Chapter 10

Are You Ready to Give Up Untruth for the Truth?

This above all to thine own self be true.

Everyone Has A Valuable Contribution To Make To Truth

Five blind men lived together in a village. It so happened that the king would come to their village riding an elephant. The blind men were not so enamored with the king, but they were curious to know what an elephant was as no elephant had ever come to their village before. When the king arrived, one man touched the elephant’s ear and concluded that an elephant is like a fan. The second touched its trunk and discovered that an elephant is like a hose. The third touched the tail and understood an elephant to be like a rope. The fourth touched a leg and assumed that an elephant was like a tree trunk. The fifth touched the body and surmised the elephant to be like a wall.

When they got home they eagerly reported their findings to each other only to discover that they had all perceived the elephant differently. They started arguing amongst themselves. They each thought they were right while everyone else was wrong. What they overlooked was that they were each right but so was everyone else and that only by including everyone’s ideas would they be able to glean the whole truth about the elephant.

We each have a contribution to make to the truth and only together do we know the whole truth. However, only a pure heart can render one’s contribution effectively. The 5 blind men were exposing a lack of maturity and purity and therefore were unable to be inclusive. Unless we are inclusive we can get stuck thinking we are right while someone else is wrong. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. To have the whole picture about anything we need to consider everyone’s contribution.

Three Philosophies Contribute To The Truth Of Oneness

In India there are three different approaches or philosophies regarding oneness. There are those who believe they are God and that there is nothing outside of them. They call themselves Advaitins or non-dualists. Their contribution to the truth is that they know nothing happens outside of one’s mind. This essentially means everything happens because we have asked for it. Every experience that happens to you is thereby your responsibility, as you are all the power in the universe. What you draw to you is in response to your will alone. There is no force outside of you, more powerful than you.

There are others who believe that they were created by God. They are taught that they are one with God, but that oneness retains the idea of having been created. They depend on God for everything. They refer to themselves as Vishishtadvaitins or qualified non-dualists. Their contribution to the truth is that they acknowledge God as their Source and sustenance.

And there are those who believe there is God and there are all His creations, which includes everyone and everything. They are called Dvaitins or dualists. Their contribution is that all are equal and in the recognition of their perfect equality is their oneness with God and everyone. They understand that we all share one universal mind as well as one universal soul despite seeming multiplicity. They recognize love, innocence, holiness and power to be equal in everyone. They are convinced that God gives them everything and so does He also give everyone else everything.

Sai Baba says each of the three ideas are true. Alone each contains a portion of the truth. When they meet they recognize they are all correct but only together do they make up the whole truth about oneness, namely that there is nothing outside of your mind, that you were created by God as His perfect equal and are thereby one with Him, and that God created everyone perfect like yourself thereby one with you.

Ultimate Truth Is Universal

When you know that you do not have the whole truth, you may be more willing to be wrong about the conclusions your mind wants to draw from evidence gathered. Freedom lies in a willingness to be wrong. When you need to be right, you bind yourself to defending a particular position. We each have our piece to the puzzle and together we make the puzzle complete and recognize the long forgotten picture of truth.

Is there just one puzzle, or are there a number of puzzles and if your piece doesn’t fit one, will there be another puzzle, or school of thought that you can plug into? Is truth different for everyone or is there only one truth? Are you willing to let the truth be true whatever it may be? If what you believe is not the truth, of what use is it? When you are ready to admit that you might be wrong, will you not be more tolerant of others’ beliefs? If God is your Source and if He created you like Himself, then you must be God. Are you willing to let yourself be Divine and perfect if that is who you are? Ego maintains that truth is different for everyone. Ego’s purpose in trying to convince you of this idea is to produce chaos. Chaos serves to keep the truth from being obvious.

To think that truth could be different for everyone comes from ego’s plan to confuse and foil our attempts at reaching truth. It would mean that there are many puzzles and that your piece completes one puzzle, while you have no connection with any other puzzles. Does that ring true? It doesn’t for me. I think we are all connected. We each hold our piece to the one puzzle and we need every piece to have the whole picture. We do depend on each other and on God. That is unity and oneness and paves the way to ultimate truth. Insisting that truth is different for everyone prevents a joining. We can only join in the truth, and if it is different for everyone, how can we join? I do not care whether I am right or wrong, I only want to join with you in the truth.

Truth must be universally true, whatever it is. It may be approached in a number of ways and that would be form, but when you have found truth, you will have found it to be the same for everyone. You may climb the mountain on the north side and someone else may ascend by the southern trail. But when you reach the top, the view will be the same for both of you.

