince you that things are not as they are. Holiness is seen through holy eyes that look upon the innocence within and expect to see it everywhere.

Only when you see everyone and everything as innocent will you know your innocence. Either everyone is innocent or guilty. See only innocence and you are seeing truly. This is expansion, freedom, limitless beauty forever for there is nothing more beautiful than innocence. We have not lost our innocence and it is for this we yearn. It is our heart’s desire and cannot be denied. You find your holiness by seeing another’s innocence. That happens when you overlook another’s mistakes and see the perfection God created beyond error.  

To overlook another’s shortcomings should not be used to sanction unholy behavior. To see innocence is not to be blind to unholiness. It is to know that impure actions do not alter the truth. To see error and to hold the truth of innocence will defuse unholy behavior in yourself and others. If you ignore faulty behavior in others you are condoning imperfection. Find ways to support and inspire goodness in yourself and others.


Jesus Encourages Perfection

In the Christian theology it is considered humility to think yourself a sinner. You are taught that your salvation depends on believing Jesus died for your sins. Yet Jesus himself teaches us to be perfect. Why would he teach perfection if it were not attainable, or if he were going to wipe away the effects of sin through his death? What would that teaching then serve? Jesus encouraged perfection because he realized not only that it is possible, but that your salvation depends on it.

To the woman who was about to be stoned for being a prostitute, he said, “Go your way and sin no more.” He had no problem seeing that it was possible for her to be perfect because that is her nature. He did not tell her she would only be saved if she believed his death on the cross was for her sins. He told her to change her mind and act perfectly as per her truth. He saw her capacity to be perfect and inspired her toward that end. To think yourself a sinner is arrogant, for it suggests that you could be different from how God created you. In effect, it means you think you are more powerful than God. You cannot be either greater or less than God.

Some Christians believe that because Jesus died for their sins their imperfections will have no ramifications. Their imperfections will have no consequences only if they turn over a new leaf and determine to be the perfection that Jesus instructs them to be. To believe that Jesus’ death wipes out all consequences of ignoble actions inevitably leads to license. ‘It doesn’t matter what you do’ is self-deception. Jesus taught peace and love for all and inspired charity and kindness.

The two ideas, to be perfect and to believe Jesus died for your sins are irreconcilable and incompatible. If you own your perfection you have no sins, in which case you don’t need someone to die for your sins. If you are sinful and cannot attain perfection why did Jesus bother to teach perfection? Either you will believe what Jesus taught, or you really don’t believe Jesus is your savior. In his words, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” Jesus wanted people to hear his message because he knew they would benefit from changing their behavior toward goodness, integrity and nobleness. That is perfection. A true savior shows the way. Christians who deify Jesus and depend on him to take away their sins weaken themselves in their own minds.

It doesn’t matter what religion you follow. What is important is the purity of your heart. When you want to be pure, there is no force that can stop you, for that is how God created you. Jesus is a savior because of his message and his living example of perfection, not because of his crucifixion. Let his perfect example inspire your perfection. Then you will have been saved by Jesus and you will be a true Christian. Everyone is responsible for his own salvation. And salvation comes with a shift in consciousness toward simple honest goodness. This shift moves you from guilt consciousness to innocence consciousness.

Let God Correct Your Errors

Watch your thoughts and give all the unreal ones to God for correction. Don’t suppress your unloving thoughts. They are the barometer to your state of mind. Look on them without judgment and then quickly offer them to Spirit for healing. Healing is not of you, but it cannot happen without your awareness and active willingness. You won’t want healing if you feel guilty. If guilty, you will feel you don’t deserve to be whole. When you do only that for which you know you won’t feel guilty, life is much simpler.

Correcting error is resisted due to attachment to ego. Only when you turn error over to God can it easily be undone. If you are not turning to God, you are trying to undo guilt with ego and ego wants to ensure that you keep guilt. Ego is very clever in its attempts to trick you into thinking that you are healing your mind while still retaining guilt. Be ever vigilant against ego’s slipperiness. We cannot achieve liberation except by turning the reigns over to God. Only when you become completely dependent on Him will ego simply disappear.

