Chapter 2

The Lifting of the Veil

If the door of perception were cleaned, everything would appear as it is
- William Blake

Our Experience On The Side of Nothing

Before the road to nothingness was made, before time came to intrude upon eternity, there was only everything, only God and His beloved creations and that which His creations co-created with Him. There was love, eternal life, abundance, everlasting peace and complete understanding without opposite. Everyone and everything was in your mind and thereby one with you. And it is so now, though probably not your direct experience. I speak of it as though it were in the past, but that would make it part of time, and eternity is here and now, before time began and after time ends.

Rare is that one whose predominant experience is not of sickness, suffering, death, separation, lack, fear and hate, if not his own, then certainly that of those around him. If you are not aware that this is so, perhaps you are choosing not to see. If you think what the world has to offer is a great experience, perhaps you are simply not being honest with yourself. Our worldly experience is of nothing – it is not a real experience.

Perhaps you will agree that your experience of everything in the form of peace, love and joy has been all but totally blocked out. What is the cloud that has blocked the sun so completely? What is this veil which separates the two worlds, the world of everything and the world of nothing? This veil is light as a feather and penetrable as gentle mist. It is only in our minds that it is real at all. It is as nonexistent as a mirage in the desert or an hallucination. Yet we have all convinced ourselves that it is an impenetrable barrier, a fortress so mighty that to even consider somehow crossing from nothing back into everything is utterly impossible.

When you change your mind the barrier can easily be overcome, for your mind alone determines how it is for you. Though it is simple to cross back into everything and leave nothing behind forever, it is elusive. That is because we made ego to have a different experience from how we were created. Once ego has been given life it wants to survive, so will employ all kinds of clever, deceptive strategies to sabotage our plan to get back home. Fortunately, there is much help available for the asking – we have the Avatar on the planet and ACIM and so many other saints and sages to assist our transition. They have all come to show us the way through the veil back to eternity, because God has willed that this be the end of time, the end of hell.

Once in her dream, a friend was on one side of a foreboding fence, imposingly tall, impossibly strong and topped with wicked spikes. On the other side stood Sai Baba. She loved Him with a passion and yearned with all her heart to be near Him. In response, He effortlessly walked through the fence and they were united. What a joyous reunion. All it takes to lift the veil is your intense longing for God. When you stop distracting yourself with the things of the world, that longing reveals itself for it was always there and cannot be lost. It is natural to want to be one with God, your Source and sustenance. To want God is to want everything. To want the world is to want nothing.

Put On Your Love Glasses

God created the world to be a place in which to commune with Him. In its original state, it was everything. We turned it into a place in which to hide from God when we made ego. To accomplish our change of purpose we projected it outside of our minds to be what it is not. In that action of mind, it became nothing. All we need do to cross the veil from nothing back into everything is change our minds about our purpose for the world. That action of mind allows the world to be transformed from nothing back into everything.

Sai Baba tells the story of a rich man who had fallen ill and had looked everywhere for a solution. One day a holy man, begging for his daily food, came to the rich man’s door. In desperation, the rich man sought his advice. The holy man suggested, “Your problem is easily solved. You need peace in your world. There is so much clutter and busy making around here. You need to fill your world with green as green is the color of peace and healing. If you see only green you will find yourself at peace and healing will naturally follow. You need to immerse yourself in the color green.”

A year later the holy man stopped by again, only to be greeted by two men rushing up to him and throwing a green cloak over his shoulders before he could even reach the gate. There were others all very busily painting everything green, the house, inside and out, the car, the tree trunks, and on and on. It all seemed so frenetic. The holy man was ushered in to see the rich man.  As soon as the rich man saw him, he immediately expressed his despair at how things had not only not improved but rather had gotten considerably worse since the holy man’s advice of seeing only green. “My workmen are constantly painting everything that I will look upon so I will see only green, but it is hard to keep up with all the things that need to be transformed. So there is always the fear that things will not be green, and that anxiety has caused me to feel even worse than when I saw you last.” The holy man laughed and exclaimed, “You are so silly. I told you to see only green, but I did not tell you to paint everything green. All you have to do is go to the local store and buy some green glasses and you will see only green. It is so simple.”

