Chapter 13

Are You Ready to Give Up Separation for Oneness?

The union of all God’s creations is its protection.
Alone we can do nothing, but together our wills fuse into something
whose power is far beyond the power of its separate parts.
Our function is to function together, because apart we cannot function at all.
The whole power of God’s creation lies in all of us, but not in any of us alone.

                                                                                    -Jesus in ACIM

Specialness Makes The Illusion Of Separation Real

A scientist named Dr. Baranowski, Professor of Physics at the University of Arizona and a specialist in Kirlian photography came to India where he met Sai Baba. To quote Baranowski, “When a person is full of love the aura around him is blue and when the love is pronounced, it becomes pink.” Baranowski had scientifically trained himself to see auras and with this trained vision was investigating the various holy men of India. He found that Sai Baba harbors no feelings of specialness, though He is clearly seen as a teacher and deified by many as God on earth.

In the mid -70’s he gave a talk at the Prasanthi Nilayam ashram on his experiences with Sai Baba. Some excerpts follow: “I have met over a hundred holy men in India. Too many of these holy men are involved in their own personal egos. Their auras show mostly concern for themselves and their institutions. So their auras are only a foot broad or perhaps two feet.

“I am not a devotee. I have come here as a scientist to see this man, Sai Baba. I saw him on Sunday, on the balcony giving darsan to the devotees singing below. The aura Baba projected was not that of a man. The white was more than twice the size of any man’s, the blue was practically limitless, and there were gold and silver bands beyond even those, far behind this building right up to the horizon. There is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon. His aura is so strong that it is affecting me standing by the chair on which He is sitting. I can feel the effect and I have to wipe my arm, off and on, as you must have noticed. It is very difficult for me to admit. I am a scientist. I have given over six thousand lectures in all parts of the world, but for the first time, believe me, my knees are shaking. The aura that emanates from Baba shows his love for you. If ever I can use the phrase that I have seen ‘love walking on two feet,’ it is here.”

At this point Dr. Baranowski concluded his talk and Sai Baba then delivered a discourse. When Baba finished, Baranowski asked for permission to address the audience again saying, “I have been watching Baba, while he was addressing you. The pink aura that was manifesting was so vast and strong that it went even beyond the hall behind this chair. It filled this big hall, embracing all of you gathered here. There can be no scientific explanation for this phenomenon. I have watched him for a week now, as he walked among you, morning and evening. I have seen his aura, pink in color, go into the person he is talking to or touching and returning to him. His energy seems to be endless. In my estimation, He is exactly what he appears to be – LOVE. That is what he is.”

Dr. Baranowski saw that Sai Baba has no need to be seen as special or better than others. We are all unique, special and precious. However, when we want specialness for special favor, the result is separation in the form of competition, comparison and self-aggrandizement. Specialness has entered whenever we perceive inequality, hierarchy or a lack of mutual positive regard in any relationship or interaction. It is frequently seen in teacher-student, doctor-patient, husband-wife, employer-employee, guru-disciple, or parent–child relationship. A true relationship starts from the premise that you are whole and complete and that you do not need another to fill a lack. In co-dependency relationships we make separation by thinking we lack something that someone else has or that we have something someone else lacks. A relationship whose purpose is to fill a lack is a special relationship. Any relationship where you do something for someone in exchange for something is a special relationship. Sai Baba knows no lack, thus harbors no special relationships.

You Are One With God

God created you to be one with Him for all eternity. He also created everyone and everything to be one with Him eternally. God created you just like Himself. There is no separation between you and God. Nor is there any separation between you and any other. We wanted to experience freedom from that oneness. We wanted to experience separation from God and each other. We wanted autonomy. To accomplish this, we made our own source. In that action we separated from God in our minds, though that separation could not happen in truth. After separating from God we felt guilty and that guilt motivated us to separate from each other as well, so we could project our guilt outside of ourselves. Separation served a purpose.

In the Garden of Eden, before the separation, that is before the making of ego, there were both Adam and Eve, but there was only love between them. Adam loved Eve. Eve loved Adam. That is oneness. There is oneness between two people where unity, harmony and peace prevail. Love recognizes oneness, while hate and fear make separation seem real. Adam has his own mind, as does Eve, and when they love each other they experience their minds as joined and they are in the experience of their holy relationship. When love is mastered there will again be oneness as there will only be love and no fear. After the separation fear entered Adam and Eve’s minds and that fear was reflected back to them in their exodus from the garden.

Just because Adam and Eve left the garden would have had no effect on you and me except that we thought God had banished them. We loved them and were torn by their departure. But when we thought God was the cause, we did not know God and thereby caused our own banishment.

Ego survives as long as we feel separate from anyone or anything for any reason. We have found many uses and purposes for separation, though they are really all the same. One purpose for separation is to project guilt outside of ourselves. Another is so we don’t have to be responsible for others’ pain. We avoid pain by seeing that someone else is suffering and we are not. When we include everyone’s pain, we will be motivated to heal all the pain and all the suffering in the world. This genuine wish for the welfare of all humanity restores to our minds the truth of oneness. It reestablishes us as one organism, each affecting everyone, responsible for everyone, in love with everyone. When we want the best for everyone, we are wanting the very best for ourselves and only then. This is natural, as it is the truth. A third purpose for separation is specialness, which comes from the idea of inequality.

God Could Not Fill Our Request For Special Favor

Sai Baba knows His oneness with everyone. He is incapable of specialness. He has no interest in personal gain. We chose autonomy to experience specialness. In that choice we traded in sanity. We could not obtain specialness in our right minds. We were at peace until we asked for special favor. And God did not give it as the request was alien to Him. We could not ask this of a Father who truly loved us. Therefore we made of Him an unloving father, demanding of him what only such a father could give. And our peace was shattered, for we no longer understood our Father. We feared what we had made, but still more we feared our loving Father, having attacked our glorious equality with Him.

As soon as we see our error and allow it to be corrected, we will be restored to our oneness with our Creator. Once Sai Baba asked Al Drucker, “Who are you?” Drucker responded, “I am God, I am exactly like You, Swami. I am no different from God.” Sai Baba said, “Then you give darsan (vision of the Divine).” Al realized that he was not qualified to do that as he was not in the experience of his true oneness with God. You cannot give darsan without knowing truly, beyond all concepts, who you are as Divine. Conceptual understanding is not enough. There has to be an owning that a mistake was made. We made ego to forget our Divinity and now a willingness to do whatever is necessary to correct that error will bring us back into our true experience of oneness with God. Only then will we be in a position to give darsan.