Sai Baba gives us a code of moral behavior. So does ACIM. The teachings of both are simple and direct guides for what to do. If you do as directed you will see the results in the form of freedom, peace and joy. Baba speaks of the need to overcome the six enemies of man, namely anger, greed, hatred, jealousy, lust and pride. They have nothing to do with our true nature. Until they are overcome, we are not free. We must realign ourselves with our true nature in order to again be in the experience of who we are. Like attracts like. We cannot dissociate from our behavior on the pretext that it is not who we are anyway. Baba says you gain immortality through the removal of immorality. As long as you express any of the six enemies you do not know who you are and keep yourself on the wheel of cause and consequence, birth and death.

Overcoming Anger

We do not know our own minds. If we did, we could never be upset. We are never upset for the reasons we think. Anger is nothing more than an attempt to make someone else feel guilty for unfulfilled desires. When you recognize your anger is not justifiable you can ask God to heal that place in your mind that feels guilty and thus expresses anger. If you turn to ego, ego will tell you that your anger is justified, that you have every right to be angry, that anger is perfectly reasonable and your mind will remain unhealed. When you turn to God, the problem is solved. When you turn to ego the problem gets glossed over and keeps resurfacing again and again. You never have a cause for anger, for God is always with you and your every need is always taken care of by Him.

How strongly do you need to defend your beliefs, concepts and understandings? Do you easily get angry when someone else presents a different point of view? That is a good indication that your beliefs are not based in truth. When you feel angry, when you find yourself forcefully defending your position, use that red flag to unlearn who you have convinced yourself you are. Even the slightest irritation is unhealed anger and keeps you bound. The following story is an example of overcoming anger.

The Sweeper Story

There was a family man in India who, after having spent his adult years in a very active professional life, had reached retirement age. He decided that from then on he wanted to withdraw from worldly life and intensely immerse himself in spiritual practice so as to gain the highest spiritual wisdom. The man went to a guru and requested, “Swami, I am ready to devote the rest of my life to achieving God-realization. Please initiate me into the knowledge of the Absolute.”

The guru said, “My son, it cannot be done so quickly. There must first be some inner preparation; otherwise my instructions will have no effect. Here is what I suggest you do. I keep a cabin down by the river. Go there and remain in seclusion for one year. Spend the year in mediation and inner inquiry. Just stay with yourself and go out once a day to take your bath and beg for your food. Then, when the year is out, take a special purification bath intoning some sacred verses that I will now give you, and put on new white clothes. Keep yourself spotlessly clean and come back to see me. If you spend the year as instructed, you will be ready for the initiation into Brahman (God consciousness) and it will be very effective. Otherwise, it will be of no use and you will just feel frustrated.”

The man went to the cabin as directed by the guru. He avidly immersed himself in the prescribed spiritual practices and progressed rapidly toward inner peace. Every day he counted the days still left until the year was out and he would be able to receive the coveted initiation. On the day that he was to come out of the cabin, the guru called the village sweeper and instructed him, “Go down to the river and sweep the street in front of the cabin. The man staying in that cabin will be going into the river for a bath. Wait until he comes out and has put on fresh clothes; then sweep the whole pile of rubbish in his face. You need not be afraid; he will not really harm you.”

After having his bath and putting on the new clothes that he kept by the riverbed, the man recited the special purification verses the guru had given him in order to prepare himself to receive the initiation. He felt so sacred and pure, having completed the whole year immersed in spiritual practices. Now at last he was to gain the inner mysteries of the highest spiritual teachings. At that moment the sweeper came toward him raising a cloud of dust, covering him from head to toe. He became furious. In a trice he completely lost his serene composure and started abusing the poor sweeper mercilessly. He grabbed the sweeper’s broom and raised it to beat him on the head, but restrained himself and did not hurt the sweeper. He went back to the river, took another bath, put on some other clothes and collected himself. He regained a portion of the peace he previously felt inside and went off to see his guru.