We are like the rich man who cannot find peace in the world. Instead of trying to change the world all we need do is change our purpose for the world, and peace is restored to our minds and consequently to the world. Peace in the world begins with peace in our hearts. The world is a projection of our minds. It merely reflects back to us our purpose.

We restore the world to its original purpose of communion with God and everyone by seeing it through the eyes of compassion, tenderness, charity and forgiveness. In that we invite God back into the world, for God is love, and when we are love, God is with us. Then we have put on our love glasses and the world will be transformed before our very eyes. Our change of purpose permits the world to be transformed back into the real world God created where only perfect goodness and love are expressed and experienced.

You Are Free To Choose

If we were created perfect, how is it possible to find ourselves in an experience of imperfection? God is both mind and Spirit. Mind and Spirit are formless. For God, mind and Spirit are one. We were created in the image and likeness of God, so we too are one in mind and Spirit. As Spirit, we are unaffectable forever, meaning that we are as perfect as God forever. As mind, we have choice. We can choose to remain in the experience of oneness of mind and Spirit, which would mean the experience of everything forever, or we can choose to think mind separate from Spirit and come into an experience of fantasy, unreality or illusion and convince ourselves of its reality.

An unreal experience cannot affect our truth. And an unreal experience does not mean that our minds have become less powerful. However, all that power can be diverted to delude us into believing ourselves powerless. We can choose to have an experience that is not real and that is not in keeping with the purpose for which we were created. That would come from a choice made with ego. Our minds are as powerful as God’s, as we were created in the image and likeness of God. If you find your mind to be limited, it is only because you have convinced yourself that you are not as you are.

As Spirit, we are limitless forever. As soon as we reunite mind with Spirit by changing our minds about who we are, we are again limitless in mind as well as Spirit. Then we have closed the gap between experience and truth, and the separation has been healed. Separation has come at our choosing and is healed when we so choose as well. As Spirit we are always one with God and everyone and everything. As mind this is also true, for in truth minds are joined, but we have the freedom to use our minds as we wish. We can choose to delude ourselves into thinking separation real. It does not make it so. However, it will be very real for us as long as we desire it to be so. As long as it is our experience, it must be that it is our desire.

God only uses His mind to create. You can use your mind either to create or to project. When you create, you are using your mind for the purpose for which it was given. Then everything is within your mind, for that is creation. Creation is merely you extending your mind forever. That extension is inward, thus you will experience your reality when you look within. When you experience yourself as a body in a world, that is not due to creation, but rather to projection. We project to make things different from how they are in truth.

If you feel that you are an effect of a cause outside of yourself, you have succeeded in convincing yourself that the world is outside of you and that you are being buffeted about by circumstances beyond your control. That is the world ego has convinced you is real because ego wants you to believe things could happen to you outside of your will. There is nothing further from the truth. You are using your all-powerful mind to convince yourself that you are powerless and helpless.

In the movie, Beautiful Mind, the noble prize winning mind of a mathematical genius is diagnosed schizophrenic. John Nash lives in an imaginary world of beings he is convinced are real. He has projected them outside of his mind to convince himself they are separate from him. He is no different from any of the rest of us. What you project outside of yourself, you believe is separate because you have given it that purpose. This movie illustrates how it is not the brightness of one’s mind that guarantees true perception. Your earnest wish to have only the truth restores truth to you. You are all-powerful. If you really want only the truth and if you want only what is real, then that is all you will see, but only then.

Where is the real world? It is right here and now. It is not somewhere else. It will be our experience when we stop wanting the unreal to be real. When we projected the world outside of our minds it became unreal. When we bring it back into our minds by recognizing it is reflecting our minds to us, we permit our minds to be healed and the world will again be real.

