Chapter 3

Are You Ready to Give Up Space-Time for Eternity?

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift
That is why it is called the present.

Time Warp: Evidence For Man Drowning In A Well

Dr. Khan was in charge of the largest hospital complex in all of India. One day he happened to be the only doctor on duty as the other physicians had gone on strike. A dead body, which had drowned in a well, was brought in. After examining the corpse, Dr. Khan signed the death certificate. It was routine and he thought nothing more of the incident. A few months later, to his bewilderment, he was charged with being an accomplice to a murder gang and was put under house arrest. Crime was on the rise in the city and the police force was under pressure to show some activity. Two doctors were required by law to sign a death certificate, but as Dr. Khan was the only physician on duty, his was the only signature on the document.

Six months later, when the case came to trial, the judge ruled that all involved should go to the cemetery. The police chief, the police officer who had indicted Dr. Khan, the judge and Dr. Khan went to the graveyard. The body was exhumed. As the modest pine box, perfectly intact, was opened, the body, also perfectly intact, as though it had been buried just hours earlier and not six months ago, was observed to have some water gurgling up from the lungs. There was no evidence of gunshot wounds. The man had clearly drowned and the case was dismissed on the spot. The painfully embarrassed police chief took to whipping his accusing officer with a riding crop.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Khan was pacing nervously back and forth on her verandah at home when suddenly Sai Baba appeared as an apparition in front of her. He had a riding crop in one hand and a smelly fish in the other. He was holding the fish as far away as possible with His head turned in the other direction and was making an awful face as if completely disgusted. He then threw both riding crop and fish away and motioned her to touch His feet. She fell at His feet, understanding that He was taking care of the problem. Then He disappeared as mysteriously as He had come. Baba’s visitation assured her that her husband was found innocent so she sent their driver to pick him up.

Back at the cemetery, Dr. Khan’s driver happened to show up just as the case was being dismissed, much to the doctor’s relief. The doctor hopped into the car and headed for home. As he was being driven back to his residence in the middle of a scorching hot summer day, Dr. Khan had some time to reflect on what had just happened and something in it simply didn’t add up. ‘How could that body be perfectly intact? And the pine box as well?’ he wondered. He racked his brain for any possible scientific explanation, but to no avail.

Incredulous, he had his driver turn the vehicle around and take him back to the grave site. Just as they reached, the grave diggers were putting the last few shovels full of dirt back on the grave. Dr. Khan requested them to dig it up again. They put in their shovels, only to find bits and pieces of a totally disintegrated box and the remains of a stinky decomposing mass. He quickly saw enough, though he was even more mystified than ever.

When he reached home Mrs. Khan told him of her visitation. They immediately packed their bags and drove all night to Sai Baba’s ashram. They arrived in the early hours of the morning, to find Baba waiting for them. He called them in and said, “I entered the minds of all those present and revealed the truth to save your reputation and preserve your honor.”

Baba had rearranged time. How is that possible? Perhaps time is not real. Sai Baba who knows its unreality can use it to serve a greater purpose. Once He made a cross for Dr. John Hislop. He said He took the wood from the original cross upon which Jesus was crucified. It did require some effort, as He had to go back in time to find the genuine article. When you know time to be unreal, you become its master, rather than being mastered by it. Only eternity is real. Baba only uses His power in the service of a healing.

Space Warp: Man Instantly Transported To Wife’s Bedside

Mr. Chang from Indonesia came to Prasanthi Nilayam, Sai Baba’s ashram in the South of India. He had left his wife behind because she was too ill to make the long journey. En route he started having serious misgivings about leaving her in her hour of need. Fortunately Baba called him and the group he had traveled with for an interview immediately upon arrival. As soon as they entered the interview room, the man could contain his concern no longer and blurted out, “Baba, shall I go home to be with my wife?” Baba replied in the affirmative. The man immediately got up to go. Baba stopped him and said, “No, even faster than that.” Baba then tapped the wall and it disappeared. In its place they found themselves inside his wife’s bedroom. Mr. Chang walked through the wall to her. Baba tapped the wall again and everyone else was again in the interview room, astonished by the miracle they had just witnessed.

The next day the group heard from Mr. Chang. That night his wife had gently passed away in his arms. What a gift that they were able to share her last moments together. A month later, after making the necessary arrangements for the body and putting their affairs in order, Mr. Chang came back to India to thank Baba and pick up his belongings. You can imagine the disbelief with which he was met at customs as he tried to explain why he was traveling without his passport. What a blessing that closure took place between he and his wife. How different he would have felt had he not been there for her in her last moments. He probably would have been hard pressed to forgive himself. Baba, in His infinite mercy, transported a man thousands of miles through space.