Ego was made to experience specialness. Specialness takes the form of prejudice and exclusiveness: ‘We are the best, we are the only way, we are the chosen people, we are the most persecuted, we are greater than, we are less than...’ are all statements of specialness. God loves us all equally and only when we love all equally are we aware of who we are and what our relationship is to God and all God’s children, regardless of color, religion, nationality, or gender.

Everyone is a part of you. Everything that happens to you, you are doing to yourself. You will know who you think you are by how you treat another, for your neighbor is yourself. Specialness comes with the idea of separation. You cannot be special unless you are more or less than someone else. Where is specialness when there is nothing outside of your mind? The idea of separation is overcome in the idea of oneness. There is only one problem, separation, and the solution is it never happened, so in the ultimate sense, there are no problems ever. Bring separation to oneness and separation vanishes.

Marriage As A Special Relationship

In many instances marriage is a special relationship where two come together to fill a lack. Any idea of lack comes from a false concept of yourself and can never be satisfied by joining with another, but only by changing your mind about who you are. Every marriage has the opportunity to be transformed from a special relationship to a holy one. When you enter into marriage because you feel lonely, or to satisfy a longing to feel loved, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. There will never be enough love to satisfy your longing. If you recognize that you are complete within yourself, that you are all the love you need, then you come together with another to enhance each other’s joy. Every moment is a clean slate, a new opportunity. We can get it right in this moment, without changing our outer circumstances. All we need do is change our minds about who we think we are.

There is a tremendous amount of guilt around sexuality when it is used to fill a lack. Even intimacy with one’s spouse can and frequently does produce guilt if it is lust and not love that prompts the act. If a woman gives herself to her husband because he wants to satisfy a bodily urge, he feels guilty and she is invariably seen as the cause of his guilt. Under those circumstances, women give themselves because they want to be loved or to keep the peace, but it is not the way to happiness.

Everyone must find their wholeness within themselves. This allows sexual relationship to be an expression of love and not a way to get love or gratification. Sexual needs are not real needs. You are whole and complete as you were created. Any attempt to fill a need can never and will never be satisfied because the premise is false. When we change our minds about who we are, we know we have no needs. Sai Baba suggests to think of God when you have sexual urges. In that those feelings can be transformed. Don’t use another to satisfy bodily urges, or you reduce both of you to bodies and become the body’s slave. That consciousness leads to bondage, not freedom.

Everyone really does know the truth and therefore a woman knows that by giving herself to her husband outside of love she is compromising her integrity and so subconsciously feels deserving of his guilt projections. In that act she has made herself a body in her mind, and since her body is nothing, she mistakenly thinks she is nothing. This leads to a lack of self-worth. Alliance with ego is at the bottom of her willingness to be sexual outside of love and to then accept herself as he perceives her. The honeymoon is over. He looks for greener pastures. He dances with other ladies on the dance floor. He avoids public displays of affection for her. She is reduced to his servant or less. This projection of guilt around lust is at the bottom of many unhappy marriages.

Love-making is intended to be an act of love. If you are not feeling in love it will only lead to unhappiness. ‘This to thine own self be true.’ You know when you are out of integrity. Don’t use sex to patch up an argument. First find your love by dealing with your problem and then express your joining through physical joining. Don’t use sex to retrieve your love. In that you put the cart before the horse and it will backfire.

Making love can be the most intensely beautiful act of joining on the planet when you are in love, for then it is not body consciousness that motivates your actions. When it is sex it can produce the most heart wrenching repercussions because it brings you into body consciousness, where you will think you are nothing. Sexuality is a passionate, powerful force that should only be entered into with the utmost responsibility of pure union of heart and mind. To entwine under the right circumstances is Divine. Then your relationship is not a special one, but a holy relationship that blesses the world.

Your Body Is Not As Powerful As Your All-Powerful Mind

When you feel guilty for body gratification and project that guilt out onto your partner, there is separation between you and that is painful. This is at the bottom of most marital problems that couples have faced throughout history, in all countries. The problem is endemic and is healed when you are in love with the one with whom you make love. It is really very simple. If you are not in love, don’t do it. Anything short of an eternal commitment with your partner is not love, but lust. If you think you have no control over your sexuality, think again. Your body is not more powerful than your all-powerful mind. Your body is inert. It is nothing. To let it rule you is to make the unreal real.

It could be argued then that we should not eat, as that also makes the body real, but it always depends on your purpose. Do you eat to live or live to eat? Your body can be used for a sacred purpose. Take care of it so it can fulfill its purpose. Sai Baba says of His body, “Ordinary body, used for a sacred purpose.” Who will feel guilty for eating when hungry? When love-making is an outer expression of a true union of hearts and minds, it is tantra, or Divine union and that is beautiful and is not tainted with guilt. When free of guilt, you are free. Abstain until it is right.

At the same time guard against letting the pendulum swing in the direction of abstinence for the wrong reasons. You could abstain from a place of denial, sacrifice, for giving yourself a false identity or to avoid the pain of rejection. Watch the motives behind all your decisions either to entwine or not. Trust Spirit to direct you. No action in itself is either right or wrong. It is what prompts an action that is important. Abstinence is perhaps easier than making love for the right reasons. Some people pride themselves on being renunciates as though they are holier than householders. I would take greater pride in honoring and cherishing a sacred commitment. If you have absolutely pure cross-gender exchanges you have put sexuality in its right context and have transcended body consciousness and you will be one in a million on the planet. If you express tender affections for your spouse in public after 20 or 30 years of marriage you have made a significant contribution to the end of suffering for all humanity. Where there is purity and integrity you will do the right thing. Krishna told Arjuna that the householder path was the quickest path to God.

In this world a holy relationship comes closest to our true relationship with God. Your eternal partner was given for that purpose only. If you do not have a partner, ask God to send you one if that is in your best interest. The only truly holy sexual intimacy takes place between one man and one woman who are eternally committed to each other. Sai Baba says that marriage is for sense control and to shift one away from body consciousness.