What do you do when someone disagrees with your believe? We must always be willing to be wrong and to listen to our heart. Never attack another’s position. If you feel the need to defend the truth, that is a good indication that you are wrong. Untruth cannot threaten truth, so truth does not need your defense. Protect the truth by living and walking it. You will be guided as to how to express the truth. Truth is beyond words, thus words are inadequate even to point to truth, yet your yearning for only the truth must be enough to reveal to you the profoundest, deepest, most elevated truths, even via limited or clumsy means. Everything can be used. We need to keep in mind that words are limited, and that they may not accurately convey what we are trying to say, so we must always listen deeply, past words to essence.

Ultimate truth would answer questions like: Were you created? If you were created, then was everyone and everything else also created? Are you God? Are you whole and perfect forever? If you are whole and perfect as you were created, then does it follow that so is everyone else? Are you innocent forever? If you are innocent forever, then is everyone else also innocent? Is the world real or is it unreal or is it both? 

Gathering evidence means not settling for a portion of the truth. When we want all the truth we have to dive deep. Our willingness to know will draw all the evidence we need to us. Truth is generalizable. Why settle for only a portion of the truth? For all-knowledge, for the whole truth we must be willing to explore the reality of God, ourselves, ego, the world, our bodies, life, death… Watch any tendency to draw hasty conclusions based on insubstantial evidence. 

Just because you may be able to convince others to agree with your position does not mean you have found the truth. Witnesses do not constitute hard evidence. Even if everyone believes it to be so, does not make an idea true. Do you have irrefutable evidence for your conclusions? Do you have the courage to be wrong? Only when we want to join in the truth, will we have a true purpose. That is my purpose.

At one time everyone was convinced the world was flat. Today we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is round. Even though everyone was at one time convinced of its flatness could not make it different from what it truly is and has always been. Even if you knew the world was round while everyone else held the false belief that it was flat, you needn’t have convinced anyone. All you need do is sail around it and everyone is convinced. When you really know, there will be little need to talk. Baba says, “First be, then do, then speak, but then only a little.”

Truth Lies In Content Deep To Form

Either reincarnation is true for everyone, regardless of whether you believe in it or not, or it is not true for anyone, even if you do believe in it. To me it does not matter whether we reincarnate or not. All that matters is the truth. I do not defend reincarnation, nor do I defend against it. I subscribe to reincarnation, but I’m willing to be wrong. In itself, it is not important one way or other as it is relative truth and not ultimate truth. I want ultimate truth, whatever it is.

Either destiny is predetermined or we have freewill. I don’t care if it is predetermined or if we have freewill, I want the truth. Either we made ego to replace God or we did not. I only want the truth. Either God created everyone or He did not. I only want the truth. I am willing to be wrong about my position. It does not matter so much what I have discovered to be the truth. What matters is that you only want the truth and that you are willing to question every one of your beliefs for the sake of truth. This opens the door to truth beyond conceptual understanding.

Your glasses may have the most beautiful frames, but will you wear them if the lenses impair your vision? The frame is the form and the glass the content. Of what use are your glasses with beautiful frames if you cannot see through them? Of what use is your belief if it does not pass the test of truth? People who insist that their form is the only true form are confusing form with content. Each religion offers a unique form. In content they all teach love for God and fellowman. Do not succumb to thinking your religion is the only way. It may be the right way for you but it may not be right for someone else. What is important is your love, respect and support for each other, overlooking your differences on the level of form while remembering your sameness on the level of content.

When we say truth is the same for everyone, we are speaking of content, not of form. There is only one truth, though it can be expressed through all religions and spiritual movements, as well as a huge variety of other avenues. Einstein discovered truth through mathematics, many have come upon it through music, contemplation, or meditation. The pure non-dual teachings, the qualified non-dual teachings, as well as the dual teachings are all equally valid paths to truth. The paths of service, devotion and wisdom are all legitimate paths to God. The paths of the householder and that of the renunciate are equal approaches to God.

These many paths are all only different on the level of form. It is your desire for truth that will direct you to truth and draw truth to you. Truth has to do with content, deep to form. And your uniqueness will draw to you the form that resonates in your heart as your chosen path. Where content is concerned, it must be that either truth is universally true or it is not true for anyone. Pots may be many, water is one. Bulbs are many, electricity is one. Forms may be different though content is ever the same.