The guru said, “Yes, you certainly have advanced very nicely. But you know and I know that you are not quite ready for the highest initiation into God-knowledge. Go back to your little cabin. Spend another year. At the end of that year, have your bath, put on some new clothes, recite these prayers and come back to me. I will give you your initiation.” So again he spent a year in meditation, took his bath, put on his new clothes and recited the special purification verses.

The guru again enlisted the sweeper to collect an even bigger pile of rubbish and smelly sewage which he again threw at the man, just as he was coming up the river bank spick and span in his new clothes. Again he was covered with dirt from head to foot, and again he became furious. But this time he just glowered at the sweeper and managed to restrain his tongue as well as his hands. Though he was livid, he kept his composure and just turned around, went back into the river, took another bath, put on some other clothes and returned to the guru.

The guru said, “I see that a true inner peace is beginning to take hold in you, but at the same time you know and I know, you are not quite ready. Go back for another year and then come to me.” At the end of the third year, he took his bath, put on his new clothes, recited his verses and here came the village sweeper with a cart full of repugnant debris, all over his spotless white clothes. This time the man ran up with tears in his eyes and fell at the dumbfounded sweeper’s feet saying, “Brother, thank you for showing me how much impurity was still in me. Please forgive me for everything I have done to hurt you. God bless you.”

Again he turned around and went into the river, this time fully composed and at peace within himself. He completed his bath and went to the guru. Now there was no question that he was ready, and so he received the guru’s initiation and quickly progressed toward God realization. You cannot attain God as long as you have impurities and a true teacher will expose them so they can be removed. Once exposed they can be dealt with. The tricky thing about our tendencies is that we are not even generally aware of them. We go on thinking we are perfect and wonder why we haven’t attained God realization. Just because you express anger does not make you guilty. It does however make you wrong. Change your mind and anger can no longer reside in you.

Overcoming Jealousy And Greed

When I first heard that God was on the planet, I feared that He would draw to Himself all the glory and eclipse my purpose. Only now do I realize that all He wants is for His children to shine. In that moment I was exposing jealousy toward God and Sai Baba would eventually bring it to the surface to be dealt with. But He waits for just the right moment, the moment when we have matured to the point where we can handle exposing our negative tendencies. About ten years after first meeting Him in form, I was given the opportunity. It took place in an interview.

During that interview Baba manifested some lovely delicate gold lotus earrings for a woman from Italy. I was sitting directly behind her. When Baba left the room to show an Indian couple His new home, Treyi Brindavan, I noticed that one of the earrings was not fastened properly and fearing she might lose it, fastened it for her. Just as I was finishing, Baba came back into the room and asked, “Jealous?” “Oh no Baba, I’m very happy,”

He, responded, “Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy.” I was sincerely happy for her, but realized afterward that Baba had set up that little drama to expose my jealous nature. So I started to be more alert to my tendency to get jealous as Baba was passing by and looking at someone else, talking to someone else or taking someone else in for interview. Before, when those feelings arose, I would quickly hide them from myself by reminding myself that I was a ‘good’ devotee and that I couldn’t possibly harbor negative feelings. I’d fool myself by stuffing those feelings, denying that they existed and hiding behind a face of innocence. I was listening to ego’s solution to the problem. Ego guided me to deny the problem so that it could not get solved, as ego’s existence depends on my denial, suppression, avoidance and ignorance of my imperfections. I had chosen deep sleep to deal with my problem though I was becoming aware that denial was not a real solution after all.