Perhaps space also is not real. Baba does not perform miracles to set Himself apart. He says that we also are all-powerful. We too are capable of such powers when we understand the unreality of time and space.

Young Lad Transported To Mecca

Abdul was distraught because his two best friends had gone on a pilgrimage to Mecca and his parents couldn’t afford to send him. As a consolation they’d brought him to see Sai Baba. Baba called the poor Muslim family in for an interview and asked the boy, “So you want to go to Mecca?” The boy burst into tears. Baba spoke to the others for a while. The boy continued crying. Baba again asked, “You really want to go to Mecca, don’t you?” Baba then tapped the wall. It disappeared and a street scene from Saudi Arabia appeared in its place. “Look, there are your two friends. Go. You have half an hour.” The boy walked into the street scene and the wall reappeared.

Baba talked with the stunned family for another half hour and then tapped the wall again. The street scene reappeared and the boy walked back into the interview room carrying some souvenirs from Mecca. A month later, when his friends returned home, the boy’s parents asked, “How long was our son with you?” Confirming the boy’s account, the friends replied, “Two weeks.” Baba knows the unreality of time and space and uses both to reestablish eternity.

Space Warp And The Football Game

Matthew, a young man from Australia, was forced against his will to travel to India with his parents. He desperately wanted to stay home and attend the football game. That was what all his friends were doing and he was very angry that he was not being allowed to do what he wanted. When Baba called them for interview, He tapped on the wall and Matthew saw the football game and his friends in the stadium. Baba gestured to him to go there, as that was his wish. In that instant Matthew understood that he was in the presence of God. He happily discovered the true purpose for his stay at the ashram. He cherished the experience and was overflowing with gratitude and appreciation for his parents’ gift to him.

Sai Baba is not the only master of time and space. There are innumerable accounts throughout history of time and space being rearranged. Anyone who awakens to the truth has power over time and space because he recognizes their unreality. Eternity is God’s idea. You as soul understand it perfectly. Time and space are not of God. Why do they exist at all? They were made by us to circumvent eternity. We accept them without question only as long as we are in ego consciousness. The only part of time that is eternal is now. The rest is simply not real. Eternity is all there is and in truth time never happened. It did not intrude upon eternity. That is why it sometimes seems to fairly fly and sometimes to go painfully slow. Isn’t its inconstancy reason to doubt its reality? Is it possible that all of time is going on all the time? Is it possible that it is not sequential as it appears?

Time Waste Is Life Waste - Don’t Waste Time

We find ourselves in time because we have elected to be in time rather than in eternity and have therefore changed our belief in our status. But election is both free and alterable. We do not belong in time. Our place is only in eternity, where God Himself placed us forever. Guilt feelings are the great preservers of time. They induce fear of future retaliation and so ensure that the future will be the same as the past. This enables the ego’s continuity and gives it a false sense of security through the belief that we cannot escape from it. But we can and must. God offers us the continuity of eternity in exchange. When we decide to make this exchange, we simultaneously exchange guilt for peace, viciousness for love, and pain for joy. Time and eternity are both in our minds and will conflict until we perceive time solely as a means to regain eternity. Time cannot separate us from God if we use it on behalf of the eternal.

Everything can be used. We made time to escape from God and now it can be used to return to God. Time used as a teaching device becomes a means to an end. It will cease when it is no longer useful for facilitating learning. We made everything for the wrong reasons but everything can be used for the right reasons. Your body can give you feedback about who you think you are and how much you love yourself if you will give it that purpose. That is valuable feedback. All you have to do is remind yourself that you were created whole and perfect, and that you are not your body.

It is the same for the world. Everything you see can be used as a teaching for you. How do you look on things? Do you see as God would see? Do you look on all your fellowman as sacred creations of God with whom you are one forever? If not, you can ask for help. When your mind is healed you will see through the eyes of love, kindness, compassion and charity. Use all things such as money, food, clothing, and energy in the service of humanity. This is time well spent. Time is both unreal and precious. It is the vehicle that can take you to liberation if used wisely or keep you in bondage if misused.

Baba says that the bird of liberation flies with two wings, discrimination and dispassion. As that teaching relates to time, dispassion would support the idea that time is not real, while discrimination would recognize time as a precious gift which ought to be used for sacred purposes and for attaining liberation. Holding both the idea that time is unreal and that it is precious in perfect balance is the way to transcend it. Every moment is a new opportunity, a clean slate, a fresh beginning since past is past and thereby unreal. There is only now. Master time and do not let it be your master. If it is your master, it is real for you and has power over you.

