Chapter 4

Are You Ready to Give Up Ego for God?

Of myself I am nothing, but with God all things are possible.
Jesus in the Bible

Airplane Rescue Story

Al Drucker recounts with tender gratitude how he and a friend, Monica, were rescued while flying over the Sierra mountains of California in a rented recreational plane. He had taken the aircraft out without filing a flight plan as they were just planning to be gone a few hours. He hadn’t flown much on instruments, but Monica assured him she had ample experience and was prepared to back him, so off they flew. The day was choppy but that was fun as they could hone their skills.

When dark clouds, thunder and lightning started threatening, they decided to turn back, only to discover it was too late. The storm had already closed in behind them and for the next three hours they were struggling for their lives. Al would put the plane into a nose-dive only to be carried upward. In the next moment he set the controls to gain elevation only to be plunged downward. His situation could be likened to a toy boat adrift in a raging storm at sea. Huge hailstones had knocked out the back windows producing a deafening noise. The control surfaces on the wings were tearing, making it increasingly more difficult to maintain control. The fuel gauge started bouncing on empty. In utter exhaustion, Al turned to Monica to take over, only to find her slumped in her seat, probably due to oxygen deprivation. He didn’t know whether she was dead or alive.

Finally he had to face the inevitable and realized his chances of survival were next to none. In that moment he turned to God for the first time in over 30 years. He had grown up a young Jewish boy in Nazi Germany and though his family had escaped to America, he had seen enough to convince himself there was no God. Now, in desperation and as a last resort, he called out to God. And just as he did, a deep peace pervaded his whole being and he readied the plane for a landing, thinking that perhaps he would somehow be Divinely directed to a safe spot. He knew all too well how slim his chances were, as a number of planes had downed in that same area and none had survived. It was too rocky and mountainous to offer much hope.

No sooner had he prepared himself than he heard a voice over the loud speakers: “Aircraft in distress, can you read me?” That voice so startled him as he had been entirely unsuccessful in making contact up to that point. Eagerly Al reached for his microphone, but it had gotten wrapped around the rudder petal in the turbulence and when he tried to retrieve it, his plane went into a spin. He was unable to respond to that sweetest voice which renewed hope of rescue from an utterly impossible situation.

That angel voice came again, so calm and soothing, seemingly totally aware of the critical nature of the situation, “You need not respond. If you can hear me, turn 60 degrees off your present course and then come back to your present course.” Al did as directed. When he was back on course the voice assured him, “I have you in sight.” Al assumed some ground controller was picking him up by radar. For the next 20 minutes this kind controller gave him simple instructions that he could easily follow. You can imagine how overloaded and exhausted he felt. The controller seemed to know all and spoke in a way that Al could respond to without much effort.

He would instruct, “Fly where the red meets the yellow.” Even an inexperienced pilot could follow those directions without much computation. Then he told Al that he would be coming to a clearing and would see a small airport straight ahead. He ended with, “I’m signing off with this transmission. Good luck.” Almost immediately, as foretold, the bedraggled plane broke out of the storm. Al saw the landing strip, declared an emergency landing and touched down safely, though not very smoothly. This jolted his flying mate back into consciousness. She groggily asked, ”What happened?” Just as Al vectored the plane to safety, it ran out of fuel - so many miracles all rolled into one.

When they reached the control tower, the controller knew nothing of the voice that had guided Al in. He told Al there were no other airports around. They were surrounded by Indian reservation for miles in every direction. He was in Southern Nevada, hundreds of miles off course. ‘Who was that mysterious voice that saved our lives?’ Al wondered.

Due to the intensity of the storm they couldn’t fly home. Monica knew of a yoga academy just south of the Mexican border. They got the plane patched up enough to feel safe and off they flew. When they arrived at the academy they found a group of people singing devotional songs seemingly to a picture in the front of the room. The picture was covered with some strange dust, except for the eyes. Al took one look at those eyes and found himself moved to tears. He just knew those eyes had something to do with the voice that had saved them. After the ceremony they found out that the dust was sacred ash that had manifested on the picture during the singing and that the picture was of Sai Baba. When he told his story, they all agreed that the voice had to be Sai Baba.

About a year later Al made his first trip to Baba’s ashram fully expecting Baba to reveal the truth behind that benevolent voice, so patient and kind, that was the savior of his life. But Baba didn’t give him any attention what so ever. It was only years later, after he became professor in Baba’s university, that the subject even came up. One day, out of the blue, Baba asked him to tell his airplane story to the students. When he finished, Baba commented, “He was flying for his own pleasure and yet I had to save him. It was my duty.”