When you love your spouse purely, no one is excluded. Any sexual relationship outside of marriage does exclude your spouse and is thereby exclusive. We must look deeply to truly understand exclusiveness and specialness beyond concepts. Any impure cross-gender exchanges dishonor your partner and reduce her to a body, leading to feelings of separation, estrangement, abandonment and exclusion. A true holy relationship is not exclusive because everyone benefits.

Making love as an expression of the oneness you feel toward your partner is the only legitimate use of sexuality. Even making babies should happen only between two people who love each other in total commitment. The children who come of that union will feel loved and will grow up to be happy, well-adjusted citizens. Don’t make love for the purpose of procreating. Sometimes a couple has a child hoping to save a marriage or they enter into a marriage for having children. Let pure love be your purpose in everything.

Perfect The Law

Jesus says in the Bible, “I have come to perfect the law. The law tells you not to commit adultery, but I say do not even look at another woman.” He goes on to say that the only legitimate reason for divorce is unfaithfulness. Marriage is of God and is intended as a life long commitment. It should not be entered into with the attitude that if it doesn’t work out you can always get a divorce. If you can’t resolve your differences, you make the unreal real and give it power over you. If we can’t find ways to enhance each other’s joy, we are forgetting that is our only assignment. Let’s not be so quick to give up. With God all things are possible.

It is not all right to be unfaithful even if your marriage is unhappy. Don’t feel guilty, just don’t do it. Past is past and therefore not real. If you hurt your partner, tell her you are sorry and vow to sincerely honor your sacred commitment from this moment. Each moment is a clean untarnished birth. Turn over a new leaf right now and all your past is wiped out with no consequences. Mistakes warrant correction, not punishment.

Before taking a partner, make a full commitment. This is where true freedom lies. It is freedom from guilt that we are after as that is the only true freedom to strive for. When that is your objective, you will have put sexuality in its proper context. Sexual freedom is a racket. It is really bondage. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing - don’t fall for it. It cannot bring lasting happiness.

Love All Equally; Do Not Treat All With Equal Intimacy

Some so called spiritual movements espouse that marriage relationships should be no different from other relationships or you are exclusive or promoting specialness. This confusion comes from conceptual understanding. Specialness is not overcome by engaging in extramarital affairs. The purpose for one partner has to do with purity, fidelity, sanctity, honoring, self-control and commitment. Free sexuality is a misapplication of the teaching to love all equally. Marriage is a sacred commitment and is to be honored as such. It is of God. Even if your marriage is a special relationship, it always has the potential to become holy when both partners are willing to bring it into holiness by acknowledging no lack within themselves or their partner.

In one spiritual community where sexual freedom is justified as a way to overcome specialness, Mr. Rose was enamored by a woman who expounded the virtues of sexual freedom. Mrs. Rose was devastated and her reaction was judged as jealousy. She needed to be seen as jealous and possessive in order that she be a scapegoat for his guilt. She was not jealous, but she was bewildered. She was told that because she was not willing to share her husband sexually with other women, she was being exclusive, possessive, old-fashioned and expecting special favor. The spiritual teaching, ‘All are one and should be treated equally,’ was used to justify promiscuity. That justification has to do with body consciousness and is a gross misapplication of the teaching: ‘love all equally.’ Baba says of sexual promiscuity, “Dogs have that freedom.” Behind all distortions around sexuality is ego.

There is an intimacy between a man and wife that is sacred and when you love and honor each other totally, having eyes for no other, you will truly love all in purity and God-awareness and everyone will benefit from your love. To love all equally means to see all as innocent and to condemn or reject no one. It has nothing to do with treating all with the same sexual intimacy. That bizarre conclusion reduces everyone to bodies and comes from conceptual understanding.

Mrs. Rose cannot but be whole and perfect as she was created. No matter what happens there are no victims and she is not dependent on someone outside of herself to complete her. When she turned to God for a solution, she was shown to honor herself by abstaining while Mr. Rose was not honoring his marriage, and she was advised not to divorce as Spirit assured her that Mr. Rose would not act on his distortion. Mr. Rose’s behavior was not in alignment with his commitment and is not justifiable or condonable. He needs to make a shift from body consciousness to God consciousness to be free. He is not acting in his own best interest. To make a total commitment to a relationship reflects your total commitment to God and therein lies true freedom.

Once in an interview Baba scolded a woman for letting her husband stray from his commitment. She was in denial, because she did not want to deal with the ugly truth. But in so doing she was not honoring herself. We can always ask God to show us what to do in every situation and God will show us the perfect solution for our circumstances. When we ignore another’s inappropriate behavior in relations to us, we are dishonoring ourselves.

Whatever is happening in our lives invariably reflects back to us something that we need to look at within ourselves. When you want oneness in your marriage, you will do whatever it takes to have that. You love yourself when you wait till the circumstances reflect harmony and oneness on all fronts leading to pure, clean and guilt-free sexual expression. This is honoring yourself and herein lies peace and wholeness. You can only change your own mind. You cannot change someone else’s. And you are all-powerful. When you are willing to risk your marriage to honor yourself you do love yourself and that will heal your relationship or draw to you the perfect relationship reflecting your integrity and strength.

Once a young couple was coming to visit. I requested them to abstain in my home unless they had made a total commitment to each other. I feared that due to my request they would not wish to visit. They came and were truly grateful for my integrity around sacredness and commitment. There are too many casual relationships, which lead to unhappiness due to a lack of total commitment.

Many young women give themselves prematurely due to fear of being rejected or in hopes of being loved or chosen. This trend is supported as fashionable in our modern society. We have lost much in our determination to overcome our parents’ reserve around sexuality. They were ill-informed but we are too informed. Wait for Mr. Right and for the right circumstances. This is self-love and will lead to relationships that enhance your joy, rather than take away from it. You never need sex. To think you do is to think your body more powerful than your all-powerful mind. Your body is inert. Nobody needs sex in order to lead a happy, well-adjusted life. You are not your body. Don’t be a slave to its illusory needs.

Society’s Purity Depends On Its Women

The Bhagavad Gita says that the moral fabric of a society is upheld by the purity of its women. When women are pure, men will act honorably. Women who love themselves and recognize no lack in themselves will wait for circumstances that reflect true love. When women are pure, a man will look for a woman to spend the rest of his life with rather than one with whom to gratify a bodily urge. This shifts his focus away from body consciousness into his heart. Sai Baba says men should see all females as mother, sister or daughter and reserve intimacy in mind and heart for wife only.