We need not be discouraged. True, we have been misguided, but it was we who misguided ourselves so completely. True, we were taught by parents and teachers and an environment that did not support who we really are, but we chose all those teachers and learned what we wanted to learn. True, much time has been spent on errant pursuits, but we can undo all of our past instantly. It has taken much time to learn who we are not, but it takes no time at all to be who we are. God wills us to be in eternity now, thus nothing is beyond our immediate learning.

Planning The Future Makes Time

We are sustained by God’s love and He will take care of our every need if we let Him, thus we need not worry about tomorrow. Storing up for the future keeps us locked in time. What about having some money in the bank and a roof overhead? We do have to temper the teachings with simple logic and at the same time be honest about where our real treasure lies. Are you trusting in God or in that money in the bank and that roof over head for your security? It is not that you are bad when you bank on the things of the world, it is just that you are investing in the undependable. All things in the world are unpredictable, so it is best to lay up for yourself heavenly treasures, such as kindness toward fellowman, love, peace, understanding, wisdom and truth. Those will sustain you better in times of adversity than any plans you make to secure for yourself a safe future. When you are fully present in the moment, the future will take care of itself.

And we have to remain practical and recognize that it is impossible to function without some planning in our daily lives. If, for example, you are going to take a trip, you need to make necessary preparations to do so. This is not wrong use of time. To plan ahead is necessary where we have accepted responsibilities in the world.

But we do well to leave the universal plan in more appropriate hands. God has a plan for the salvation of the world and we each have our roles to play. We will know all we need to know when we need to know it. God shows us only what is helpful for us to know right now. If He showed us more, we’d undoubtedly get in the way and foil the plan. As time relates to fulfilling our holy function, the real purpose for which we are here, we simply do not have the whole picture, thus are not in a position to make plans. Everything will be given as it is needed. All that is asked of us is trust and openness. When we expect miracles we open the door to them, for they are always available. If we plan in this regard, we get in the way and put off the miracle. When we place our future in God’s hands and allow Him to take care of every detail of our lives, our passage through time and space are not at random. Then we cannot but be in the right place at the right time.

God created everything to be eternal. Our experience of time and space, where everything dies, disappears or disintegrates, is unreal. Some may use evolution as proof that time is real, but that is evolution’s purpose. Evolution is not part of eternity and only after we entered the experience of time did we also enter an experience of evolution, where things both evolve and devolve. Truth is changeless and has nothing to do with either time or evolution.

We have a purpose in time in the greater scheme. It is our purpose to save the world so we can step out of time forever. We do know our assignment because we know everything. When we know who we are, we will know our purpose. All of time is only to help us fulfill our assignment. It is because we are not ready to do what we know we ought to do that time exists at all. When our task is accomplished time will be over and all things will have been restored to their eternal nature. The world as we know it will have passed away.

Time is precious and sacred. It must be used wisely. Every moment spent in communion with God, in service to fellowman, in being available to perform your assignment, is time well spent, and you will feel satisfaction. When you are fulfilling your function, you are naturally happy and you will find yourself fully present in each moment spontaneously, effortlessly. When you use time consciously, judiciously, carefully, for sacred tasks, you are collapsing time. You can enjoy time when you become its master.

Past Is Unreal – Be Responsible – Let Error Be Corrected

In the garden of Eden, after Adam had eaten the fruit, that is after Adam made ego to replace God as his Source, God asked, “Adam, where are you?” Adam hid. God was not upset that Adam had made a pseudo-parent to replace God. He knew He was Adam‘s Creator and irreplaceable. Had Adam stood still and said, ‘Lord, I made a mistake, please show me how to correct my error,’ God would have assured him that nothing had happened.  Adam did not do that. He projected the blame for his mistake outside himself, because he felt guilty. In that act of projecting the blame outside he held onto the guilt and made the error real. In disowning guilt and thereby keeping it, he catapulted himself into time and space where guilt can be assuaged through punishment. Punishment requires time to be meted out. This is the reason time came to be. Ego depends on time for its survival.

There is no place for ego in eternity, for there is no guilt to be punished thus no purpose for time or life for ego. Ego does everything possible to keep you locked in time as without time it cannot exist. Adam’s story is ours. All we need do is go back to that moment where we fell into fear because we thought we had made a substitute for God. That moment is available right now, as all of time is going on all the time. Our error was only a silly idea and rather than choose terror, we can simply own our mistake and let it be corrected. Then time will be over and we will again be in the experience of eternity.