The unreal world is superimposed upon the real world. Sickness, suffering and death are overlaid on peace, love and joy. How do we stop projecting an unreal world? We have to stop wanting autonomy from God, our Source, Creator, Mother and Father. To want autonomy is to want the impossible. It is impossible to be separate from God. It is impossible to be separate from anyone or anything. Only in our wishes could that be possible. And it can be our experience if we so choose, though it does not make it a real experience. Once you see that your choice for autonomy gave only unhappiness, would it be hard to decide for total dependence on God?

God Cannot Experience Illusion

God would never have a reason to project you outside of His mind. He would never wish for things to be as they are not. He would never wish to be separate or autonomous from His children. He created us to be one with Him forever. We were created to increase His joy. Projecting His creations outside of His mind would serve no purpose. When God chose to create, He chose to give up autonomy. He prefers creation to autonomy.

We projected God outside of our minds because it gave us autonomy. In the choice for autonomy, we gave up the purpose for which we were created. We were created to create. When we made ego to be our source instead of God we traded in creation for autonomy. Everything that we do here in the world projected outside of our minds is unreal, because it springs from alliance with ego and serves to prove autonomy possible. It is impossible that we be the creator of our Creator, thus separation or autonomy also is impossible. God is our Creator and the truth cannot be altered or overthrown.

God created you whole and perfect. In recognizing your wholeness, in desiring God only to share your joy, you realign yourself with your true relationship to God. In this world your pure and true relationships with others reflect your true relationship with God. A holy relationship in this world comes closest to your true relationship with God and paves the way back to the real world. In a holy relationship, two have recognized their wholeness and have come together to enhance each other’s joy. You see no lack either in yourself or your holy partner, equal with you eternally. In such a relationship, your mis-creations are healed because through your expression of unity you are withdrawing allegiance from autonomy.

When we mis-create or project we support autonomy and make what is unreal real. Projecting what is in your mind outside cuts you off from part of your mind, thereby causes amnesia and serves to prove autonomy real. This separation of self from self causes you to be unconscious of who you are. Psychology makes a study of unconscious or subconscious aspects of mind. You were created to have only conscious mind, thus all unconsciousness can be restored to conscious awareness when you include everyone and everything back into your mind.

Our bodies are mis-creations. They are limitations on who we are as God created us. We are not our bodies. Ever since the separation, you do not know your own mind, for you have hidden it from yourself by limiting it to your body. However, your body can now be used to restore you to wholeness. Your body can be used as a learning device. Each time you get sick, you can learn that you still think you are other than whole and perfect. That is very valuable, for you would only ask to be restored to wholeness if you thought you were not whole. You can now use everything you projected outside of your mind to know your mind, for every projection is a reflection of the contents of your mind and thus can help you find your way back home.

God did not abandon us though we tried to abandon Him. We used our minds for projection to turn from God and God gave us a miracle to make of projection instead. Projection can be used to show us our minds and thus lead us back home to the action of creation. Whatever happens in the world can be used to restore us to wholeness when we choose to use it for a real purpose.

Change Your Perception To Perceive Truly

In India there is a teaching of a rope and a snake. At dusk, you see a rope lying across your path and mistake it for a snake. You become frightened. It was always a rope and your projecting a snake onto it caused you to become fearful. See it as the rope it always was and you will not be afraid. The world is the rope perceived as a snake. Because we have given it an unreal purpose, we have become fearful. When we change our minds we negotiate the world fearlessly.

Your mind, as God created it, is capable of experiencing reality and does so when you think only loving thoughts. You have the power to think whatever you wish. To believe you do not have control over your thoughts is to deny the power of your all-powerful mind. It is you alone who keep yourself powerless. Every thought you think has the power to save you or bind you and others too. Can you change your mind? Of course you can. Who or what is stopping you? So be careful what you think. Your thoughts have all the power of God behind them, though they can be used for God or against God, for good or for evil. God if you think, God you are. Dust if you think, dust you are. Think God. Be God. You are God, and God is love, compassion and kindness. God only gives. You were created to give everything forever. In so doing you are everything forever.