All Religions Contain The Truth Equally

Baba says all religions are equally valid paths to God. Then He goes on to say that it doesn’t matter what your religion, what matters is the purity of your heart. All the different religions have something in common that make them legitimate roads to ultimate truth. That is where my interest lies. I am concerned with content deep to form. Whatever your religion, practice it with full endeavor, purity and love for God and fellowman. That is content and can be experienced through any form, be it the form offered through Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism or the Muslim tradition. Each of those religions teach you to love God above all and your fellowman as yourself. Every religion is the same at its core and yet how much heartache has been caused over seeming differences.

If your religion espouses that it is the only way, that is a belief. What proof do you have that yours is the only way? Your conviction does not make it so. Some Christians believe that Jesus died for their sins and that if you don’t believe your salvation depends on his death, you are damned to hell. What proof do they have that this is so? Is that what Jesus taught? Jesus taught the masses to be perfect. If perfection is possible, what sins are there that require another’s blood, another’s sacrifice? Some Muslims believe that they will attain heaven through killing in Allah’s name. Who has come back to confirm that this is so?

Irrational conclusions spring from alliance with ego. Ego wants to survive at our expense. See the truth and you stand free of any past distortions. To know the truth, we have to be open to all possibilities and then ask to be shown. We have to want the truth above all else. You may have invested heavily in what you assumed was true or in what you let others tell you was true. To give up your lifelong beliefs can feel very threatening. We can move quickly when it simply doesn’t matter what has gone before. Now we stand fresh, prepared to throw it all overboard for the sake of only the truth. I pray God grant us all the courage and strength to be willing to do whatever it takes to know the whole truth. Even if we have invested heavily in a dead horse it can never win the race for us. We have to invest in a live horse and be winners. We have to be willing to be wrong about all our past beliefs. All we have to lose is alliance with ego and ego is an imposter.

If you find yourself fanatical about your beliefs, that is a red flag. Be willing to be shown the truth behind your beliefs. Do they withstand the test of reason, logic and perfect peace? I believe with all my heart that Sai Baba is God, but I don’t need to be fanatical about Him. I don’t need to deify Him. I don’t need you to believe in Him in order to love you. I don’t need you to believe in Him in order that you be saved. I know that we each have to save ourselves. It does help to have an authentic teacher but that in itself is not a guarantee of salvation. All that is necessary is your passionate desire for eternal life and a willingness to do whatever it takes and the whole universe will come to your aid. It all starts with a willingness to lead a life of purity and holiness, whatever your chosen path.

Purity Is Essential To Every Path

There are those who defend against purity by contending that purity is different for everyone, or in other ways justify diminishing the value of purity. That would be ego again trying to throw you off the trail, as everyone knows exactly what is pure and in alignment with truth and what is not. When you want to be holy, you know what holiness is because you were created holy and cannot forget your truth.

As long as you don’t want to be holy, you will find all kinds of justifications for unholiness, such as ‘holiness is different for everyone, therefore ambiguous,’ or ‘unholy behavior cannot affect the truth,’ or ‘it is impossible to be holy’ or ‘I’m only human...’  To justify impurity means you don’t want to be who you are. Holiness is the cornerstone and foundation of all paths to truth and alone removes the blocks to the awareness of truth.

The suicide bomber professes to be a Muslim but that does not guarantee him or her eternal life. To be a suicide bomber is to use one’s body for attack and thereby to make it real. This is an example of attempting to justify impurity, though impurity cannot be justified. Use your religion as a springboard into truth. To kill those of another religion for any reason is not love but hate. In hating anyone, you hate and hurt yourself and bind yourself to the cycle of birth and death, cause and consequence.

Baba says that it is good to be born in a religion but not to die in one. Move on beyond religious dogma. Spirituality is not containable and is not limited to a particular form. If you insist on retaining your religion, then at least don’t deify its founder and thereby become dependent. To let your leader be a way shower is to be in true relationship with him, but to depend on him to do it for you is to be untrue to yourself. You are your own savior. No one can do it for you. Every one must accept the truth for himself. Jesus death on the cross cannot save you, but Jesus living example of love for God and all people everywhere can.

Once Al Drucker asked Sai Baba, “Are You the Messiah?” Baba answered, “It is not like that. Save yourself and others too.” You be the savior of the world. You will step into that responsibility when you truly know the world to be in your mind. Baba says He can turn earth into sky and sky into earth, but over men’s hearts He has no power. We each have to save ourselves. That is so because we were created free.