Here is a simple three-step process for the undoing of time: First, see the past as unreal. It is unreal because past is part of time and time is not real. In seeing its unreality, there is no need to feel guilty. To see the past as unreal is to forgive the past. (Adam did not make his own source as that is impossible – nothing happened).

Second, be responsible. To be responsible is not difficult when you understand the unreality of the past. You will only refuse to take personal responsibility as long as you think the past real. To be responsible for what is not real is vital because it is real for you, or you would not find yourself in the unreal experience. (Eve was not to blame for Adam’s attempt at making his own source.  Adam is responsible, though nothing happened in truth).

Third, let your error be corrected by being willing to be wrong. This allows God to heal your mind and bring it back into wholeness. You will naturally have the willingness to change your mind when you see that your error was not cause for guilt but simply cause for correction. When you change your mind you heal the past and allow yourself to come back into the experience of eternity.

Self-responsibility motivates that change of mind. You will correct your error when you know that your happiness depends on a willingness to be wrong. Only when you let God correct your error instead of trying to do it on your own, are you assured of success. You are never on your own. If not allied with God, you are allied with ego and ego does not want your error corrected.

When Adam stops blaming Eve, he opens the door to the realization that making his own source is a mistaken idea. That admission allows God to correct his error. The three-step process then from time to eternity is: 1) see past as unreal; 2) step into personal responsibility; and 3) let your error be corrected.

Collapsing Time

We are all doing time in a way. How much time do you want to do? It is completely up to you. Every action either collapses or makes time. When you choose with God you collapse time. When with ego, you make time. Your mind is all-powerful, thus you do make your own decisions. Don’t fool yourself that because everything is God’s will, you have no say over your destiny or that you are not responsible for your actions. You are in charge of your every action. There is nothing opposing your will. God wills your freedom to choose your own destiny. Whatever you experience is what you have chosen. Being in time is not God’s will, but as you find yourself in time, God wills you use it wisely for collapsing time.

You make time or collapse it by the consciousness you hold. Suppose someone takes something that does not belong to him. He would only engage in that action if he didn’t know that he is and has everything. Stealing simply would not enter his consciousness if he knew the truth. It would make no sense. What could he steal that he didn’t already have? If he steals, it must be that he does not know he is and has everything. When he asks to be restored to wholeness, he collapses time. In asking, wholeness is restored. The urge to take vanishes. That shift in consciousness is a healing, for he is being restored to his natural awareness that he is and has everything and then that is again his direct experience.

Should he succumb to the urge to steal, he will feel guilty, because he will have listened to ego rather than to his voice of conscience. Your voice of conscience will never encourage you to steal. That would make no sense. That voice knows that you are whole and stealing would not improve your lot. If he acts on that thought, he is allied with ego and ego wants him to steal because it knows he cannot help but feel guilty for his action. Ego is happy, because when he is guilty, he must be punished. Punishment requires time and time means ego lives at his expense. Ego and time come together and go together. Ego decides the punishment and the thief agrees because he fears that God will decide an even harsher punishment if he doesn’t let ego’s punishment be meted out. Of course this can only be the experience of a deluded mind that is listening to ego and has forgotten who God is. God will never punish you for anything. He is love and only acts in love. He does not judge or punish.

Punishment is self-inflicted and that for crimes which were never committed. A thief cannot steal because in truth he is and has everything. The act of stealing is meaningless. It does not make him guilty. Stealing is not bad. It is simply not real. Stealing is impossible, because anything he wants that he does not already have is unreal. Therefore to steal means to steal nothing and can that be bad? To reiterate, bad is simply unreal. However, if he attempts to steal, it is because he thinks he can. He thinks that the item he is stealing is real and this exposes faulty thinking and is the cause of needless suffering.

All he need do is recognize that his thinking is faulty and ask for help to change his mind. You can make mistakes and mistakes are correctable. When you know who you are you will only act in a manner that is befitting your truth. Your moral character will be impeccable. Does that mean that you can measure a person’s spiritual progress by his actions? In ancient India, Ratnakara was a thief who transformed his heart through repetition of God’s name. He became the renowned saint Valmiki and wrote the great epic poem, the Ramayana. Since time is not real, you can be instantly transformed from sinner to saint.