We too tend to wait till we have exhausted all other possibilities before we call on God. Yet when we finally turn to Him, God is right there for us. Al put himself in an impossible situation, in which he had to surrender his fierce need to look after himself. What he discovered was that when he finally let go, he made room for God to tenderly look after him with the love of a thousand mothers. In that moment he discovered that with God all things are possible. But why wait till it gets so intense? Why not call on God now? Why not call on God to handle all your problems? He is waiting for nothing else.

Surrender Nothing To Receive Everything Forever

To enlist God’s help, it is necessary to surrender, to let go and let God, to trust in God, to depend on God for everything. Yet that idea of God-dependence invariably puts people on their guard. Their initial response is that they feel their independence is being threatened. “Wait a minute,” we all say, “Surrender means to give up - never.” We hold out till we have exhausted all other alternatives. Only when Al knew he had no other options did he consider turning to God. And so maybe we ought to take a deeper look at the reasonableness of turning to God for everything. When Baba asks us to surrender, He is asking us to give up nothing and receive everything forever. That sounds like a great deal and it is, so why the resistance? He is asking us to surrender what we have convinced ourselves is everything, so that it can be replaced with what we have convinced ourselves is nothing and there’s the catch.

We have to retrain our minds about what is valuable and what is not. We have to learn to trust that nothing is in fact nothing and everything is everything. We have to unlearn what we have taught ourselves in order to be willing to give up the things of the world, which are nothing. Only then will we avail ourselves of the heavenly gifts which God wants to bestow, upon our surrender of that which is blocking His gifts from flowing to us. Jesus taught, “Store not up for yourselves treasures on earth where moth and dust corrupt and thieves break in and steal. Rather store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” We have invested heavily in what does not last and is not valuable and have lost sight of what is valuable. What is the cause of this confusion?

We made ego to gain independence from God. The irony is that we didn’t gain independence as we had hoped. Instead of being dependent on God, we now find ourselves dependent on ego and ego wants us bound so it can continue to exist. Ego cannot exist unless you are independent of God and dependent on it. Dependence on God gives you total creative freedom, omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence. You trade in your heavenly treasure when you choose to depend on ego instead. Ego, by its very nature is constriction, limitation and lack. But ego does everything to convince you that you have greater freedom with it than with God, because it will disappear instantly when you recognize the truth that it can give you nothing and that your total freedom lies in your utter dependence on God who gives you everything.

When you give up ego, you will have given up all misery. You will have surrendered nothing and gained everything. It is ego that convinces us that the things of the world such as money, family, fame… will lead to happiness, but these worldly pursuits inevitably lead to sorrow rather than to the joy you were led to believe would be yours in their pursuit. With wealth, there is never enough, the stock market crashes, or your valuables get lost or stolen. With physical beauty, there is always someone more beautiful and the beauty turns to wrinkles with time. All the things of the world deteriorate over time. Nothing in this world lasts; you lose the ones you love. To look for happiness in the world is a futile exercise.

To give up the things of the world is not a sacrifice once we see truly that we have invested in nothing in investing in happiness where it cannot be found. We made a bad investment. Even if you have invested heavily in a dead horse, it will not, cannot ever win you the race. As soon as you give it up, you make way for your heavenly treasure, which is your true inheritance, just waiting for you.

You won’t know whether you are willing to give up nothing until you give yourself a chance to trust God again. We have become distrustful of God because we have allied with an ego that advises us God is not trustworthy and does not really have our best interest at heart. We have been taught that God does not wish to give us everything. We have been poorly taught. Ego has been our teacher. We are always choosing either for ego or for God. There is no other choice. We cannot depend on both ego and God. The two are mutually exclusive. Ego literally means Edging God Out.

Ego Was Made To Gain Independence From God

The story of Adam and Eve in the garden is our one all-inclusive story. It is all that is ever happening. Every other story is merely a variation on the one theme where we chose to leave everything and enter the experience of nothing. Adam and Eve were totally dependent on God until they listened to a suggestion to try independence. Adam made ego to be autonomous, but he merely traded in one dependency for another. In making ego he convinced himself he had made his own source. It would be the same as you giving birth to your own parents. It is not only impossible but absolutely ridiculous. And if you look closely, you will see that ego-dependence is the cause of all apparent bondage. It is impossible to be bound since God created us eternally free. Ego was made to be our source in place of God, but that idea was merely a mistake as God is our Source and irreplaceable. We can think we have another source, but it does not change the truth. God created us and is our Source forever and that is not negotiable.