You Already Know The Truth

Everyone knows the truth for we were created to know everything forever. Be true to yourself. The process of regaining awareness of truth must be one of recognition and remembrance of what you already know through a willingness to let go of what you have convinced yourself was the truth, though it was never true. That process requires a willingness to acknowledge that perhaps you were poorly taught, and that now you would rather be happy than right. It requires honesty and an attitude that it doesn’t matter if you have been wrong about everything all your life, as long as all you want now is the truth. Past is past. There is only now. Eagerness and a willingness to be wrong are infinitely more helpful to an exploration of all the different possibilities from all the various angles than a mind that thinks it knows something. As soon as you draw a conclusion you have closed your mind to all possibilities. Be ever alert to your mind’s tendency toward contraction.

There are those who worship the teachings of ACIM as gospel truth. I differ with some of the content of the course and therefore do not blindly follow everything in it, even though I find it to be the most profound piece of literature I have ever come across. I do not deify anyone or anything, as I take personal responsibility for my awakening. I will use everything, but always with integrity. If you do not agree with something I am writing, first see if you have understood what I am trying to convey by entering my mind. That is possible as minds are joined  - ask to be shown what I’m trying to convey deep to the words and if my ideas are pure. Then see if your resistance comes from a clear perspective. If it does, do not accept my conclusions. I am always searching, refining, expanding, so it is possible that what seems good evidence for the truth today may change as a new insight brings a deeper understanding.

Mostly, I wish to inspire you to want to know the truth about yourself for yourself and not to give anyone power over you to discover it for you. Honor yourself. Be responsible for yourself. Use your saviors to show you the way. Know that you are all-powerful and that you have limitless capacity to know whatever you set your heart and mind to knowing.

Included in your capacity is your ability to learn as quickly as you wish, even instantly. It would give me great satisfaction for you to surpass me in your passionate embrace of the truth. Jesus inspired his disciples to surpass him by saying to them, “Greater works than I have done shall you do.” How much do you really want truth? Enough to give up all untruth, all specialness and all competitiveness? Only then can you reach the truth quickly.

There will be those who insist that truth cannot be known, that it is a mystery. That has never been my position. I have always felt I had the right to know and always had a determination to do whatever I could to find out everything, demanding to know what I was told was unknowable. My constant prayer to God has been, “Please show me. I want to know. I’m willing to do anything for the truth. I’m willing to give everything for the truth.”

Be True To Yourself

Do not accept what anyone tells you is or isn’t the truth unless it resonates deep in your heart where you know. Do your own research and be willing to turn over every stone, willing to have been wrong about everything. You will defend untruth only as long as you do not love yourself. With self-love it becomes easy to accept the truth. When you have received even the tiniest glimpse of who you are as God created you, you will see just how lovable you really are. That experience is available to you the instant you truly want it.

I question Sai Baba and A Course In Miracles, my two greatest sources of truth. I use everything, but I do my own footwork. I’m not lazy. I won’t accept anything based solely on its source, but I will accept all that rings true in my heart, even if it comes from a questionable source. I accept nothing on someone else’s authority. It has to be reasonable to me. Sai Baba says, “If I say one thing and your heart tells you something else, always follow your heart.” Even when I think I’ve understood, I stay open, knowing that I have a history of being wrong. I want the truth. I don’t care if I’m wrong. I do not claim to have the answers. A free mind is a mind that is willing to be wrong about everything. On such an open mind, truth can dawn of itself, for it was always there.

There is no need to defend the truth because it cannot become untrue. I want only the truth for you and have no investment in being right. It is so easy to find ways to misinterpret and misapply the teachings if you are not 100% earnest and vigilant in wanting the truth above all else. That is so because we have allied with a slippery, crafty ego, that wishes to stay alive, and truth and ego are mutually exclusive. Ego survives at your expense. You trade in your eternal life for ego’s existence. When you turn toward the truth, ego feels threatened and tries to fool you into getting sidetracked in all kinds of dead ends and byways leading no where. That is why Sai Baba lovingly chides, “Practice Constant Integrated Awareness (CIA),” and “Always Be Careful (ABC).”