There are those spiritual adepts who misuse this teaching as license for getting away with taking. They erroneously conclude, ‘I can take whatever I want indiscriminately and as long as I do not feel guilty, I will not be making time.’ This is the cunning of an ego that wants to survive at its host’s expense. If one listens to its reason, he will be making time for himself. Or ego may tell you that you are and have everything, so that whatever you take is yours already. If you are listening with brightness, you will know that voice to be tempting you toward a total misapplication of the teaching for which you will make time for yourself. Your heavenly Father wants to give you everything. Once you know that, you will trust Him to give you whatever you need and will not consider getting at another’s expense.

The thief in this example can change his mind and decide now that he need never steal again because he is and has everything forever. He is sustained by the love of God. If he changes his mind, then no matter how many times he may have taken wrongly in the past, he will not have to make amends. That shift in consciousness is always waiting on his willingness. In that transformation, time is collapsed immeasurably. He need not correct himself. He need only be willing for his mistaken thinking to be corrected and it is accomplished.

In the Bible, Jesus tells the parable of the vineyard. The person who comes to work at the eleventh hour gets the same pay as the one who arrived early in the morning. In his shift in consciousness, the thief enters the vineyard and leaves his past behind without having to make amends. He gets the same pay as those who have no history with corruption. We do not need to punish ourselves for our past mistakes. We need only have our erroneous thinking corrected to be free instantly.

If he tries to correct himself, he will be doing so with ego and it will not work. If he has given his problem to God, it has been corrected. No time is needed. If it is not corrected, he has not given it. If he still detects a lack consciousness, a consciousness that thinks that by taking it will fill a lack, he is not healed and can ask to be shown how he is getting in his own way. All that is ever required is a willingness to be wrong and to be shown how to correct his errors. The most hardened criminal can come back to God before the saint. Time is not real. A shift in consciousness can collapse all of time instantly.

You do not have to pay back for past mistakes as long as you make that shift in consciousness. In this way time is being collapsed. When you change your mind, your destiny changes. The script is rewritten. As long as you do not make that shift however, any part of that past could erupt without warning. You may point out that you do not steal. Use this example to make life-changing commitments in any areas where you know you are off the mark. Where do you judge or have undesirable tendencies that cause you to feel guilty? Anger, jealousy, pride, lust, greed and hatred are imperfections that have nothing to do with how you were created. If you have any of these to the slightest degree, it is because you still think you can be other than who you are and you are making time. You need help to change your mind. Ask the One who can help you. Be willing to correct your errors and so be home in eternity. If you have no imperfections, you must be out of time.

Transforming Time And Space Into Eternity

In the real world there is no fear and there are no wars. There is joy, trust in your neighbor and peace and plenty for all. In order that the real world be our experience, we have to be willing to do whatever it takes. Time and space are not real and thus can be overcome. Past is past. It never happened. It is over when we stop making it real. Baba says, “Take one step toward me and I take one hundred steps toward you.” By taking that one tiny step of being willing to be wrong for past errors, God reveals to you who you are and your past simply rolls up and collapses behind you. Your karma is wiped out and you stand free for all eternity.

Time is not real. Space is not real. When you act perfectly, with integrity, you collapse time. When your actions lack integrity, you make time. Use time wisely. Use it only to take you beyond time back to eternity, which you never left in truth. Time can have no effect upon eternity. You are still in heaven where you were created. All of time is over. It is a slight of hand, a trick. When you stop making it real, it will no longer be your experience. To go home is not to go somewhere else. It is merely to recognize that you are home, that you never left home, that nothing happened.

Time must be transformed back into eternity. Space also must be restored to eternity. Imagine being able to be anywhere you wish simply by thinking yourself there. That is how it is beyond space, because everything is within your mind. You are omnipresent, meaning you are everywhere at all times. You are not limited to your body. Your body and the world are within you. Sai Baba has spiritual centers all over the world and has made His presence known in many of them. He has manifested His physical form, vibhuti (sacred ash), amritum (divine nectar) or caused garlands of flowers to sway during the devotional singing. In many ways He has demonstrated His omnipresence.

Once while Al Drucker was visiting Him in India, Baba made an appearance at his residence in California.  After the visit He said to Al still at His ashram in India, “I came to visit and you were not there.” Some devotees who were present and witnessed the miracle told Al upon his return home. Baba had entered from an ocean side balcony and slipped in through a closed door. All those in attendance knew they were in His physical presence and recognized Him to be as real as anyone in the room.