Ramakrishna, an awakened saint of the last century, said that there were two temptations to overcome, women and gold. Males are much more strongly driven by their sexual impulses than are women. If women are easy, the temptation is too great for the male. Sai Baba says women have seven spiritual qualities while men possess only three. Women have to step into their strength and power and use it to uphold virtue.

A woman who is sexually free and easy is not bad, but she is wrong and reveals a lack of self-love and self-worth. Don’t be sexually free in hopes of being loved, or for attaining oneness. First love yourself. First be in the experience of oneness where there is no lack in you or your partner and then let love-making be an outer expression of an inner condition or state of mind. Then you are in alignment with the holiness and purity that you are.

Women honor each other as sisters when they support each others’ marriages. This is true sisterhood. If you have an engagement with a married man, ask his wife if she feels comfortable. This is honoring your sister. To be pure in all your relations is to lead a life of self-mastery and nobility. Only be sexual in a totally committed relationship. The mess the world is in today can in large part be traced back to sexual promiscuity. Peace in the world starts with peace in the home.

The whole arena of sexuality is vast, due to repression, suppression, perversion, misdirection, control and looseness. As long as you are plagued by lust, you think your body real. You are all-powerful, thus you are the master of your body. Live the truth to have the truth. Sexuality is toyed with in hopes of happiness, but superficial and casual sex can never satisfy you because something in you recognizes the lie. You are not being true when you express oneness without feeling oneness in your heart. A master is one who expresses perfect harmony in thought, word and deed. That is true oneness.

Being In A Holy Relationship Saves The World

We come closest to our truth in this world in a holy relationship. Two voices raised together call to the hearts of everyone to beat as one. And in that single heart beat is the unity of love proclaimed and given welcome. A holy relationship starts from the premise that each has looked within and seen no lack. Accepting his completion, he would extend it by joining with another, whole as himself. What is born into a holy relationship can never end. A holy relationship is any true relationship where all distinctions of separation have been overcome.

The harmonious male/female union, where sexual intimacy is a pure expression of the deepest love is a holy relationship. Sexual intimacy is in God consciousness only when it takes place between one man and one woman in a total, eternal commitment. Homosexuality and polygamy bind us to body-consciousness. There is no power outside of us causing us to make choices that are ultimately not in our best interest. As soon as you know you are not your body, you will choose for holiness. It is not OK to condemn special relationships, but nor is it appropriate to condone behaviors that bind one to unreality. Everyone has the power to choose again.

To be in holy relationship saves the world because once one holy relationship is established, the code has been broken and the special relationship is undermined. It is holiness and purity that we must strive for in every relationship. When we want holiness, it will be our experience. When we want specialness that will be our experience. To want holiness with another is to recognize that you are whole and complete within yourself, and that you are joining with another for a true purpose, that of oneness with each other in God. That true joining is oneness with God.

Oneness - You Are Exactly The Same As God And Everyone

When you are madly in love with someone, you know each other totally. You know that nothing can separate you from one other, not time, nor space, nor even death. You are one with each other forever. That is how it is with you and God. God loves you so intensely that He is always with you, in you, around you, before you and above you. He knows everything about you because He is never separate from you, out of His eternal love for you. God gave you everything when He created you as everything. God created you one with Him forever.

There is no place where God ends and you begin. God is the sun and we are the rays. Can the sun be a sun without its rays? Can the rays exist without the sun? And the sun’s joy is increased through its many rays. In our total dependence on God, we are one with God forever. God is not outside of you. To depend on God is not to depend on someone or something outside. You were created whole, perfect and complete within yourself. There is nothing outside of you.

If you think of the stars, where are they? They are not off in space somewhere far away. They are in your mind. Everything you can think of, whether of form or formless is an idea in your mind, therefore everything is part of you. Your mind encompasses everything. You are everything. Your mind is all-inclusive. God is an idea in your mind – a real idea. You cannot be less than God. That is oneness. There is God’s will and your will, and there is oneness in the recognition that it is your will to do God’s will as God wills your happiness. You were created equal with God as God gave you His mind when He created you. So great is your power.

Though there is nothing separate from you, you can have an idea of separation from God, and then that is also an idea in your mind, an idea of willing without God’s will. If you want separation to be true, you will convince yourself that it is so and you will make it true for you. You will construct a world wherein it is nearly impossible to find God to prove to yourself that you are separate, but at no point does it make it so. To be one with God, all you have to do is change your mind about your idea that you could be separate. As oneness is a true idea, it requires no effort for that to be your experience. It does require tremendous effort to convince yourself of the reality of that which is not so – namely separation.

You are equal with God and everyone. Everyone is an idea in your mind and to live in that awareness is oneness. Everyone is the Christ, created by God equal with everyone else. We all share one universal mind, the mind of God. God is the mind with which we think. God gave you His mind when He created you, therefore, there is no one more powerful than you. Nor is there anyone less powerful. There are those who say that to be equal with God is arrogance, but is it arrogant to be who you are? Actually to be one with God is an awesome responsibility, because in that awareness there is no one more powerful than you and therefore everything that happens to you is your responsibility. That is the real reason people don’t want to own their equality with God.

There Are No Victims

There is nothing outside of your mind. You are in the driver’s seat. If things happened outside your will, it would prove there were forces beyond your control and you would not be all-powerful as you were created and that is simply impossible. Everyone in your world is fulfilling some purpose in relation to you. No one has the power to prevent you from your destiny. When you recognize all as God, all you can ever feel toward anyone is the deepest gratitude and appreciation. No matter how insanely they may be acting, no matter how frustrated you may feel about something someone is doing, no matter how hurt you may feel, you are still always being given the opportunity to respond with love. Only you can deprive yourself of anything. Knowing there is nothing outside of you is oneness.

If you had a problem, wouldn’t it be helpful to know the source of your trouble? If you could accept that you are always the source of your problem, then you can know that you are also the solution and you need not look outside yourself for anything. If you take any action in relation to another, or if another takes any action in relation to you, it is because you both willed it. Both your wills come from God and are therefore equal with God and each other. If others could act counter to your wishes in relation to you, it would mean that they were more powerful than you, and that is impossible, as you are all powerful. However, do guard against misapplying this teaching by callously concluding that when someone is in trouble it is because they have willed it so you have no responsibility. They are in your mind and your responsibility is to bring joy to every situation. Help everyone to experience only their joy. Don’t be heartless when someone is hurting, because ‘they are doing it to themselves.’