What does God-dependence really mean? It means you never have a care again, everything is provided for you, you can never get sick, lose the ones you love or suffer. It means you are and have everything forever. Could you consider God-dependence if it offered you peace, love and joy beyond your wildest dreams? Are you willing to be utterly, totally, helplessly, passionately dependent on God if it means your troubles are over? Surrender to God doesn’t mean a loss of freedom, but rather is where true freedom can be found. God wants you free. Would you feel all right about not making your own decisions if you knew God’s decisions in your behalf would serve you far better than you could serve yourself?

In your dependence on God, are you giving your power away? No, in depending on God, you reclaim your power, for only in God are you powerful.  There is no power outside of God. “Of myself I am nothing - with God ALL things are possible.” It is ego that convinces us that God wants to control us and be a tyrannical ruler and strip us of our power. God knows nothing of this strange idea we hold about Him. God loves His children forever. He has for you the love of a thousand mothers.

In the world, independence represents freedom. We want to be independent as a nation. We call that freedom. We have to reverse our thinking in order to be willing to accept the possibility that total dependence can give us freedom. It is the way God’s nation is set up. That is what freedom is – total dependence on God. It requires trust in God to take care of us. Does that mean He only takes care of us when we meet His terms? Do we have to meet certain requirements to become worthy and then He will step in?

When we choose to be independent, we are closing the door to God’s grace. God is a most gracious and unimposing host. He will not knock the door down in a determination to give us everything. If we have closed the door to everything in order to have an unreal experience, He will wait. But let us be perfectly clear that it is never God who has forgotten us, but rather we who have forgotten Him. God does not command, because He is incapable of arrogance. He does not demand, because He does not seek control. He does not overcome, because He does not attack. He is quiet and waits to be asked. He speaks of peace and offers only peace. Peace cannot be forced upon God’s children by its very nature. We have to want it by wanting only God.

God Depends On You Too

Our whole creative function lies in our complete dependence on God whose function He shares with us. By His willingness to share it, He becomes as dependent on us as we are on Him. He has included us in His autonomy. God gave up His autonomy for us. He prefers to create rather than to have autonomy. In His act of creation He lost His autonomy forever. He awaits our blessing for every creative action He undertakes. We also cannot have autonomy, for that freedom is impossible. The belief in ego autonomy is costing us the knowledge of our dependence on God in which our true freedom lies. We are one organism inseparable from God and each other forever. It was desire for independence that gave life to ego. God and the souls He created are symbiotically related. They are completely dependent on each other for all eternity. In that dependence there is no limitation on creative freedom.

God-dependence does not mean we can be careless or irresponsible. We are always responsible for our actions. Do not use this teaching to excuse your behavior on the grounds that in your total dependence on God, “God made me do it.” God depends on you because He created you perfect. He is counting on you to be as He created you. He knows He can count on you, because you cannot be different from how you were created. If you think it difficult to be perfect, you are mistaken. Is it difficult to be who you are? We have been convinced by ego that we cannot attain perfection, yet it is very easy to be perfect once we stop believing false information about ourselves. And we will find independence when we depend on God for everything. Our independence will be of creation, not of autonomy.

Mutual dependence is our true relationship with God. It is a naturally joyful relationship wherein we are free. In this dependence, God does not need you in order to complete Himself, nor do you need God to complete yourself. You are whole and complete within yourself. Your dependence on God enhances your joy, as God’s dependence on you enhances His. It is love that draws you irresistibly together and not need. As Jesus said, “Of myself I am nothing.” You are not of yourself; you are of God. In thinking you are independent, you do think you are of yourself and then it must follow that you think you are nothing. Only in your total dependence on God are you everything, equal with God in love and power. It is desire for autonomy that causes resistance to this true and sacred relationship.

With God All Things Are Possible

Sometimes Sai Baba refers to us as puppets on a string. He also says, “There is no one more powerful than you, you are the Lord of the universe, you are no different from God.” If you are no different from God, is God also a puppet on a string? No, God is the puppeteer when we allow Him to direct our lives.  And when He is the puppeteer He moves us to be who we are, namely God, the Lord of the universe, all-powerful, limitless in creative expression. You are both the Lord of the universe and a puppet when you are dependent on God. When you do not want God to direct your life, you are choosing ego to be your puppeteer and ego leads you to convince yourself that you are nothing, as it is nothing. When God is your puppeteer, you will be like Him. When ego is your puppeteer, you will be like ego. You are never independent as that choice is not an option.