When you become the master over space, needing your own space will seem irrelevant. You will realize you were created one with everyone. It is ego that wants separation, borders, boundaries and autonomy. You encompass all and yet include all. To want your own space is to want to exclude and thus to make yourself less. This is the cause of loneliness and feelings of isolation. You were created to let everyone and everything into your space. Therein lies your joy, for that is natural and comfortable. Chief Seattle was unable to relate when the white man offered to buy land from the Native Americans, “The sky is our father, the earth our mother.”

When we no longer feel the need to delineate boundaries between our property and that of our neighbor and when we live together as one world nation, under God, indivisible, free of national borders, we will have understood the unreality of space, and that consciousness will assure liberty and justice for all.

Time And Space Did Not Circumvent Eternity

In the illustration at the end of this chapter, the horizontal line, the veil, separates eternity from time and space. Time and space did not intrude upon eternity. When we are in time we are asleep, for one cannot be in time and be awake. Only when you are back in eternity can you consider yourself awake. Time closest to eternity is the happy dream. As we move further away from eternity we experience the nightmare. Beyond the nightmare is deep sleep. This representation of time has nothing to do with chronological time, as all of time is going on all the time and we are either collapsing, making, or doing time, meaning nothing is happening.

In the happy dream, time closes in on eternity and is being collapsed immeasurably. The closer to eternity, the easier it is to slip back into eternity. The happy dream reflects a mind which can merge back into the mind of God. It is a mind that holds the same ideas as the mind of God, so the separation has been healed and oneness has been restored. Time is collapsed through a shift in consciousness, leading a life of noble character, purity, holiness, doing good deeds, fearlessness, curbing desires, living consciously, thinking of God, happily correcting errors and living in loving gratitude for all those others in your life. Forgiving your neighbor for what he did not do collapses time. You cannot be a victim, thus whatever happens to you, no matter how hurtful it may appear, you are doing it to yourself. The happy dream is still only a dream, but it is a dream of awakening. When we wake up, we will discover that we never left eternity, except in our minds, by convincing ourselves of the reality of that which was never real, namely all that happened in time and space.

In the nightmare time is far from eternity. This is where we make mistakes for which we feel guilty and subsequently punish ourselves. These actions for which we feel guilty are not cause for punishment, but rather for correction. All suffering is self-inflicted punishment for crimes that were never committed. Time is needed for enduring the punishment that befits the crime. Time is being made. This is ego’s idea of fairness and has as its underlying motive its existence at your expense. God wants you to correct your errors so you can move out of time back into eternity. The nightmare reflects a mind that is split, or is holding victim-victimizer consciousness.

To move from the nightmare into the happy dream, we have to stand still and ask for help. We have to ask to be shown how to undo the nightmare, how to correct our errors, how to forgive our brothers or sisters and how to change our minds. The nightmare is not real. It is only a dream, but it seems very real while you are in it. Therefore you will be tempted to escape. The urge to escape your pain by projecting the blame for it onto someone else, by denying it or numbing yourself are ego’s solutions to the nightmare. This state is referred to as deep sleep.

Deep sleep moves you furthest from eternity, simply because, though you have succeeded in escaping the nightmare, you have also disconnected from who you are. You have cut yourself off from yourself. You have separated yourself from yourself. In choosing escape, you choose to deny your experience. You choose to project your pain or guilt outside of yourself through blame, dissociation, retreat, detachment, disengaging, suppression, denial, deflection, sedation, manipulation, distraction, defense... All these mechanisms serve to escape the nightmare. Though time is not being made in deep sleep, it is not being collapsed either. Nothing is happening. Time seems endless. It is ego’s solution to the problem. It is not a real solution. It simply serves to mask symptoms.

God’s solution to the nightmare takes you into the happy dream. It is a real solution as it heals your mind. That requires a miracle and miracles will be your experience through a willingness to be wrong and to have error corrected. Ego’s solution takes you out of touch so you do not feel your pain. With ego’s solution you do not feel real and you do not know who you are because you have cut yourself off from yourself. Nothing is happening. You would only choose to stay in deep sleep out of fear of the nightmare. You would only fear the nightmare as long as you thought it real. Deep sleep is dullness or sedation, but it seems better than the nightmare on the surface.

It will remain your solution of choice only as long as you do not wish the truth, only as long as you do not want to be who you are. You will find the courage to reenter the nightmare when you know its unreality. The only way to get to the happy dream from deep sleep is via the nightmare. You will be willing to stand still in the nightmare when you realize that ego’s solution is not a solution, but rather an avoidance of the problem. As the nightmare is unreal, you need not spend any time there to get to the happy dream – you need only stand still long enough to see it for what it is, unreal, and allow it to be undone.