When we feel hurt by anyone, we can remind ourselves that our truth is unaffectable. It is usually our reaction that causes our disturbance more than what another did or did not do in relation to us. We can acknowledge that our reaction to an attack happen due to our level of consciousness and ask to be shown what we need to learn from the experience and how to respond with love and integrity. We should not wish anyone to suffer negative consequences for their actions. However this is not an exercise in cheerfully enduring abuse. Honor yourself. We can ask God to show us how to respond to another’s lack to bring them back into alignment with their truth so that all our interchanges are pure and kind. When we see everyone’s innocence beyond any behavior we are inspiring kindness in others. We are being asked to love all, deep to behavior and to want everyone to behave perfectly for their sake.

When we made ego, we made separation from God and therefore God cannot heal it. We have to heal it by changing our minds. When someone acts hurtfully toward you, they are making separation and they have to heal it. You cannot. Sai Baba tells us to avoid bad company. The person is not bad, but when their behavior is unkind, to deny the unkindness, or to support it would be to enable.

Learn from your hurts and ask how to respond appropriately to the person who has acted unkindly toward you. Don’t make a superficial exercise of altercations by thinking that love means throwing your arms around everyone under all circumstances. You can always turn to God for a perfect solution to every conflict. Whatever is happening, you have an opportunity to bring joy to every situation.

House Of Mirrors

When a Divine child enters the house of mirrors, he sees himself everywhere and is delighted. He takes out a crayon and puts a moustache on one of his selves in the mirror, a dress on another and a suit on another. He makes one image fat, another short, another tall and another with long hair. He plays and has so much fun with all his images. When a dog walks into the house of mirrors, he sees lots of other dogs all looking at him, so he growls at them. They growl back. This sets him off so he starts to bark furiously and they bark back as ferociously. This continues and he gets worked up and frantic. Finally in utter exhaustion he lies down. And when he does all the other dogs lie down too.

When we recognize ourselves as Divine, we will see Divinity everywhere and that will be reflected in a Divine experience. If we expect that others are out to get us, we will be setting ourselves up for such an experience, for there is nothing outside of our minds. The Divine child is the central figure in his house of mirrors. He is inspiring all his reflections toward Divinity by seeing all as Divine. He is the Lord of his universe. You are the Lord of your universe. You are the central figure in your dream, be it a nightmare or a dream of awakening. If the figures in your dream are not serving to increase your joy, you can choose again. Ask God to show you how to make your dream a joyful one where everyone benefits. It starts by seeing the Divine in everyone.

You are the Lord of your universe, the central figure in your consciousness, whether dreaming in an unreal world, or awake in heaven. In that recognition, you shift from victim/victimizer consciousness to God consciousness. It is God consciousness to know there is nothing outside of your mind. You will know that in your willingness to be responsible for everything that happens to you. When you and I both recognize the truth, our minds are joined. We can only truly join in the truth. We are already always joined, but until we are in that experience, it is mere conceptual understanding. The perfect has to perfect itself due to the mistaken idea of separation.

The teaching of singular reality or non-duality means there is nothing outside of your mind, and all that you see is just a reflection of yourself. However, guard against using that idea to separate yourself or cut yourself off from others. Don’t think, ‘You don’t matter, as there is only me.’ This is a misapplication of the idea that there is nothing outside of your mind. If you are in company with anyone, they are in your mind and as such you should only want the best for them and be willing to do whatever it takes to bring joy to all your reflections. You have the power to inspire nobility, grandeur and goodness by knowing who you are.

It is also important to understand that in taking responsibility for everything that happens to us, we need only be responsible to do all we can not to enable. If someone has rage, they are responsible for their rage, not you. If you do not act to discourage that rage, you are enabling. If someone gossips about you, they are responsible, not you. You are responsible to the extent that you not let it get to you or that you not support gossip. Your response should be nonviolent resistance to injustice. Respond with love.

It should be noted that God has begotten only one son. If you believe that all of the souls God created are His children, and if you also believe that the sonship is one, then every soul must be a child of God, or an integral part of the sonship. The sonship in its oneness does transcend the sum of its parts. However it loses this special state as long as any of its parts are missing.

Singular reality or non-duality is the idea that there is no you outside of my mind, not that there is only me. What would it mean to me that you do not exist? You do exist. I also exist. To deny another’s existence is ego’s way of deluding you into thinking you have understood oneness while retaining the illusion of autonomy. We are one in our recognition of our love for each other. We experience our love when we acknowledge our total equality with everyone. Then you are in my mind and I am in yours. That is oneness. Oneness and autonomy are mutually exclusive.

You are whole in the recognition that everyone is in your mind. This does not mean that there is only you and there are no others. To understand non-duality to mean there are no others is to keep from joining with others, the very purpose for which God gave others to you. You will be missing so many opportunities for happiness. We projected others outside of our minds to make the illusion of separation real. To heal the separation we need merely include everyone back into our minds by loving everyone and acting in their very best interest. Then ours minds are again whole. An action of mind is required, from separation to oneness consciousness.

If you fear or hate anyone, you place them outside of your mind and that is separation. Wars, conflict, anger and hatred expose a lack of understanding of oneness. When separation is your state, you have a split mind, a mind that needs healing. If you exclude anyone from your mind, you are not whole. If you make one exception to your love for all humanity, you have a split mind. When a handful of minds in the world understand oneness there will be peace for all, and until that time, I cannot be at peace, for all are myself. This motivates me to do all I can toward the salvation of the world.

Ideas Do Not Leave Their Source

You are an idea in God’s mind, and just as God’s ideas do not leave His mind, your ideas cannot leave your mind. For example, if it is your idea to make the world a hiding place from God, that world is in your mind and cannot leave it, because it is your idea. It is an unreal idea which results in an unreal world. As soon as you change your mind and want God included in your world that is a real idea and will be reflected in a real world. Every idea has power because your mind is all-powerful. Everything that happens to you comes from an idea that you want to be true, whether it is really true or not. It is impossible to cut yourself off from your idea but you can change your mind and then your experience will reflect that change.