When you realize just what the choices are, you will be happy to make the obvious choice. It really comes down to a choice for equality, oneness with God and all of humanity, leading to peace, love and joy unbounded forever, or a choice for separation, inequality, leading to anger, jealousy, pride, greed, lust and hatred invariably attended with guilt. Guilt then must be assuaged, so one agrees to punishment in the form of sickness, suffering and death, in time and space with little seductions of joy to keep you deluded that you are happy so you won’t look your pitiful predicament in the eye. Ego offers you nothing you really want. God offers you everything you really want. Baba says there is no freewill, but we can always choose between God’s will and ego’s will. God wills our freedom and ego wants us bound. You do have freedom to create, but you are not free to be separate from God or others as dependence on ego would lead you to believe.

The fact is you are dependent on God no matter what choice you make because ego has no independent power, though it tries to fool you that it does. We made ego and then gave it the power to enslave us. It uses the power of our minds given to us by God. Ego is a parasite, totally dependent on the power of God as directed by us for its survival. When we direct our God given power away from ego, it dissolves into the nothingness that it always was.

Everything is suffused with God and God’s love. There is no place where God is not. What sustains us if not God’s love? Can anything grow without God’s love? Where does the sun’s energy come from if not from God? God is everywhere always and forever. He did not abandon us or forget us. He is ready to receive us when we wish. Remember the story in the Bible of the prodigal son? We are each that prodigal son, and what did the father do when his son returned home? He prepared a lavish banquet and brought together the finest musicians for a grand celebration. He was so happy for his son’s return. God is always eager for our return to His ever-open arms.

When Jesus announced, “Of myself I am nothing,” he went on to say, “With God all things are possible.” He knew that none of the miracles he performed came from him. Only in his total dependence on God could miracles occur. He knew that in his total dependence on God he could perform miracles of healing the sick and raising the dead. These are not greater miracles than we are able to perform when we let God direct our lives. Jesus pronounced to his disciples, “Greater works than I have done shall you do.” We need do so little to receive so much. All things are possible with God. Turn to God and He will do the rest. We only need faith as small as a tiny mustard seed and the world can be transformed back into the world God created.

Surrender To God And Be Victorious Over Ego

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna (the Lord) is the charioteer for Arjuna (His devotee), in the war wherein the forces for ego-dependence are pitted against the forces for God-dependence. Because Arjuna let Krishna be his charioteer, though they were greatly outnumbered, the Pandavas (the 5 brothers on the side of good) won the war. Only when we turn to God can He help us. Only when we turn to God can we truly vanquish our enemies: greed, jealousy, anger, hatred, lust and pride.

When I first started really turning to God I was afraid that He would not respond, so there was a strong temptation not to bother so as not to be disappointed. I now see that was ego trying to throw me off the trail of surrendering to God for everything. Ego is very seductive and clever in trying to convince us that we need not, should not or cannot depend on God: ‘God won’t respond anyway;’ ‘To call on God is weakness;’ ‘You’ll lose your independence;’ ‘I never hear God communicating with me...’  We must be ever vigilant. God is always communicating with us. Are we listening? One thing that eludes us is that God is within. He is not in some far off place.

Because we made ego, we have trained ourselves to have a greater affinity for it than for God and to turn to it for guidance. Ego always speaks loudest and first. We see ourselves one with our egos, our child protégé so to speak, but we do not see ourselves one with God, our Source. Once we recognize our oneness with God, we will more readily turn our will and life over to God’s care. That happens when we see ego truly as the robot we made that turned on its maker.

There are those who may be tempted to reduce God to a genie in a bottle, but that is not surrender to God or trust in God to know better than we what we really need. To depend on God means to trust Him to take care of the problem without telling Him how to do His job. Let go and let God by trusting that He knows better than you how to handle every situation. When you do that, the outcome will always exceed your greatest expectation. God’s solution is always bigger and better and offers more than you could offer yourself, on your own.