Baba was bringing jealousy to conscious awareness so it could be healed. Now when it came up, I owned it and felt horribly guilty. It seemed I was worse off than when I was in denial. I was shifting from deep sleep back into the nightmare. The guilt was more painful than stuffing it, but denial was no longer an option. I knew too much. So I pled with Baba in my heart to show me how to heal this jealousy from which I was acutely suffering. I remembered Him saying to give Him our garbage, so each time it raised its ugly head, I offered it to Him instead of feeling guilty.

Our little willingness for ego to be undone is all that God asks in order that He give us everything. Do more and we get in the way. When Shirdi (Baba’s previous incarnation) was alive, He used to shout at his disciples to get out of the way so He could do His work. Ego is too smart for us, but not too smart for God. We made ego thus something in us wants to preserve it. Only God is 100% sure He doesn’t want it preserved, because He wants us as we are in truth, free of our misery. Ego keeps us separate from God and in pain.

Once free of guilt, I was curious to know what jealousy really was, so I asked it, “Who are you?” As soon as I faced it, jealousy literally disappeared. This happened a few more times, each time with less intensity and then I realized I was free. When you are free of guilt, you are free to see clearly. Jealousy was never real and only had power over me because I believed in it and my investment of denial and guilt gave it reality.

Now whenever Baba would come by and give anyone attention, my heart genuinely rejoiced for them. When someone I know was selected for interview, gentle tears of delight at their good fortune trickled down my cheeks. I had no idea how much jealousy had covered my joy. I was sabotaging my own happiness by not dealing with my demon. Again ego’s solution is denial and guilt and God’s solution is to heal my mind. When I looked at jealousy, I saw its nothingness and it vanished. It was my energy of denial, suppression and guilt that gave it existence. Baba did not see me as bad while harboring jealousy. He did see that I was not free and He was looking out for my best interests. He did not ignore my jealousy, but gave me the courage to face it and thereby heal its negative effects on me.

When you are jealous, you think someone else has something you do not. This is a false idea, as you are and have everything. We cannot lose what God gave us because God also gave everything to everyone. Once this is known, jealousy makes no sense and vanishes. Baba says that jealousy is the last tendency to be overcome, for even great saints in temples and caves have some vestiges of jealousy toward God. This lack is filled when you realize that you and God are exactly the same and that any limitation you feel is self-imposed and has nothing to do with any oversight on God’s part.

Greed and jealousy are similar obstructers of peace. If one’s tendency is to amass wealth or keep up with a neighbor, they simply do not realize that God gave them everything and that the things they hanker after are nothing. Greed is overcome in knowing that you are and have everything. Live a simple life. When you live simply, you have fewer problems. Having more wealth or possessions than you need cannot bring true happiness. When the shoe is too big it is as uncomfortable as when it is too small.

Overcoming Lust

Lust is an out-picturing of the idea that your body is more powerful than your all-powerful mind. Your body is inert. It is not real. Any bodily tendencies that you allow to control you constitute lust. They can take the form of food, sex, alcohol, drugs, etc.

Maybe you will entertain the thought, ‘It doesn’t matter that I have lust. After all I am not my body. Even if my body has lust, that has nothing to do with me.’ That thought comes from ego. We have to be very wary of ego’s attempts to keep us bound. When you think your lust does not matter, you are making your body real. Of itself it is nothing, but you give it power over you by thinking you cannot control lust. Ego’s solution is to be free sexually, but Baba says, “Dogs have that freedom.”

Baba advises us to give our lust to God. When we give it to God, we let go of the guilt and then it can be undone. As long as we justify any of our negative tendencies, we are sabotaging our joy. To be free of lust is not to deprive you of passionate expressions of love with a partner to whom you are totally committed and with whom you feel a loving oneness. Making love is very beautiful. Lust is very ugly. The difference is black and white. One plunges you into the depths of hell while the other transports you to the very heights of ecstasy.

When you are in a committed relationship, you are making a commitment to join on all fronts, and then sexuality is an outer expression of an inner joining. Sexuality outside of an eternal commitment is lust as it merely seeks to satisfy pleasure without taking responsibility for the act of joining. Baba says that when you are with another that is marriage. Don’t be with another superficially or outside of a total commitment or you cause suffering to yourself and others. Pleasure and pain are flip sides of the same coin.