As God is an idea in your mind, you cannot separate from Him, but you can certainly have an experience of separation, if not a true experience. Ego is also an idea in your mind. Ego is an unreal idea, while God is a real idea. Ego is an idea of separation while God is an idea of oneness. Any unreal ideas are undone through an acknowledgment that your idea is wrong and through a willingness to have wrong ideas corrected. Once you saw that your idea was wrong, wouldn’t you happily let it go, especially when you realized your error to be causing needless pain? Being willing to be wrong opens the door to a true experience.

When Sai Baba says, “You as mind do not exist,” He must be referring to the monkey mind – the ego tendencies, the endless, useless chatter. We are much too tolerant of our mind wanderings. Mind is a bundle of thoughts. Baba also says that mind is a gift of God. What is God’s mind made of? You do know, as your mind is the same as God’s. We use God’s mind even to think erroneous thoughts. Healed mind undoubtedly includes Divine will, an awareness that it is and has everything and a recognition of its equality or oneness with everyone. If your mind is the same as God’s, as you were created in the image and likeness of God, then that is the mind you can experience by withdrawing energy from the monkey mind. When your mind takes on Godly characteristics it is again merged with the mind of God. Open your mind to be as you were created and the truth will be revealed. Once Al Drucker asked Baba, “What do you think about all day?” Baba exclaimed, “Think? I never think, when I will, I act.” Act in a Godly fashion, and thereby be one with the truth of who you are.

You Are One With The World

When you merge your mind with the mind of God, you are in the experience of how you were created, one with God. Your mind and God’s are exactly the same. That is singular reality. When you and any other join in the one truth, that is a true experience and that true joining with just one is in essence a joining with all as all are already one. You were created to be totally one with everyone and everything. This does not mean you lose your individuality. You do not ever lose anything by becoming who you are. No sacrifice is ever asked of you. You only get bigger. You only become more. You were created to be and have everything forever.

The world is a projection of your mind. When you take responsibility for it, you become its savior, and in that you discover the true purpose for which you are here. In taking responsibility for the world, you bring it back into your mind and see that you are one with it. In your oneness with the world, in your oneness with everyone and everything, lies the salvation of the world and yours as well.

Any idea of feeling taken advantage of by the world, or that the world ought to be taken advantage of by you is separation from the world and is an idea that needs healing in order that you be whole. Baba says to forget the world. Forget it as a place to find happiness. I know the world can give me nothing. That is not cause to hate or reject the world. I love it for what I can give to it. I can give the world everything. In that I am one with the world. I can give the world my love, my compassion, my yearning for the freedom of its inhabitants, and that gives me tremendous joy. In that my mind is whole. In that I step into my role as the savior of the world.

I am responsible for the suffering in the world, not because I caused it, but because love unites me with everyone and as long as anyone is suffering, I am not free. We each cause our own suffering. A savior shows you how to become free of your suffering. Living a life of goodness and holding true ideas in your mind will heal your suffering. Everyone must save themselves, but we can learn from one who has understood the truth behind suffering. Suffering is real for the person who is suffering, though the truth is that suffering is not real. That is good news, because then it can be overcome. If it were real, it would be impossible to free ourselves or others.

Soul Is Perfect Forever – Mind Can Experience Imperfection

Your mind and soul were created one. Your soul is unalterably perfect forever. As soul you are one with everyone and everything. As mind you can have an experience that is different from how you were created but that is all. We could not alter the truth. We could not separate from our souls, thus we could not really forget who we are. When you merge your mind with your soul you will again be home. Only in our minds could we experience nothingness as real. As soul we never left everything. We were created one with God in God’s mind. We were created one with every other soul and every other mind.

Separation is the idea that we could be different from each other and from God and that is impossible as God created us all exactly like Himself and like each other. We return back home by recognizing our oneness with one another and with God and by merging our minds back with our souls where we are eternally merged with God and all His creations in perfect oneness.

Though God created us all exactly like Himself, we are not clones. We are each unique, for God is limitless in creative expression. Our sameness has to do with equality, holiness, lovability, preciousness, limitless creative ability, limitless capacity to express love, power, knowledge and truth.

Mind did divide itself when it willed to make its own source, but it could not entirely separate itself from its soul, because it is from the soul that it derives its whole power to create. Even in miscreating will is affirming its Source, or it would merely cease to be. It is impossible for mind to die because it is part of the soul, which God created and which is therefore eternal.

The return to wholeness takes place when we think only loving thoughts, for as soul we are love and only love. When we think thoughts that God, Jesus or any other great teacher would think, we reestablish our oneness with everyone. When we think thoughts of peace, love and harmony for all humanity we are merged, mind with soul, mind with God, and mind with every other mind.

Fullness Is Ever Increasing

Sai Baba says, “I separated myself from myself that I might love myself.” This separation is for the purpose of extending love and love unites. God created you and me so He could love Himself and thereby enhance His joy. God created His children by extending His thought and retaining the extensions of His thought in His mind. All His thoughts are thus perfectly united within themselves and each other because they were created neither partially nor in part. That extension retains oneness in individuation. That action of extension gives joy and joy is God’s nature. God is ever extending. When you give of yourself, you are expressing your nature and you are only ever giving to yourself, as there is nothing outside of you. In giving you experience your fullness.

Sometimes Baba can be heard chanting an invocation from the Isha Upanishad: Poornamada, Poornamidum, Poornat, Poornamudatchate, Poornasya, Poornamadaya, Poornameva Vashishyate. It means ‘from the fullness comes the full, and the full remains ever full, and what is created is as full as that from which it was created.’ When God created us, we were created as complete as God, with every power and glory that is God’s, and that creative act did not diminish God in any way.

God, who encompasses all being, nevertheless created separate beings who have everything individually, but who want to share it to increase their joy. Only by sharing can anything that is real be increased. This is why God created us. He created us whole and complete within ourselves, in need of nothing, separate from God in that we are everything, though one with Him in love. Love unites and makes one. Love removes separation, duality and multiplicity. We are ideas in God’s mind. As we are in God’s mind, we are never separate from Him. Though this is so, we have all dreamed of a separated ego and have believed in a world that rested on it. Because this is very real to us, we cannot undo this by doing nothing and not changing. We must change our minds and come to recognize our oneness with God and everyone and everything. We are all so much more alike than different for we were all created by God as God, equal with God and each other forever.