Projecting Guilt Is How You Keep It

In the Garden of Eden, God warned Adam not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Eating the apple was symbolic of making ego to replace God to gain knowledge of evil as well as good. With God, knowledge of evil is impossible, as God is good without opposite. Eating the apple meant Adam attempted to make his own source to gain autonomy from God. Adam hid when God came to visit, as he felt ‘naked,’ divested of God. He feared that God would be angry and felt guilty for what he had done. He did not like the feeling, so pointed his finger at Eve and said it was her fault. In that act Adam separated from Eve. He projected her outside of his mind in order to place guilt outside of himself. By projecting guilt onto Eve he thought he had freed himself of it. Exactly the opposite really happened. By projecting guilt out he kept it. In that act of projection, he shifted from the experience of everything to that of nothing.

In order to project his guilt onto Eve, Adam had to perceive her as separate from him and different from how God created her. Only then could he be convinced that he had transferred his guilt outside of himself. To justify transferring his guilt onto her, Adam had to perceive Eve as evil. He had to stop loving her and start hating her. Fear or hatred make the experience of separation possible, while love unites and thus restores one to a true experience of oneness. Adam had to hate Eve to justify making her guilty for his error. In his mind then, he was good while she was evil. Good, which has no opposite, suddenly had an opposite, evil, which had entered Adam’s mind because of the purpose it served, that of assuaging his guilt.

Granted, Eve did suggest that Adam try the fruit, but ultimately we are each responsible for our own choices. Eve did not force the apple down Adam’s throat. He ate it of his own freewill. Had Adam said, ‘No thank-you’ to the offer, it would have stopped there. He would not have felt guilty and would not have felt the need to separate from Eve in order to place responsibility for his actions outside of himself. Once Adam projected Eve outside of his mind, Eve became who he wanted her to be, rather than who she is. He needed to perceive her as evil and guilty even though God created her eternally good and innocent.

Adam’s decision to love or hate Eve had nothing to do with what Eve did or did not do and everything to do with the purpose she served in Adam’s mind. Before the separation, he loved her because his purpose was to have her company to enhance his joy. After making ego, he had a change of purpose. As long as Adam chooses not to be responsible for his actions that produced guilt, he will need to project Eve outside of his mind. If Adam were to look at ego he would see it is nothing because it is impossible to make one’s own source. Guilt, which is a product of alliance with ego, must therefore also be nothing. Nothing happened. When Adam projected his guilt onto Eve he made his error real and got caught in ego’s trap.

What about Eve? Had Eve not accepted the blame, again nothing would have happened. Eve accepted the blame, thus supported Adam in finding her guilty. Eve listened to Adam and let what he said be true even though it was not true. Eve also put the guilt outside of herself. Both Adam and Eve were banished from the garden only because they felt guilty and thereby banished themselves. The outer was a reflection of the inner. They felt guilty for making ego to take God’s place. Their banishment was the crossing over of the veil from everything into nothing. It was desire to leave everything out of a sense of guilt, shame and unworthiness that led to an experience of nothing. Desire, motivated by fear, resulted in their exodus from paradise.

Was God upset with Adam? Why should He be? Adam had not succeeded in creating his own source. That is not possible. There was no mutiny. God did not get replaced. Only because Adam convinced himself that he had really accomplished making his own source did he feel guilty. Then to assuage his guilt, he put it outside of himself and thereby gave it reality in his mind. Had he been willing to be responsible for his error it could easily have been corrected and he would still be in the garden. Because Adam convinced himself that he had replaced God, he severed communication with God out of fear of God’s wrath, and that made God sad. God only wills to experience loving oneness with His creations as that is the purpose for which He created us.

Projection Makes Perception

Adam’s story is our own. Though we were created to create, we resorted to projection. We did so because it served a purpose, that of assuaging guilt. The world as we know it is a projection of our minds, projected out to be a place in which to displace our guilt and to hide from God. When we wished to be autonomous, we convinced ourselves that we were separate from God and then felt guilty. Ego convinced us that God would come after us to seek revenge, so we wanted to remove God from our lives.