Perhaps you justify inappropriate cross gender exchanges as genuine expressions of love. But love for mother, sister, friend or daughter is not expressed in the same way as is love for wife. God intended holy matrimony to be between one man and one woman in a total commitment. Krishna told Arjuna that the householder path is the fastest path to God. When you honor your marriage commitment you meet challenges and temptations that the one who abstains or renounces has not dealt with. If after 20 years of marriage you are still irresistibly prompted to shower tender affections on your spouse in public, you have accomplished something and are a rare and great soul and a true savior of the world.

There are many so called spiritual communities that justify sleeping around on the pretext that all should be given the same expression of love, otherwise you are reinforcing inequality. This is a misapplication of the teaching. If you fall prey to this temptation, you make the body real, just the opposite of what a true spiritual aspirant is attempting to do. The intention of that teaching is to see all as innocent and to reject or condemn no one. All are equally precious children of God.

In overcoming the body’s tendencies we affirm the body’s unreality. Ego likes confusion around sexuality. You can justify anything until you really do want to be free. When you want to be holy, all confusion around sexuality will be cleared up. Do you want to be holy, or do you still want to be different from how you were created? To love everyone equally means to see the Christ in everyone and to treat everyone as the God or Goddess that they are. Treat everyone with appreciation and gratitude, and you are applying the teaching as intended.

In giving lust to God, you will not feel guilty, which helps you to see it truly as nothing. Once its nothingness is seen, it can no longer have a hold over you. Ego stands on the tiny platform, “Whatever you do, don’t look at me.” It doesn’t want you to notice that it is nothing. It is something as long as you believe in it, for your belief gives it power over you. Ego is like the emperor with no clothes on. As long as everyone blindly agreed that he was wearing a beautiful garment, though he was stark naked, everyone deluded themselves. It only took one boy’s laughter for the whole delusion to be unraveled. Look on ego open-eyed.

Once an alcoholic came to Baba wanting help to stop drinking. Baba said to him, “Don’t stop; drink to me.” Surprised, the man did as he was told. Every time he tipped the bottle, he said, “Here’s to You, Baba,” and then he chugged it down. But very soon he found that he simply wasn’t interested in chugging it down. It had lost its hold because there was no guilt. He no longer felt guilty because he was thinking of God.

You cannot feel guilty and think of God at the same time. As soon as the guilt was gone the habit could not be sustained. Guilt was the glue that held it in place. If you tend to overeat, try offering the food to God every time you want to reach for something. Pay attention that you not allow yourself to be plunged into guilt. See if you don’t lose interest in food consciousness. Baba frequently chides heavy people and urges them to lose weight. Can you really be overweight and feel good about yourself? You are letting your body be your master and that is simply a statement that you are not all-powerful as you were created. You are all-powerful. Take back your power, O holy child of God. Be the master of your senses to overcome lust in any form.

Overcoming Pride

Baba says, “If you are a mountain, be a molehill; if a molehill, don’t be a mountain.” When you truly understand that you are God, you will know it with the deepest humility. To know that you are all the power in the universe is so very awesome, inspiring and humbling. If you feel pompous about the idea, know that you only have conceptual understanding. You could only feel pride if you were comparing yourself and seeing inequality. There is no one outside of you, therefore you are not more powerful than anyone else. Pride only rears its ugly head until you realize you are the same as everyone. There is a tendency to pride oneself in one’s accomplishments. But where do the energy, strength, power and intelligence to do anything come from? Everything comes from God. God is the only doer. Once you really understand that of yourself you are nothing you will not give way to feelings of pride in relation to anything.