Truth Is That Which Does Not Change

Whether reincarnation is true or not it is not ultimate truth as re-embodiment has to do with change. Knowing that reincarnation happens after you die can however serve to help you reach ultimate truth. If you knew you would reincarnate again and again until you got it right, you would be motivated to lead a perfect life, if you were tired of reincarnating. Neither real pearls nor fake ones are real in the ultimate sense as even a real pearl deteriorates with time, but you would prefer real ones to fake ones, wouldn’t you? If reincarnation is what happens after death, it is like the real pearl, because it can lead to ultimate truth. It is not ultimate truth, because it has to do with change, and ultimate truth is changeless.

Knowing relative truth can serve a valuable purpose toward ultimate truth. When you want the truth no matter what it looks like, you open the door to being shown in a way that will not feel threatening. But you must be willing to do your part, that of leading a life of noble character, so that you can be shown. Be true for the fog of untruth to lift. Deception, dishonesty and insincerity are untruths that point away from truth. Telling the truth, being accurate, being honest and acting with integrity pave the way to ultimate truth.

Truth is the same for everyone forever. That does not mean we all have to do the same things or have the same religion, or the same interests or experiences. Variety and differences on the level of form can and must be appreciated and tolerated in order that we live together in peace. Wars are fought over differences of religion, race, color, sex and nationality. But truth is one and contact is the appreciation of sameness despite seeming differences. 

A beautiful garden may have a variety of flowers. That makes it beautiful. Those flowers of many colors, shapes and fragrances have all been tended by the same gardener. They all grow due to her love and tender care, and all are pleasing to her. There are no exceptions. Either God is love and showers love on all, or God is not love. God will not be love sometimes and not at other times or with some individuals and not with others. Finally, we have to own that we are all really much more alike than we are different. That sameness is oneness and that is what ego does not want us to hear, for ego thrives on specialness and differences.

Ultimate truth is universal. You can tell a story and that story may be true or untrue on the level of form, but the final truth about all stories is that they are untrue if they are stories related to name and form in any way, for name and form are untrue. Is there a true story beyond form? I would imagine it to be the following:

A True Story

Once upon an eternity God is, and that is all there is. God is expansion, light, love, holiness, sacredness and purity. God knows everything. God creates creations of light. That is just what happens as God. God is not static but rather dynamically creates forever. God is an idea. As an idea, He creates ideas. He creates you and me as ideas of light. God creates us to be and have everything forever, exactly like Himself. We were created like God in every way. We were created to know, to create and to love. We were created with all the attributes that God has. God created you and me one with Him forever.

God is both Spirit and mind and so are we. God knows everything forever. Mind knows, wills and creates. Baba says, “I never think. When I will I act.” We were created to know everything forever. You, as mind, were created to have and be knowledge, will power, creative expression and freedom. As Spirit, you have and are sacredness, holiness, innocence, love, light, joy and peace forever. For God, mind and Spirit are perfectly one forever. God created you to be inseparable as mind and Spirit forever as well. God and His creations too are inseparable from Him and each other forever.

And we were created to have freedom. We were given limitless freedom to create. However God could not give us autonomy as He created us one with Him forever. We are dependent on God just as God is dependent on us forever. In that also we are exactly like Him. God awaits our blessing for every creative act He undertakes. He does will us to be free to express ourselves creatively. We are not free to be separate from Him or each other as we were created to be one with God and each other forever.

In your mind you can think you are different from how you were created, but as soul you know the truth forever. As mind you can make for yourself an illusion and convince yourself that is the truth. That is possible because your mind is as powerful as God’s, because your mind is the mind of God. God is the mind with which you think. You were given the freedom to use God’s mind for a true experience or an untrue experience at the moment of creation. It is impossible to alter the truth in any way though it is possible to deceive yourself that untruth is true. In this true story, you did not choose to be different from how you were created, thus you are in the experience of being all-powerful, uniquely creative and lovingly blissful forever.

God created a heavenly world for us. He created a world out of His love for His children. The world is a Divine and precious gift, a creation of light. Everything in the world lives forever. Everyone in the world is perfectly happy and peaceful forever. God gave the world to us as a place in which to commune with Him and each other in perfect harmony, creativity, joy, brotherhood, love and delight. We are one with God and each other and there is only love between us forever. We all live happily forever as one, sharing one universal mind, the mind of God, and one universal Spirit, the Spirit of God. There is perfect oneness between mind and Spirit. This is a true story beyond form. It is our story now because though we may be in the experience of an untrue story, not one note in heaven’s song was missed.