Three Gunas As Part Of The Dream

Sai Baba often speaks of the three gunas, or human qualities, Satva Guna, Rajo Guna and Thamo Guna. Satva is the quality of serenity, peace, fortitude, forbearance, patience, strength and noble character. Rajo Guna is characterized by passion gone amuck, expressed as anger, lust or hatred. Thamo Guna can be thought of as sloth, laziness or chaos. Baba prescribes Rajo Guna as the cure for Thamo, and Satva as the cure for Rajas. He recommends taking the thorn of Rajo to remove the thorn of Thamo, and the thorn of Satva to remove the thorn of Rajo. Then throw them all away. In other words, don’t even settle for Satva. Thamas refers to deep sleep, Rajas to the nightmare and Satva to the happy dream. They are still all part of a dream and to wake up we have to leave all three states behind.

It all starts by being willing to reenter the nightmare from deep sleep. You will be willing to reenter the nightmare when you are willing to heal it. That takes courage and honesty. You can be in deep sleep and fool yourself that you are in the happy dream. You can convince yourself that you are happy and it will work for a while. Escape is very seductive. Ego is extremely slippery in its wish to survive. You have to be very bright and vigilant to truly assess where you are.

When you want only the truth, you will be able to accurately assess your situation, for then you will be given all the assistance in the universe. All karma can be collapsed instantly at your discretion. There is no one to oppose your will. Until the nightmare is undone it can come to haunt you, even in deep sleep. You may think you have escaped, but you will always be fearful that the nightmare may erupt again at any moment.

In the Vedanta there is reference to deep sleep as the state closest to awakening, as it is a state free of projection. It is taught there that illusion has two powers, one of veiling and the other of projecting. As deep sleep is free of projection it is viewed as closest to the truth though it still veils the truth. Deep sleep is not used in that way here, but rather depicts the state furthest from truth, as it is the most out of touch with truth. It is a dead, sedated, unconscious state. Nothing is happening.

You Cannot Reach Eternity By Escaping Time And Space

A friend who fought in Vietnam witnessed the aftermath of a napalm attack on a village. He knew in advance and was secretly happy about the plan because he and his troops were getting backed into a corner and it was looking more and more like the attack on innocent civilians was his only hope of survival. When he saw the devastation, the loss of innocent life, he felt that others had been hurt and killed to save his own neck. He recognized that he had acted cowardly when his own survival was at stake. His cowardice caused him to feel unhappy about himself. Had he known in the heat of the moment that nothing real can be threatened, he would have been willing to risk his life to save life and in that he would have felt good about himself.

He was in the nightmare and to deal with the situation, he chose ego’s solution and turned to alcohol to cope and thereby shifted into deep sleep. To this day he only wants to escape. He does not want to go back to that wound and let it be healed. Every moment is a clean untarnished birth. He can learn from his experience that he is not his body and that saving life is where his salvation lies, not in protecting his own life at the cost of other life. We are all one and what he does for another he will have done for himself. Then he will not be inclined to want to escape and he will shift from the nightmare into the happy dream, rather than into deep sleep.

The movie, Courage Under Fire, with a similar theme is based on a true story which took place during the Gulf War. A captain and her battalion find themselves stranded in the middle of hostile enemy territory. She does everything within her power to protect the lives of the soldiers in her charge during an overnight struggle to stave off enemy forces. By mid-morning a helicopter comes to the rescue, but due to injury she needs help out. The others run for safety promising to return with a stretcher.

Making their way to the helicopter turns out to be a high-risk dash and they realize that the chances of getting back to her and then back to the helicopter again with her on the stretcher without being shot are pretty slim. So, once they are safely in the helicopter, instead of being willing to do whatever it takes to save their courageous captain, they tell the pilot that she is dead and he takes off without her, abandoning her to her death. They, of course, cover up the details of what really happened.

As she has been nominated for a medal of honor, there is an investigation to find out the facts surrounding her death. Upon questioning, the men start to act very fearful and vicious and one even races his car head long into a train to his death. Their guilt over abandoning their captain, who had acted fearlessly in their behalf, caused their bizarre response. They could not face exposing the details of the true story because it revealed their cowardice. They had been trained to be courageous, yet when put to the test, they deserted ship. That was too hard to live with, so one killed himself, another took to heavy drinking, a third to drugs and another fled. The investigator was not there to interrogate them, but merely to determine whether she was worthy to receive the honor. They saw him as prying and not letting them forget what they were desperately denying had ever happened, so his presence was very threatening. They had shifted from the nightmare into deep sleep and he was forcing them back into the nightmare.