Overcoming Hatred

Hatred is but fear. You will only hate what you are afraid of and what can you be afraid of once you know who you are? When you know who you are, you will know there is no one outside of you and that to hate anyone is to hate yourself. Exclusion is a symptom of hatred. Include everyone into your life and hatred vanishes. Some Christians hate those who are not Christians. Some Muslims hate those who do not profess Allah. This is fanaticism and a distortion of what those respective religions’ founders taught. I love Sai Baba and believe He is God, however I do not need you to believe the same in order to love you. If I hated you for not believing as I do I would be a fanatic and exposing self-hatred. I know we each have to save ourselves, therefore whether you believe as I do or not is not important to me. I do not need to defend my position. This is self-love and self-confidence.

When we recognize that all are our brothers and sisters and that we all have the same Father/Mother God, we know that we belong to the one family of God. Then we will not be intolerant of people on the basis of religion, color, philosophy, nationality, gender or social status. How you relate to others reveals how you feel about yourself. If you hate anyone, you need help to change your mind. Ask God to show you who you are. A glimpse of your truth will remove all self-hatred forever. When you love yourself, you will love everyone. When you desire happiness for everyone you do love yourself.



Perfection Is Who You Are

There are those who say, “It is impossible to be perfect.” It is not only possible, it is your truth. You were created unalterably perfect. Can it be difficult to be who you are? It is ego that tries to convince you to maintain the lie that you are helpless to overcome anger, jealousy, greed, lust, pride or hatred. Negative habits hide who we are and yet we have convinced ourselves that these tendencies are natural and that they cannot be overcome. Do not give ego power over you. You are purity and innocence and you do want that as your direct experience. You have the capacity to have that as your experience right now. Just stop convincing yourself that you cannot be who you are.

There are those who defend against purity, reasoning that if you are too pure, others will feel uncomfortable in your company, or will feel judged by you. Know this to be the voice for ego. Everyone loves Sai Baba and He is Holiness personified. All the saints and sages throughout the ages attracted the masses because of their purity. When you are pure, you cannot judge. It is only the impure who judge. When pure you only see everyone’s innocence and that draws people to you irresistibly like ants to sugar or bees to honey. It is not purity that turns people away but corruption. The outer reflects the inner. You see outside of you what is in your mind. When you see only innocence in others, you know your own innocence and perfection.

Ego’s Survival Depends On Your Not Looking

Baba exposes ego so that it can be looked at. Once there was to be a Christmas celebration in the Kalamantap hall, in Whitefield, India. Before the celebration Baba called two head Seva Dals (volunteers) aside separately and gave them each some simple instructions. He instructed one to let only the devotees from overseas into the hall. Then He dismissed her and called over the other. He instructed her to let only Indian devotees into the hall. By the time I arrived with hopes of getting inside there was utter bedlam at the door. Ladies were pushing and shoving and doing everything they could to gain entry. The one Seva Dal was doing everything she could to keep us Westerners out, while the other was doing everything she could to keep the Indians out.

Finally I pushed my way in, sat down and tried to reconstruct some dignity into my sari as well as my mind and heart. Baba showed up after all the commotion had settled. He always somehow manages to stay away from the fray. With an innocent look He asked if there was any problem. Both ladies jumped in and started to explain how she had done her best to follow Baba’s instructions. Baba, with a cheeky look of surprise, commented to the one, “All I asked you to do was let only the Indians in. I did not tell you to keep the Westerners out. Had you followed my instructions, there would have been no problem.” To the other woman, who tried to keep the Indians out, He said the same thing. Exclusion was justified because God Himself had instructed them to exclude. At least that is what they chose to hear from what He said. Ego was being exposed and once seen it could be recognized as preposterous and unreasonable.