In our wish to get rid of God, we determined that this tiny, imaginary, imperceptible veil between nothing and everything be a solid block of toughest steel and that we should forget what was beyond it forever. In this way we determined to leave God behind forever. We determined to burn all our bridges. Do you remember what happened yesterday, or a year ago, or a lifetime ago? Would it be implausible that you forgot how you turned your back on everything in exchange for nothing? And yet God in His infinite mercy would not have it so and therefore it is not so. However, it may seem so to us.

How is it possible to experience a world without God? It is only possible when we project the world outside of our minds. In that act of projection, we cross over the veil from everything into nothing and leave God outside our awareness by giving the world an unreal purpose. We make the world a place where God is not and convince ourselves that God does not exist. Once projected, the world becomes what we want it to be rather than what it is. At any point we can invite God back into the world and the world will be transformed into a place of joy for all. In that we are inviting the world back into our minds. The world is always reflecting back to us the contents of our minds. When we use it as a device for knowing our own minds, we will be giving it a worthwhile purpose, that of healing. The fact is God is everywhere so in making the world a place where God is not, we gave ourselves an impossible purpose. However, we have convinced ourselves that we really did push God out, and the world really does seem to be very much devoid of God, wouldn’t you agree?

We are all responsible for our predicaments as well as for each other. We can help or hurt each other and in so doing, we are helping or hurting ourselves only. History repeats itself. Ego is very uncreative. Until we own our errors and take responsibility for all our actions, we are not ready for only the truth. At no time are either Adam or Eve bad. They are both equally precious souls, created unalterably perfect by an eternally loving Creator. They are just choosing to listen to ego and make life miserable for themselves and each other. Though they are not bad, they are wrong. Their error can only be corrected when they are willing to be responsible for what they made. Though ego is nothing, we have convinced ourselves of its reality and it will use all cunning, treachery and stumbling blocks to keep us from perceiving it truly. Thus we must turn to God for a solution to our grave though nonexistent problem.

The Bridge

God created us to be inseparable from Him and each other forever. When we projected God and others outside of our minds to experience autonomy or separation, He gave us an immediate solution. He gave us a voice of Spirit to sustain us in our hour of darkness, call it the voice of conscience, right mind, or sanity. It was to be the bridge between the two worlds, the world of everything and the world of nothing while communication was all but severed. Where will you find that voice? It is in your own mind. Ego also is in your mind. All your thoughts are generated from the voice for God or the voice for ego within. You can only ever choose between God and ego. There is no other choice.

Before the road to nothingness came to be, the only independent thought possible was that of wanting independence from God. In taking that thought seriously, ego was born and provided an appearance or experience of independence from God, through dependence on it instead. We merely shifted our dependence from God to ego. Once made, ego always speaks loudest and first, as its nature is to be competitive. And yet there is another voice, a gentle voice that will direct us in all our needs when we listen to it and trust it. You can hear it when you want to. As soon as we choose to cross back into everything and leave nothing behind, the bridge will no longer be needed as there will again be only God and His creations eternally loving each other, co-creating and communing in perfect oneness, free of the need to make choices between reality and unreality.

The Neighbor’s Dirty Laundry

Projection makes perception and once clearly understood, projection can be used to facilitate a shift in perception. The voice for God directs us to heal our misperceptions. Here is a small anecdote Sai Baba tells: Every morning as Dolly looked out her window she noticed her neighbor’s laundry hanging on the line. What irritated Dolly no end was that her clothes were always dirty. What was wrong with her neighbor that she could not wash her clothes properly? Day after day she saw her neighbor’s dirty laundry and day after day she complained to her husband. One morning she was pleased to notice that her neighbor’s clothes were spotlessly clean. Her husband then informed her that he had washed her windows. The neighbor’s clothes were clean all along. It was her dirty windowpane that had caused her neighbor’s laundry to appear dirty.