An Untrue Story

Here is an untrue story that never happened, though it may seem very real and very true. Once upon a time, after experiencing ourselves as perfection, holiness, purity and ever-deepening love, we wanted to experience something different. We wanted to use our freedom to experience independence from God. For that we needed to make our own source. We made ego to replace God. Now that we had made ego, we were told by ego to forget all about our experience of perfection because greater freedom was to be found in independence, imperfection, impurity and impiety. We were told that we were in trouble for doing something that was not God’s will and that we’d better hide or we would be punished.

We turned our perfect world into a hiding place where we could forget about God and enjoy imperfection. Now we were ‘free’ to play by a new set of rules. Over time we convinced ourselves we had no power and no knowledge. We believed that our brothers and sisters would take from us if we didn’t take from them first, so we became suspicious of everyone and everything and that suspiciousness turned quickly to viciousness.

We did not know who was our friend. We did not know who could be trusted. If they were of a different color, race or religion they were cleansed from our lives. If they believed differently about God, that was cause to fight and kill our brothers. If they set foot on our territory, vanquishing them was perfectly justified. We needed to survive and learned to take care of our physical, mental and emotional needs ourselves, independent of God.

There was jealousy, anger, greed, lust, pride and hatred. Jealousy made us want what our brother had because we believed we had less than he did. We were angry when our brother did not do what we wanted him to because we wanted it our way. We were greedy and took much more than we needed and so some of our brothers and sisters starved but we didn’t care, because we forgot that they were our very selves and that their pain was ours. We had lust and hurt our sisters to appease our appetites. We had pride and wanted to be powerful rulers and didn’t care who we trampled on to get what we wanted. We hated those who looked different, thought different or had different backgrounds from us.

We hurt our brothers and sisters and they hurt us. We all felt guilty and received results in kind. We suffered, got old and died. We felt this was justice. We had unfulfilled desires and debts to pay to balance the scales, so we were born again and did it all over again for countless lives. We thought God had abandoned us. We felt forsaken, betrayed, forgotten and rejected. We thought God was dead. We thought God didn’t care. We thought God was to blame. We thought God was cruel. And God waited patiently and any time you or I called out to Him, He was right there for us. He has been there all along, but we just forgot to call on Him, because we had pushed Him aside. This is our story. It is not a true story, yet it is true for you and me, and seems truer than our true story told earlier, wouldn’t you agree?

Miracles And Forgiveness Serve To Reestablish Truth

We all want peace to be restored to earth. We all want the first story to be our experience. We all want brother to live with brother in peace and harmony. We all want to know that we can trust each other and God and feel safe and cared for and not have to work to survive, and not have to see and hear about endless wars, sickness, starvation, suffering, dying and catastrophes. We want to hear about peace, joy, abundance and love for each other and God. We want a world where there is plenty for all, where there is no conflict or strife, where there is only love and good will. We want a world where mother earth is happy and there are no ‘natural’ disasters or weird weather patterns. Isn’t that the world you’d like to live in, if you had the choice? Is this mere wishful thinking or is this world possible?

What will it take for the untrue story to be undone and the true story experienced? It will take a miracle. It will take forgiveness. Miracles and forgiveness are relative truths. They have no relationship to the world God created, for in that world miracles and forgiveness are not needed, but they are necessary to restore us to the real world.

What is forgiveness? Forgiveness merely says that none of the untrue story ever happened, because all that is possible is God and God’s love. It says that what you thought your brother did to you had no effect. It says you have nothing to forgive because nothing happened to disturb the truth. Truth is of God and our decision to change it was not successful, simply because we are not more powerful than God. Ego, of course, wants no part of truth, because the truth is ego is not true. If truth is total, the untrue cannot exist and so ego cannot exist.

True forgiveness acknowledges personal responsibility for everything that happens to you. When unreality is your experience, a shift in consciousness will restore you to reality. That shift takes place through forgiveness or self-responsibility. Self-responsibility acknowledges that nothing can happen to you against your will. That is true forgiveness. Forgiveness brings you into right relationship with what is happening and opens the door to miracles.

What is a miracle? A miracle is the undoing of that which never happened. It is the undoing of the second story. That story is not true and never occurred, but it did seem to happen and so we need a miracle to undo it. We cannot be free of the untrue story by glossing over it or denying it. It is a denial of the truth. We have to deny the denial. Miracles do this by translating denial into truth. The truth is there is no sickness, suffering or death. A spiritual adept may agree that this is so and thus encourage you to just ignore sickness and suffering. It does seem harder to ignore when you are experiencing pain directly. If you knew your oneness with everyone and everything, it would not be so easy to ignore or deny another’s suffering.