I Am The Ocean, You Are The Wave

Sai Baba says, “Make no distinction between you and Me. Do not think Baba is God and you are His devotee. Do not even think Baba is the teacher and you are His student. Think only: Baba is the ocean and you are the wave.” If you make the distinction that there is God and there is His devotee, you make separation. The teacher-student relationship also makes separation. God wants us to recognize our oneness with Him beyond all distinctions. But then He says, “I am the ocean and you are the wave.” Is that not a distinction? Let’s take a look. The ocean and the wave are exactly the same as both are made up of only water. There is no place where the ocean ends and the wave begins. There is no place where God ends and His creation begins. God and His creation are one. Baba says, “I am God, you are also God.” The Bible says you were created in the image and likeness of your Creator. You are one with God. There is no place where the Father ends and the son begins.

The ocean and the wave both consist of water. The essence is the same, however there is a distinct difference. The difference is that the wave emerges out of the ocean. It is not possible that it be the other way around. Can you imagine a wave creating the ocean? God created you. You did not create God, nor did you create yourself. You were created by God to be exactly like Him. Perhaps you are not in the experience of being God, but that is simply because you tried to be something else, because you were not content to have been created by God and thus to be dependent on God for everything. We tried to become waves without the ocean, to gain independence. We stubbornly hold on to our independence though it is hurting us, because we want to prove ourselves right. But it cannot change our true relationship with God. We do depend on God, as God depends on us, and that is the beautiful relationship we share with God, whether we like it or not.

A wave separate from the ocean is impossible. It is impossible to be separate from God though we all tried to be waves without the ocean. A wave without the ocean is ego, an attempt at independence from our Source.  If I were of myself, what I made would be true, and I could never escape. Fortunately, I am not of myself. I am of God forever. In making ego we separated ourselves from God in our minds. In truth it is as preposterous as a wave without the ocean. It never happened. However, though ego is unreal, it does have all the power we invest in it and that is not nothing. We took great pride in what we made though it did not make it real. Deeper than the ego’s foundation and much stronger than it will ever be is your intense and burning love for God and His for you.

The Wave Cannot Create The Ocean

Though ego is not real, let us never underestimate the treachery it wields. All our vigilance and determination are required to restore us to wholeness. Ego, once sided with, is very subtle, insidious and obscuring and tries to complicate the simple truth that you are one with God. Ego wants to throw you off the trail of it as the cause of all your suffering, so it tries to convince you that God is the cause of your unhappiness. There could be nothing further from the truth. God created us wholly without sin, pain or suffering of any kind. If we accept ourselves as God created us, we will be incapable of suffering. But to do that we must acknowledge Him as our Creator.

Your acknowledgment of your Source is the acknowledgment of yourself as you are. Many students of non-dualism have conceptually understood themselves to be the ocean. Though they are right that there is nothing outside of them, if their concept of oneness does not leave room for God as Source, they have not realized who they are and are merely the wave pretending to be the ocean. I can only urge you to investigate deeply for yourself. Are you sure you are without a Source? What is the resistance to having a Source if that Source has withheld nothing from you His beloved creation? Is it less than pure non-duality to recognize that you have a Source from whom you are not separate? Is the wave not one with the ocean and is that not pure oneness?

Were you really created equal with God? A wave is smaller than the ocean, however, a wave one with the ocean is as big as the ocean and is therefore equal with it. Only a wave separate from the ocean is small and that is impossible. We are small when we let ego be our source and believe its lies. Ego tries to convince us that it is possible to be a wave without the ocean. We are as great as God only when we let God be our Source. We are each the ocean when we merge back into the ocean. Only the wave that merges back into the ocean is one with it. God created us to be exactly like Him, not less in any way, but we can only have that as our direct experience when the wave dissolves into the ocean, when we realize our perfect equality with God. In our total interdependence we are verily God.

Baba urges us to merge with Him. In merging our consciousness back into God consciousness, we regain the whole ocean. The ocean is limitless. The wave by itself is limited. The ocean is all-powerful. The wave on its own is powerless, buffeted about by circumstances beyond its control. You are God. You are no different from God and you will experience that truth only in your total dependence on God. We are afraid to merge with the ocean because we fear we will lose ourselves, but we will only gain ourselves. We will gain everything. We will lose nothing. The wave merges with the ocean by totally depending on the ocean.

In your total dependence on God, you are both the wave and the ocean. God has withheld nothing from you. He has given you everything. You are no less than God. You are God. Only fear of loss of false identity keeps the wave from being engulfed by the ocean. But our true identity lies in our desire to be one with the ocean. A willingness to give up a false sense of autonomy allows you to merge with the ocean and thereby to wake up. Any mind that awakens is of great benefit to all of humanity. That is why waking up is the greatest service one can render to the planet.