So it is with us. We project onto others what we do not want to look at in ourselves. You see in others what you want to perceive, until you are ready to perceive truly. How, when your window is dirty do you get it to become clean? If your perception is faulty, you cannot correct it on your own due to alliance with ego. You need help. You can question your seeing and ask for help. In that you open the door to correction. You can stop blaming your neighbor for what is not her error. Her laundry is clean though you see it as dirty. The fault is in you. The error is yours. When you want only the truth, when you are willing to do whatever it takes to see clearly, you will be shown both your faulty perception and how to correct it. Spirit will show you if you are willing. You have to be willing to be wrong and that takes courage. In that you are playing your part and setting the stage for transformation.

Baba says, “Take one step toward Me, I take a hundred toward you.” You do have to take the first step, that of being willing to be wrong. If you do more, you get in the way. When you take that one step, you are in a position for conscience to show you what is right. Conscience is the bridge that keeps you connected with reality and shows you the way, while you are still unclear about what is real and what is not real, what is right and what is off the mark. That inner voice is ever available, but ego always speaks loudest and first. You must get quiet to hear the truth. Resist the temptation to follow your urge to react on impulse. Be willing to see your irritability as your misperception rather than your neighbor’s fault.

Mis-projections are always due to disowned and redirected guilt. If you feel guilty and project that guilt out so you are not guilty but someone else is, your guilt only seems to be assuaged. This method of dealing with guilt does not heal it. It is ego’s solution to the problem, because ego wants you to think you are free of guilt while still retaining it. The truth is either you are both guilty or both innocent. If you find her guilty, you have found yourself guilty. If she is guilty in your mind, you need but compassionately remind yourself that it is impossible for either of you to be guilty for anything. You are both eternally innocent as you were created by your eternally loving Mother/Father God, your Source and sustenance.

Is it possible to see error in another when you are in your right mind? Is it possible that your neighbor’s clothes really are dirty and your window really is clean? Yes, but in that case you will not find yourself irritable. You will see her innocence, even if she acts counter to who she is. You will be able to overlook her error and see only her holiness as God created her. To overlook does not mean to excuse or condone her error, but to recognize it as a lack that needs to be filled, or as a call for love. When you see truly, her lack will elicit compassion and charity, rather than judgment, rejection or condemnation. In condemning another, you condemn yourself. Correction of her shortcoming also is not of you, but of God. You may be a vehicle, but only when you perceive truly. Before you see her as lacking however, make sure your windowpane is spotless, for only then will you be able to perceive her clothes truly.

When you see truly, your response will have her best interest at heart. You will want her clothes clean for her joy, not your view. Maybe you’ll suggest she try the laundry soap that works for you. If you approach her with perfect love, her laundry will become spotlessly clean. You will be shown exactly how to approach the situation. If she feels that you are judging her, she will not be receptive to your suggestion. Jesus says, “Cast the beam out of your own eye first and then see if there is still a mote in your brother’s eye.” When you respond with love to any situation it will be corrected, whether it is your error or someone else’s. Your mind is all-powerful and all you need do to save the whole world is change your mind. Until the world has changed from a world of guilt to a world of innocence, we must acknowledge that we have not changed our minds sufficiently.  When a critical mass of us use our minds purely, we will witness a shift for all humanity. A shift in projection will produce a shift in perception.

There are those who keep from correcting their errors by pointing out to others that if they see error, it is only in their own mind. They thereby justify doing what is clearly not in alignment with truth and miss the opportunity to come back into the experience of their holiness. Baba says some people take enough rope to hang themselves. Don’t play the game of telling someone who is giving you constructive criticism that they are only projecting their stuff onto you. You know when you are off and it might well be God’s voice speaking through a friend offering you something that you would be wise to look at. Be open, receptive and grateful for everything that comes your way. See in it a gift and ask how to make the best use of it.

Being The Object Of Projection

Nisargadatta, an enlightened teacher in India, uses the following example: A policeman comes knocking at your door and tells you that you are under arrest for a crime committed in Calcutta. You were not even in Calcutta, but somehow his authoritative presence causes you to forget all reason and you let him cart you off to jail for a crime you never committed. Being the object of projection can be bewildering when you do not know who you are as wholly innocent.