Is there a happy outcome possible for the men who neglected their duty by their captain? Everything can be used. Their actions showed that they still thought their bodies real and more valuable than doing the honorable thing, in this case being willing to take risks for their captain. Once you know your body is not real, you will be willing to risk life to save life. They need to be willing to make a shift in consciousness so that their actions be ones they can feel proud of. True, they cannot bring back their captain, but as bodies are not real, she did not really die, but only her body died. Their agony is due to feeling guilty for her death. As long as they think that, they will think they are more powerful than she is. Her death could only have happened with her consent, as she too is all-powerful. There are no victims. When they realize that, past is healed and they can live with themselves and lead happy, well-adjusted lives, instead of ending up in the psychiatric ward of a VA hospital. So, the shift from the nightmare either to the happy dream or to deep sleep is available every moment, as time is not real. Your past can be healed now.

When Al and I visited Germany in the summer of 2005, we met a sociologist who had made a study of the silence that followed the horrors of the holocaust. The Jewish survivors did not tell their children. The Nazis also were silent on the issue and so there was even some question in the minds of outsiders as to whether the holocaust had really taken place. With painful situations it seems easier to choose deep sleep rather than looking at the nightmare and allowing it to be healed.

A common experience perhaps closer to home is that of falling in love and then getting hurt. Next time you may hold back and be less open and in your reservation, protect yourself from being hurt. By protecting yourself you cannot experience that depth of love. In protecting oneself one shifts into deep sleep, where there is no pain, but there is also no life. By numbing oneself, one experiences living deadness. Until you are willing to stand in the experience of your and other people’s pain you remain numb and in deep sleep. That is escape and ego’s solution. It does not lead to joy. Healing is God’s solution and lifts you into the happy dream from which you can easily awaken. You heal when willing to stand still and see the nothingness of the nightmare. It is only a bad dream and you will wake up, not through denial but by looking at the nightmare without guilt or shame, willing to let your mind be healed.

Only when you are willing to reenter the nightmare from deep sleep, can the pain be healed. We have to be willing to stand still in the pain, to burn, to do whatever it takes, rather than act on the impulse to run. Only when you are healed are you free to experience others’ pain with compassion and to do whatever directed to help where you can. We need to courageously go back to that moment where we closed down and ask God to show us what to do and how to heal. Infinite patience with ourselves and others brings immediate results.

We can take comfort in knowing that nothing real can be threatened. We can be shown how to change our minds, so that horrendous incidents, though unreal, do not ever take place again, not in our personal lives and not for anyone. We do have that kind of power. We are not helpless. As consciousness changes, destiny also changes. The salvation of the world is easy, simply because the world is not real. If suffering were real it would be difficult or impossible to undo, but because it is unreal it is easily healed when we are willing. That is God’s answer to the nightmare.

We convinced ourselves that time and space were the only reality, for we assumed they existed forever. We brought eternity to them, instead of bringing them to eternity. Once you bring time and space to eternity, you bring eternity back into your mind. Then time and space vanish into the nothingness they have always been. Time and space can be used to take the journey back to eternity if we give them a new purpose and allow the old purpose, that of obscuring eternity, to be undone.

None of us can make the journey back alone because we are one organism. We need everyone to be inspired to want to be home too. As we join together in the truth that time and space are not real, it becomes easier and easier for others to join us, so that the way home becomes clearly marked. Make your life your message. Everyone will eagerly look to a bright light. Let all humanity know the end of suffering is at hand. Let all beings everywhere know that God created us eternally loving, peaceful and blissful. We were created to be and have everything forever. We were created to be at home forever. We were created to be one with God and each other forever. Time and space did not circumvent eternity. May God grant you the determination to experience eternity here and now as it was always meant to be.  And may your wise choice be a beacon of hope to all those who still think they are locked in space/time, oblivious to the truth that eternity is available right here and right now.

Beloved Creator of eternity, thank You that time and space are not real and therefore we are not bound by either. Help us to use them wisely to bring us swiftly back into our true experience of eternity. Grant us the courage to stand still in the nightmare and let it be undone rather than succumb to the temptation to escape into deep sleep. Thank You for the freshness and newness of each moment, free of any past. Grant us the strength to step into the power of the present.

May all beings in all the worlds be happy and blest, Amen.

Eternity Unaffected by Time and Space

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