See God In Everyone

Oneness means total equality. Does equality then translate into giving exactly the same to everyone? Parents take pride in treating all their children equally. What this frequently looks like is every child receiving an equal portion of the inheritance. True equality means seeing God in everyone and treating all as God. It means to honor, respect and show loving kindness toward everyone, including everyone in your love. It does not mean doling out the same measure of goods to everyone, whether physical goods, or taking care to spend equal time with each of our relations, so there will not be misunderstandings, or whatever. These restrictions lack spontaneity and lead to bondage rather than freedom.

Giving is creative and everyone is equally blessed when you give in the true spirit and when your offering is pure. Sai Baba frequently manifests jewelry for people who come to visit. His manifestations are full of wonderful variety and creativity. It would become uninteresting if He manifested exactly the same object for everyone. Then one would not feel loved. He knows everyone’s equality, yet He knows how to express oneness in a unique and personal way toward each individual.

Baba says, “You cannot always oblige, but you can always be obliging.” Does equality mean giving generously to everyone? Let your heart be your guide. You do know what to do in every circumstance. Trust your inner knowing. When you turn to God, He will direct your actions in relation to others. He has the big picture. He knows the past, present and future of everyone. We only perceive so very little. Depend on God to show you how to treat all equally. Equality means not judging on the basis of gender, religion, color, race... That happens when you realize that all are God’s children, created equally. God created everyone to have and be everything. We are all alike. We are all equal. That is oneness.

Sai Baba says, “I am God. You are also God. The difference is that I know it, and you do not - yet. I have come to tell you that you and I are exactly the same.” The Bible says God created man in His image and likeness. Jesus said in the New Testament, “You are Gods.” If we were created by God, in His image, it must be that we were created exactly like God and therefore must be God.

There is a favorite children’s story of a lion raised with a flock of sheep. It grew up thinking it was a sheep until it saw its refection in the water. Then it realized it was a lion and not a sheep. Though we have gathered all kinds of circumstantial evidence to support our case that we are sheep instead of lions, it is simply not true. We may have gathered to ourselves innumerable witnesses to support our convictions. Still, none of those witnesses constitute hard evidence. When we are willing to doubt our conclusions, we open the door to truth. We are and have always been one with God, whether we believe it or not.

United We Stand

Separation cannot be overcome by separating. The will to unite must be unequivocal, or the will itself is separated and not whole. If you truly want to be one with everyone and everything with all your heart, soul and might, it is accomplished, for it was always the truth. The problem of separation is really the only problem there is and it has already been solved. Separation from God is the only lack man really needs to correct. His separation would never have occurred if he had not distorted his perception of truth and thus perceived himself as lacking.

A person conceives of himself as separate largely because he perceives himself as bounded by a body. In fact the body was made for that very reason. Only when we perceive as mind can we overcome this error in thinking. Ego separates through the body. God can use bodies by reaching through them to others. When you interpret bodies as a means of joining minds and uniting with others you will have a worthwhile purpose for your body. Of itself, it has no purpose. In the service of unity, the body becomes a beautiful lesson in communion. Communication ends separation. Attack promotes it. The body is ugly or beautiful, savage or holy, helpful or harmful, according to the use to which it is put. And in the way you behave toward the body of another you will see the use to which you put your own.

Bodies are limits imposed on universal communication, which is an eternal property of mind. But communication is internal. Mind reaches itself. It is not made up of different parts, which reach each other. It does not go out. Within itself, it has no limits and there is nothing outside it. It encompasses everything. It encompasses you entirely, you within it and it within you. There is nothing else, anywhere or ever. Everything is within your mind. Expansion is inward. Extension is inward.

Three Thought Systems Contribute Equally To Oneness

We touched on Advaita, Vishishtadvaita, and Dvaita in the chapter pertaining to truth. They are revisited here as they pertain to oneness. The Advaitins, the pure non-dualists, have the firm conviction that there is nothing outside of oneself. There is only you as God, the Absolute. There is only your mind and everything is within it. Thereby you are the Lord of the universe. Sai Baba says as much. Nothing happens without your will. There are no victims. Once you understand this, you have shifted from victim/victimizer consciousness to God-consciousness.

The Vishishtadvaitins or qualified non-dualists recognize that they were created. The one who understands qualified non-dualism has made peace with the idea that he was created by God and is inseparable from his Source. He has understood the oneness of Creator and creation by owning that he could not create his own source. Jesus understood this when he said, “I and my Father are one” and “of myself I am nothing.” We are in the experience of this when we turn to God for everything and depend on Him to meet all our needs. There are thousands of people at Sai Baba’s ashram, but my experience is that there is only Baba and myself. Whatever else is happening only enhances my relationship with Him.

The Dvaintins or dualists believe God has many children and see all as equal and God in all to be oneness. Dvaita, oneness in individuation, understands that God created everyone to enhance our joy. It recognizes that we all share one universal mind, the mind of God. It understands that there can be more than one and still be oneness. Oneness means unity in multiplicity.

All three philosophies acknowledge oneness, though they approach it from different perspectives. By including all three philosophies, oneness is understood in its entirety. The Advaitin who thinks only he is right and the others wrong will want to start a religion in which his vocabulary is limited to ‘I, me and mine,’ as there is no you, there is no other. This is fanaticism due to partial knowledge. He may further deny that he was created in his zeal for singular reality. He argues that as there is nothing outside of him he could not have been created. He may even deny the reality of God. This misapplication of the teaching is due to conceptual understanding and is ego’s trick to fool him into believing he has understood oneness while retaining separation and autonomy, so it can survive.

The Vishishtadvaitin knows he was created, but may miss out on the understanding that nothing is happening outside of himself, or outside of his will. He may hold God responsible, separate or outside of his mind, though God created him as a thought in His mind, therefore not separate from Him. And when God created him, God became a thought in his mind, thereby he is equal with God in every way. Using this philosophy to shirk personal responsibility is ego’s trap to keep him dependent on it while thinking himself dependent on God. Truth is distorted when one feels any inequality in relation to God or fellowman.

The Dvaitin who falls into thinking there are others who are not his equal believes separation real. Whenever anyone judges another by the color of their skin or their religious beliefs, etc. he subscribes to inequality due to alliance with an ego that wants to survive. All God’s children were created equal with each other.