 Mr. Smith, the organist in a Catholic church, is regarded as an upstanding member of the congregation. He is married to Mrs. Smith. Everything is fine until Miss Jones comes along and Mr. Smith falls madly in love. There are no children and Mrs. Smith is approached for an annulment. She gives him his freedom (I do not condone or encourage divorce, but the example is helpful).

Mr. Smith follows his passion for Miss Jones for which he gets excommunicated from the church. Soon Miss Jones finds Mr. Smith impossible to live with. He is constantly berating her, and expressing irritability and anger for no apparent reason. It becomes clear to her that his reactions are unrelated to anything she does or does not do. In fact no matter what she does, his response is invariably unpleasant. She is bewildered and though she knocks herself out trying to please him, to no avail. In his search for happiness he looks for greener pastures. The honeymoon has ended abruptly. Heaven has become hell. What happened?

Mr. Smith’s excommunication caused him to feel that God is angry with him for falling in love with Miss Jones and divorcing his wife. The evidence to substantiate his conclusion is that he is no longer permitted to be affiliated with the church. He sees Miss Jones as the cause of his banishment, thus he projects his guilt onto her. He is unaware of why she perpetually causes him to feel irritable. As he needs to see her as the cause of his exile he cannot express his love for her or feel her love for him though he is not consciously aware of the dynamics of their relationship. He does not see how love has been veiled and the situation has become a nightmare. She is not aware of why he is unkind to her and is bewildered at his bizarre behavior. Everyone is unhappy except ego. Life has become unbearable. Is there a solution?

Yes, it is so simple. He need only stand still and ask to be shown what is behind his irritability. He will be shown that he is projecting disowned guilt onto Miss Jones for no reason. She is not bad. His guilt also is not warranted as he was not bad for falling in love with her. In projecting his guilt onto Miss Jones he keeps it and keeps them both in hell. Once he sees that he is not bad for being with the woman he loves, he can see that he has no reason to feel guilty. Mr. Smith did not defy God’s will, as he is not more powerful than God. He can rest assured that God is not angry with him. He is and has always been innocent and once he knows this, he will stop feeling guilty and stop separating from Miss Jones in order to project his guilt outside of himself. Once he includes her back into his mind, their relationship can be transformed from hell back into heaven.

We can use Mr. Smith as an archetype, for we each thought we could defy God’s will and then felt guilty and projected our guilt out. In each unforgiving thought, where we see guilt outside of ourselves, we relive the moment when we let terror take the place of love. In that moment we bar ourselves from the garden and assume God is angry with us, though it is we who banish ourselves. All we have to do to get back inside is see that we made a substitute for God as Source and as that is not possible, nothing happened. We did nothing of any consequence. Every act of separation, where we hold someone else responsible for our mistakes is a variation on that one theme. When that is clear, we stop feeling guilty and projecting that guilt outside of ourselves. Our self-banishment is reversed and we are back in a true experience of creation rather than projection.

Projecting Guilt Is A Double-Edged Sword

Mr. Hughes was unfaithful and then told his wife it was her fault because she was overweight. She was no heavier than the day he married her. He must have loved her then despite her excess weight. Now she felt devastated at his unfaithfulness. On top of that she felt guilty for being heavy. He dishonored her and then made it her fault in order to assuage his guilt. He was trying to justify his actions and thereby poured salt into an open wound. He then felt more guilt for hurting her and their sad story was well established, guaranteed to make endless suffering for both. Both individuals are always innocent, but because of guilt projected out, everyone becomes unhappy except ego.

Ego survives at everyone else’s expense. It doesn’t care that it breaks up marriages in its justification of erroneous actions. It has no compunction about treating others hurtfully. Just because an action may cause you to feel guilty does not mean that you are guilty. However, nor does it mean your actions are justifiable. Everyone is always innocent, but the only way to be truly free of guilt in a marriage is to honor your commitment. To disregard your holy vows cannot but cause pain to your partner and lead to needless heartache for both of you.