The disingenuousness of ego to preserve itself is enormous. Ironically, it gets its cleverness from the power of your mind and then denies you its power. In turn the power of your mind comes from God. Ego attacks what is preserving it. Of itself, it does not know anything. It draws on your mind, which is totally inimical to it, for its existence. It is a parasite. It is then fearful of being found out, so depreciates the power of your mind in your mind. It convinces you that you are not only not all-powerful but powerless and that not only do you not know everything as you were created, but that you don’t know anything. It cleverly does not perceive its existence as threatened because it projects the threat onto you by getting you to perceive your being as nonexistent. If you think you are a body that will die some day, ego has convinced you that you are nonexistent. This insures its continuance by guaranteeing that you will not know your own safety. Your safety is guaranteed by God. Your inheritance is eternal life and ego does not want you to know that.

How can ego be undone once you see that it is your problem? You cannot escape from ego by humbling, controlling or punishing it. See through ego’s clever ruse and recognize its nothingness. Do not be afraid of ego. It does depend on your mind and as you made it by believing in it, so you can dispel it by withdrawing belief from it. Do not project the responsibility for your belief onto anyone else or you will preserve the belief. When you are willing to accept sole responsibility for ego’s existence yourself, you will have laid aside all anger and attack, because they come from an attempt to project responsibility for your own errors. But having accepted the errors as yours, do not keep them. Give them over quickly to God to be undone completely.

Ego, Who Are You?

Baba tells the story of a bridal party. Two families had come together for a wedding celebration and days before the ceremony a stranger approached the bride’s side with numerous unpleasant and outrageous demands. The bride’s family just assumed he was representing the groom’s party. He was so unfriendly and his demands so unreasonable that they seriously considered calling off the wedding. Meanwhile the same obstinate intruder was making equally outrageous demands of the groom’s party and they too were ready to call the whole thing off.

In a fit of anger the two parties approached each other to express their decision to walk away. The bride’s side assured the groom’s side that they were not responsible for any absurd demands. The groom’s side assured the bride’s family of same. Then they both looked at each other in surprise and asked, “Who is this outrageous impostor?” They searched everywhere but could not find him. He had disappeared. It is the same with ego. Once we stand still and ask, “Who are you?” instead of giving it power, we see its nothingness and once exposed, it cannot but vanish.

As soon as you withdraw energy from ego it disappears for it never existed except by your belief in it. It has been the robot you made, which then turned on its maker. It has been the parasite that has sucked all your power and knowledge from you. It has tried to fool you that you are powerless and ignorant and in most instances it has been very successful. You can be restored to wholeness any time you so desire because you are still whole and perfect as God created you. He created you exactly like Himself. He has not changed His mind about you. You need merely change your mind about yourself to be restored to truth. You have all the power that God has. You are not limited like ego has convinced you that you are. It is a lie. Love is your power. Love is treacherous to ego because ego was produced by fear and love overcomes fear.

We made ego to be our source. We made ego to perceive ourselves as we wished, rather than as we are. As long as you believe ego made you, you will not know who you are, for you remain confused about your source. You are never locked into ego consciousness. You can always choose to listen to either of two voices within. One you made yourself and that one is of ego. The other was given by God. Ego always speaks loudest and first for its selfish interests at your expense. God is always communicating with you toward your best interest.

Listen carefully in everything that happens in your day. God’s communication can take place in a meeting with someone, when something happens to you, in a particular scene, in a story, in a thought or impression in your mind, in a dream… There are so many ways God communicates. He is total creativity and knows you better than you know yourself, so don’t think He doesn’t know how to make contact. Do not be afraid that you cannot hear Him. He does know very well how to reach you. All you need is a little willingness that this be so. Only guilt and unworthiness stemming from guilt will cause you to believe that you cannot hear God’s voice. Innocence literally drives guilt from your mind. When guilt is gone, ego is gone. Remember your innocence and communication is reestablished.