Sai Baba says all three philosophies are correct, but that each contains only a portion of the truth. The truth includes all three points of view. That is recognized when we let go of all conceptual understanding of oneness and singular reality. Only if you wanted to remain autonomous would you have a problem including all three philosophies.

Only the whole of God’s creation can know as God knows. Separately we can only know our portion. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. All three ideas, Advaita, Vishishtadvaita, and Dvaita contribute equally to the truth, yet each on its own can lead to misunderstandings and misapplications. Only by adopting all three ideas can the whole truth about oneness be experienced. This is the safest way through the maze of separation. Oneness is obvious and simple because it is the truth. The truth is who you are and you do know yourself.

In heaven we are separate from God because He created us by separating Himself from Himself, but as heaven is an experience where God is in our minds and we are in His, there is oneness. At the same time, I am still me, you are still you and God is God as Creator and Source. We are each self-contained. We are whole and perfect in and of ourselves. We need each other only to enhance our joy, not to fill a lack. Oneness has nothing to do with bodies, for bodies are the vehicles of separation. Nor does oneness have to do with loss of personal identity. All you will ever lose is your false idea of who you are which is no loss as with its loss you gain your true identity.

Here, in the world, we experience separation if we think others and God are outside of our minds. That is an unreal thought leading to an unreal experience, as we are forever one with each other while retaining our individuality as well. I am whole and complete as God created me. You are whole and complete as God created you. I separated from you to enhance my joy just as God separated Himself from Himself to love Himself. In a true experience there is only God loving God, enjoying God, in perfect harmony, unity, equality and bliss, knowing all to be eternally one in God.

Sai Baba says, “Suppose you are asked, ‘Who created all the multiplicity in the world; who is responsible for all the variety?’ The correct response is, ‘There is no multiplicity at all. The Divine self remains the one self forever. You mistake it as many. The fault is in you. Correct your vision.”’

There is only oneness and that oneness depends on your perception, that it be your experience. When you recognize everything and everyone to be within your own mind, you will not see multiplicity for you do not have multiple minds. You will have included everything back into your mind when you have the same love for the Jews as the Christians, the Blacks as the Whites, the poor as the rich... When you have included everything without exception back into your mind, your mind is again whole.

Watch Ego’s Tendency To Misapply The Teachings

There are those who teach that inclusion means to include your corruption in. To include corruption is to include nothing, but when included, it is given reality and we have thus traded in everything for nothing. Errors should not be denied, avoided or justified. They should be corrected, healed and transformed.

When ego comes knocking at your door, let it in, but do not let it stay for a cup of coffee. When your imperfections present themselves, look at them. Don’t avoid them or deny them, for then you make them real. When you dare to look, you will see their nothingness. Don’t entertain imperfections. Ask God to heal them. To justify corruption in any way is to make it real and to thereby keep yourself locked in an unreal experience.

You were created to be holy, to be perfect. When you want to be holy, you cannot want to include corruption in. By wanting to hold on to impure thoughts, words, or acts you do not want to be holy. There are those who say holiness is ambiguous as it is different for everyone. Holiness is the same for everyone. You were created holy in the same way that everyone else was created holy. Corruption is different for everyone and thus expresses and affirms separation.

To make excuses of any kind for imperfections is not to know who you are. Will you be punished for imperfections? Who will punish you? God will not punish you, but ego is eagerly looking to make imperfections a cause for you to feel guilty so it can punish you and thus survive. Imperfections come from ego and if you do not turn them over to God for correction, ego will persuade you that you are guilty and you will agree to its punishment, which requires time and leads to needless suffering.

When you do not will to be perfect, you will punish yourself. You reveal to yourself that you want to be free of suffering when you strive to your maximum capacity for perfection, excellence and love in everything you do, think and say for that is who you are. It is impossible that all your experiences without exception were not by your choice. What you do will come back to you. God always knows what is in your best interest. Give the power of decision to Him and He will lead you to your true happiness. He only wills for our happiness.

Oneness Means Wanting The End Of Suffering For All

You are the dreamer of your dream and there is no other cause. Know this and you are free. Whatever happens to you is because it is your wish. Sai Baba says, “There is no one greater than you. The whole universe is within you. Everything is within your power. You do not know your own great strength.” Your holy will establishes everything that happens to you. Every response you make to everything you perceive is up to you because your will determines your perception of it. Everything around you is part of you. Look on it lovingly and see the light of heaven in it. Then you come to understand all that is given you. Everything can become a classroom for understanding our minds. Once we know our minds we can change them. Instead of a world of separation, we can see a world of oneness. In kind forgiveness the world will sparkle and shine and everything you once thought sinful will again be reinterpreted as part of heaven.

The union of all God’s creations is its protection. Ego cannot prevail against the kingdom because it is united and ego fades away and is undone in the presence of the attraction of the parts, which hear God’s call to be as one. Alone we can do nothing, but together our wills fuse into something whose power is far beyond the power of its separate parts. Our function is to function together, because apart we cannot function at all. The whole power of God’s creation lies in all of us, but not in any of us alone. When you hold all of humanity in your mind, you will experience not loss, but completion. The recognition of the part as whole, and of the whole in every part is perfectly natural.

To yearn for peace and plenty for all humanity is to know your oneness with everyone. Edna St. Vincent Millay, a great American poetess of the early 1900’s, at the tender age of 16 expressed it this way in a portion of her poem entitled Renaissance:

I saw and heard and knew at last
The how and why of all things past
And present and forevermore
The universe split to its very core,
Lay open to my probing sense.
And all the while for every grief,
Each suffering, I craved relief.

A man was starving in Capri;
He moved his eyes and looked at me;
I felt his gaze I heard his moan,
And knew his hunger as my own.
I saw at sea a great fog bank
Between two ships that struck and sank;
A thousand screams tore through my throat.
No hurt I did not feel, no death
That was not mine, mine each last breath
That, crying met an answering cry
From the compassion that was I.

Beloved Mother/Father God, Creator of us all as one, let love reunite us with all our brothers and sisters everywhere. May all relationships be transformed into holy unions. Let the true recognition of our oneness overcome all separation in the hearts of all people. Help us all to recognize our equality with You and each other that we may live together in peace and love.

May all beings in all the worlds be happy and blest, Amen.

God Created Us All As One

Figure 13a

Mind and Soul – Oneness vs. Separation

Figure 13b