We would only break sacred vows if we thought we could attain greater freedom in being free of our commitments. This world is a dream. Why insist on freedom in the dream, especially when that freedom is binding you to the dream and costing you your eternal life? To be free of the dream we have to act honorably and with tender loving kindness toward all those significant others in our lives. The past can be healed. Each moment is a clean untarnished birth. Turn over a new leaf today. Renew your commitment and let your relationship be holy, sacred and pure from this moment on. Therein lies true freedom.

As long as someone else is perceived as guilty be sure your actions are producing guilt and binding you. You allow your mind to be healed when you recognize that everyone is always innocent. You will perceive others as innocent when you live a life of nobility and integrity. In the Bible, when the prostitute was about to be stoned, Jesus asked the one who had not sinned to cast the first stone. As no one stepped forward it was apparent that those condemning the woman harbored their own feelings of guilt, for the guiltless will not see guilt in others, therefore will not wish to have others condemned. Jesus said to the woman, “Go your way and sin no more.” He advised her to stop doing that for which she would feel guilty because he knew that a life of virtue would be in her best interest. He only wanted her true and lasting happiness. He was serving her by encouraging her to correct her error.

Projection Of Guilt Onto Jesus

Jesus was crucified due to displaced guilt projected onto him. His character was blemishless and he gave of himself selflessly in his deep love for all humanity. Those who feel guilty tend to find fault with the pure. Because of Jesus’ crucifixion A Course In Miracles (ACIM) took birth. He was motivated to look within for answers. The crucifixion was bewildering and mystifying. His determination to understand caused him to dive deeply into his own mind for the whole truth. Everything can be used.

No one is to blame for Jesus’ crucifixion. He is a great soul who had the capacity to uncover truth through most drastic and tragic circumstances. He chose that experience to collapse time immeasurably both for himself and for all of humanity. Our actions affect everyone, for we are all one. Jesus is all-powerful, therefore he was not a victim of circumstances beyond his control.

Throughout history, the Jews have been blamed for his crucifixion. If you find yourself wanting to make someone else guilty for any reason, it must be that you are harboring guilt and wanting to project it out rather than take responsibility for it. Know that if you succumb to that tendency, you are listening to ego. Making someone else a scapegoat for your guilt is how you keep it and ego wants you guilty while thinking someone else is to blame. When you know your innocence, you will find yourself unable to blame anyone for anything.

There are those who think that Jesus’ crucifixion was God’s will. To think Jesus’ painful death was God’s will is a gross misunderstanding of who God is. God could not have given Jesus that experience for that would make Him cruel, and God is but love. Suffering is not necessary to arrive at truth, but it can be a very effective irritant. You however need not suffer. You are one with Jesus. His accomplishment is your own. You can learn from anyone’s experience. You need not limit your learning to your own experiences.

The road to nothingness is not a real road and was never made. You never left everything. There is no veil. There is no road back home for you are home eternally. Projection makes perception. Change but your mind and your experience will reflect your change of purpose. You are a holy precious child of God, worthy of honor and appreciation. You are wholly innocent, pure, sinless and lovable. God created everyone perfectly to show you a perfect reflection of yourself. In seeing their perfection, you recognize your own. In loving others, you love yourself. In serving others, you serve yourself. In giving to others, you give to yourself. When you heal your projections, you will see that all are innocent and you will recognize your own innocence thereby.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that You only create and that projection is not possible as it is not of You. Thank You that the heavy veil between You and Your creation is not Your will and is therefore essentially nonexistent. Please show us how to lift the veil and cross over from nothing back into everything. Thank You that our projections have no effect on the truth. Let our projections now be used only to heal our misperceptions and mis-creations that we may be restored to our true function of creating the good, the beautiful and the holy with You and all our brothers and sisters everywhere, innocent forever.              

May all beings in all the worlds be happy and blest, Amen


Lifting the Veil

Figure 2a

Creation vs. Projection

Figure 2b