There are those who contend that Ramana Maharshi, Rama Krishna and Nisargadatta, all realized sages, suffered and died of cancer but that they were not suffering because they knew the truth. I pray they did not suffer. I would rather not have cancer in my body whether I recognized it as real or not. I do not wish cancer on anyone, not the saints, nor the sinners. No one deserves to be anything but whole and perfect as his or her direct experience right now.

It may be that those great saints were taking on planetary suffering because planetary consciousness at that juncture did not permit the suffering to be undone. We are the writers of our destiny. It can be anything we want and it can change when we so choose as well. I wish for a destiny where sickness and suffering are entirely abolished for everyone. As more and more minds join in expecting miracles, they will be everyone’s experience as there is power in joining in truth and a world free of injustice, disease and lack is the truth. Miracles deny the denial by undoing the unreal world of suffering and lack. When enough minds become truly miracle-minded, the shortening process becomes immeasurable and we will see the world transformed before our very eyes.

Above All Else, I Want To See

Unreality is very real to us and therefore requires transformation for its undoing. It requires an action of mind, a shift in consciousness. Miracles restore us to wholeness by undoing what never was. Why bother undoing what is not real? For the simple reason that it seems very real to us or it could not be in our minds. We would not have unreal experiences if we did not believe in them. Denying the denial does not mean ignoring unreality. We must guard against the mind’s tendency toward using denial inappropriately. We must use vigilance to actively see unreality for what it is, and thereby withdraw energy from it.

In the movie, American Beauty, a young man looked on the horror of a murder scene with a display of the deepest love, as if to depict that he was seeing truly, he was seeing only innocence and beauty. Someone had just shot himself to death. That was violence. There was no beauty in it. It was horrific and a real response would have included shock and sadness. By seeing it as beautiful, the young man was giving reality to the unreal, which can be measured by how out of touch it was with life. This is a gross misapplication of the teaching to see only what is real. This kind of desensitization is the cause of children shooting each other in school yards. It is insanity due to being out of touch with reality and applying the teachings from conceptual understanding.

In the Bible, when Jesus was told by Mary and Martha that Lasarus had died, Jesus wept. He obviously knew the unreality of death, as shortly thereafter he performed a miracle of raising Lasarus from the dead. Everyone else was weeping and Jesus expressed sensitivity and compassionate by weeping with them. Laughter or finding ‘good’ in that moment would have been entirely inappropriate and out of touch. Be real. Don’t intellectualize or conceptualize yourself out of heartfulness. Be in your heart, not your head. A pure mind knows the truth and that is its strength.

True vision can be perceived only by the truly innocent. Because their hearts are pure, they defend true perception, instead of defending themselves against it. Purity comes with responsibility for error and a willingness to correct it. In that you guard against arrogating to yourself a knowing that is not there and thereby open the door to true vision. To be holy, all you need is the willingness to be who you are. You will have your own direct experience of truth when you stop being determined that you know something on your own. As long as you think truth must look a certain way, you close the door to a true experience. Be willing to be wrong and you open the door to truth.

Don’t let someone else’s experience determine your truth. You are worthy to have your own direct experience. And when you have that coveted vision of the Divine watch that you not use that to be different or special. Watch the mind’s tendency to draw erroneous conclusions even from glimpses from out of time. It is easy to fool yourself that you are enlightened because of an extra sensory experience. Don’t put your own interpretations on anything and thereby close the door to ultimate truth. No one is so hopelessly bound as the one who falsely believes himself enlightened. Don’t be self-proclaimed. Let the universe confirm your enlightenment for you. Till then be willing to be wrong, even about your enlightenment. There are many false prophets in the world today so we must be ever so bright and committed to true seeing.

How do you know if you’ve zeroed in on truth? There will be no doubts. You will just know. It will not come from books or teachings, but from direct revelatory experience. When you’ve laid all your ideas aside and have no investment in being right, when you have a certainty, when you find yourself thinking of God and the end of suffering for all, when you are not embroiled in your own drama, then only can you be confident that you have understood something. The truth will ring true in a pure heart. Truth comes in removing untruth. Ego and its underpinnings must be seen truly and relinquished, for truth to reemerge.