When you make a mistake, ego does not see it as a lack of love, which is all it could ever be. Ego sees it as a positive act of assault. It needs to interpret it this way so it can survive. If you saw it as merely a lack, you would automatically do what was necessary to remedy your shortcoming and you would succeed. This would be bad news for ego, but it is where your freedom lies. When you are guiltless, you cannot suffer. When you are healed you cannot conceive of illness because you cannot conceive of attacking anyone or anything. Sickness is an attack on yourself. Do not hide your wrong doing. Look at it and correct it. Then you won’t feel guilty about it. Wrong doing equals alliance with ego which amounts to alliance with nothing. Whenever you respond with ego, you will experience guilt and fear punishment. Ego is quite literally a fearful thought.

Be Responsible For Your Experiences

Guilt stands in the way of your remembering God whose pull is so strong that you cannot resist it. If you are to retain guilt, as ego insists, you cannot be you. Only by persuading you that it is you, could ego possibly induce you to project guilt and thereby keep it in your mind. You project guilt to get rid of it, but in so doing you merely conceal it.

Baba says, “When you remember God, you can quickly reach enlightenment,” and then He goes on to say, “but even to remember God is only by God’s grace.” God’s grace is always there for you, but guilt blocks it. There are those who espouse the highest teachings, but if they are not in God consciousness with every thought, word and deed they are only fooling themselves. Are you irresistibly drawn by God’s grace into rapt ecstasy at the mere mention of His name? If not you are probably harboring some guilt and it would be good to ask to be shown what it is, so it can be healed and you can be free. The first step is to recognize that you are responsible for any block that keeps you from effortlessly experiencing God-consciousness as the only thought, passion and joy in your mind.

Once a young boy, determined that he should have the vision of the Lord, lovingly prepared some food. He expected God to literally come and eat with him. He sang the sweetest love songs to God. He pined for God with every breath. But God did not appear, so he said to himself, “My songs must not be sweet enough, my food tasty enough or my yearning pure enough.” He would not rest or eat. He prayed and sang and kept reflecting within and taking personal responsibility for God not having come as yet. He kept up his self-scrutiny, determination, fast, prayer and melodious song, imploring God to appear. On the 7th day he received the splendorous vision of the Lord. Never did he think, ‘God has not come because He does not love me,’ but always he looked within to see how he was keeping God away.


Purity Is A Prerequisite To Performing Miracles

We have to be pure in order to perform miracles and performing miracles is natural. Love is a miracle as only love heals. Love can heal the sick and raise the dead. If you think you are guilty, you will block the flow of Divine love. When you behave purely, you will feel innocent and this innocence will draw God’s Divine energy of love to and through you. Desire is all that is needed to achieve any outcome sought. If you want to be holy, you will be holy. It is your truth, so why not want it? It does matter what you do, but it does not matter what you have done. Past is past, and it will not be held against you when you change your mind. Each moment is a clean untarnished birth into your pristine purity.

Don’t let ego fool you into justifying any behavior except the purest and the noblest. Only fearless, courageous, dignified, holy and sacred actions are becoming of you. Baba says, “Walk the earth like masters with your heads held high.” You are God. Act like God. Think like God. Love like God. Live like God. Fill your heart with God’s tenderness and kindness. Go for what makes you and all those around you happy and leave what leads to misery behind forever. You deserve the best because of who you are. You are so beautiful, so pure, so holy and so sacred. Be the innocence that you are. In choosing for your innocence you become a beacon of hope to all those who still think they are guilty for crimes they never committed. In choosing for your holiness, you are stepping into your role as savior of the world.

Beloved Lord, thank You that You created us innocent forever. Thank You that ego and guilt are not real and that we can walk away from all guilt forever when we so choose. Thank You that You made everyone and everything innocent and that our innocence is reflected in all Your creation. Inspire us, dear God, to be pure in every thought, word and deed. Thank You for refusing to acknowledge anything less than perfection in each of Your creations. May we determine to lead lives of purity and may that purity inspire all our brothers and sisters to rise into their purity and holiness, so that all the world will be saved.

May all beings in all the worlds be happy and blest, Amen.

Everything in God’s Creation is Innocent forever

Figure 7a

Ego Uses God’s Mind to Make You Feel Guilty

Figure 7b