You And I Can Only Join In The Truth

A wave merged with the ocean is a mind awake. Two waves can only merge with each other in the ocean. I can only really join with you when we both recognize our oneness in God through our utter dependence on Him as Source. You and I can never truly meet outside of God and I do so want to meet you. Dependence on God is essential to any true meeting. We can only truly meet when we are both awake in God. When two minds unite in a full commitment to only the truth, it becomes that much easier for the whole world to receive the truth that we are all one and interdependent. Using the hundredth monkey idea, when two minds get it, all minds can more readily accept the truth.

I once had a dream at Baba’s ashram where I completely joined in the truth with another. The power of that joining was extraordinary. It was the most intensely exquisite experience of my life. I woke up trembling at the possibility, for I knew then that we all have the capacity to join in true oneness in our total dependence on God. Alone we can do nothing, but together our wills fuse into something whose power is far beyond the power of its separate parts. What a blessed communion awaits us all in our merging in God together. Then our dance with each other will be so pure, rich, expansive and God-intoxicating. That is the gift God gave to us when He created us for each other. In that joining, two waves merge with each other. That can only happen when both waves merge in the ocean. We can only merge with each other when we accept the truth that we are all one in God.



God Is The Mind With Which We Think

To merge with God is to surrender to God’s will; your true will. When you ask God’s will in anything you are asking your will. In hearing God’s will, you learn your own. Your will is God’s. God always wants what is best for you. He will not settle for you having less than everything. Humility does not mean being content with littleness, but rather being content with greatness that is not of you. Our greatness is of God, not of ourselves. We are greatness because God created us and He can only create in His likeness and image. God is greatness. God is grandeur. We chose to come to the world to escape that likeness which is our true reality, but when reality can be found even here, let us step back and let God lead the way. We take that necessary action of mind in our utter dependence on God for everything.

Sai Baba says, “Mind is a gift of God.” God lets us use His mind. For what purpose are you using this most precious gift? Are you using it to be host to ego or to God? You are God’s host. If you have God’s mind, then you have God. You do have God and thus you have everything. Realize your priceless treasure. God is always communicating with you. When you are host to ego you are misusing your sacred inheritance. Perhaps you feel you would like to surrender to God, but don’t recognize His voice. Ego always speaks loudest and first. God’s voice is quiet and gentle. God does not try to get your attention as ego does. So you have to remember to get quiet to hear Him. Don’t put God into a box of only being a voice in your head. He can communicate through your neighbor, an incident, a dream, etc. The possibilities are endless because God is limitless creativity. Don’t worry that you might not receive His communication. He knows very well how to communicate with you because He knows you better than you know yourself, because He loves you so much more than you love yourself. When you have turned to God, and expect to hear His voice, you have opened the door and invited Him in. He is present where welcome.

Perhaps you feel that you pray to God, but God does not answer. God is answering. When you do not tell God how He should respond, you open the door to hearing His response. It will always be a delightful surprise or insight that thrills you to your very essence. So great is His love for you. God cannot hear you when you speak loudly or forcefully, for then you are requesting with ego and ego is nonexistent. Speak to God with gentleness, tenderness, trust and honoring. Do not be coercive or manipulative. God is listening. You will hear Him in the stillness as He hears you in the stillness.

If God is your charioteer your life will be blessed and you will have a true purpose and give joy to others. Choose to depend on God for everything and you are choosing for your freedom and the freedom of all God’s children, your whole family. In this choice lies everything you truly want. God loves you so very much and yearns to give you every good and priceless treasure.

Thank You dear God, for giving up autonomy for us. Help us to understand that in giving up autonomy we give up nothing and gain everything. Help us to trust that total dependence on You gives us total freedom. Thank You that we can never leave You or be separate from You. Thank You for creating us in Your image and likeness, exactly the same as You. Thank You for depending on us as much as we depend on You. Thank You for Your unswerving acknowledgment of our perfection. Grant us the determination to be perfect as You depend on us to be. Grant us the yearning to merge with You and all our brothers and sisters in You, and to expand into the limitless consciousness that You created us to be eternally.

May all beings in all the worlds be happy and blest, Amen

True Freedom Lies in God-Dependence

Figure 4a

The Ocean and the Wave are One

Figure 4b