Turn To The Sun And The Shadow Is Behind You

Error is always undone in the presence of truth. When we decided to make ego, we made a mistake. It was not the truth as it is impossible to replace God as our Source, so it never happened. Bring truth to bear on any situation and error disappears. Look to the truth and untruth vanishes. Baba likens truth to the sun. When you face the sun, the shadow is behind you. When the sun rises and is directly overhead, the shadow has disappeared. You need do nothing to the shadow. If you fight it, it will not disappear. You cannot escape it by running from it, so stand still and let the sun of wisdom rise overhead. Then the shadow vanishes of its own accord.

If you turn toward the shadow, you are turning away from the sun and all that will be real for you will be the shadow. But the shadow was never real. If you have turned to the shadow, then see it for what it is – nothing. Don’t deny the shadow or you give it reality. Don’t confuse the sun with the shadow. Don’t see shadow and call it the sun. Use discrimination to tell the difference between the real and the unreal, the true and the untrue. How can you turn to the sun if you do not know the difference between the sun and the shadow? As ridiculous as that may sound, we have all convinced ourselves of the reality of the shadow and the unreality of the sun, the reality of the world of ego and the unreality of God and His love. We will see truly only when we want to see truly.

Truth will dawn of itself. God wants us to have the truth. He has not withheld it from His beloved children. When you search for and discard everything that is not the truth, you make way for the truth. All concepts about what is true and what is not have to be undone. Truth comes with depth of understanding beyond intellectual concepts. It is restored through desire for it, as it was lost through desire for something else. Truth can only be experienced within. Do not seek for it outside yourself. It is not of the world. Seek it within.

Truth Is Beyond Words

Truth can only be recognized and need only be recognized. To describe truth through mere words is a reduction and frequently leads to misinterpretation and misapplication. A yogi knows a flower by becoming one with its essence. A scientist dissects a flower, analyzes it and figures out from his explorations the function of each different part, but in the process its essence is lost. Do not try to figure out or analyze the truth, but rather allow truth to dawn, asking incisive questions, standing still, drawing your circle. Be willing to do whatever it takes, willing to be wrong, with all purity of heart and intention.

 At the same time, we must be willing to plumb the depths. Measure your thoroughness on the basis of its heartfulness. A mind that probes, yet lacks heart is ineffective. A mind that inquires deeply, fearlessly, willing to investigate every clue for the sake of truth, uses passion purposefully. That one does not lose touch with reality or heart, but probes to get in touch with both. Is a mind that is ever compassionate toward all humanity, yearning for the end of suffering for all, off the track? We must do whatever it takes to remove the blocks to the awareness of truth and that requires deep self-inquiry.

There are those who discourage deep inner inquiry. That may be because they do not have the truth and do not want to be exposed. Their beliefs may be threatened by deep inquiry. Truth cannot be threatened, so if one feels threatened, he can be sure he does not have the truth. When people thought the earth was flat, they felt very threatened by those who were making ready to sail around it, because they were invested in being right and didn’t want the truth. To be willing to be wrong takes courage. When you are willing to be wrong about other things you open the door to being wrong about ego, therefore ego tries to convince you to think you are right about those things that you are clearly wrong about and to never admit error. In our willingness to be wrong about everything else, we weaken ego’s hold.

The Truth Is You Are And Have Always Been Innocent

Do you have the courage to be wrong about yourself? You thought you were guilty and gathered all kinds of evidence and witnesses to prove your guilt. You made a case against yourself that was fool proof, but not God proof. God knows your innocence and when you let Him be your advocate, all your evidence will be seen as insubstantial, inconclusive, immaterial and irrelevant. The case against you will be dismissed on the spot. God is always working with your best interest at heart. He has all the evidence immediately available to prove you innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt.

If God would make such a great lawyer, why don’t we hire Him? He wants nothing more than to be our advocate. He will be happy to see us all set free. The problem is ego always speaks loudest and first and we listen to it. Ego convinces you that you are in better hands with it. So, without investigating whether what ego is saying is true, you blindly believe ego and let it be your counselor and that is a mistake because ego doesn’t want the truth. Ego wants you guilty. And of course it doesn’t want to let on to you, because only a fool would choose a lawyer who was going to do everything possible to prove him guilty. Everyone wants a lawyer who will win the case for him and prove him innocent.

Well, ego persuaded you that it was the best thing going. It convinced you that if God were your lawyer He would really fortify the evidence against you. That was a lie and you bought it and thus you chose a lawyer who did everything to throw the book at you. You were convinced you were guilty, but the truth is you have always been innocent. You can choose a different lawyer whenever you like. God is always available. Don’t worry about hurting ego’s feelings. It has been beating you up. It doesn’t deserve your loyalty or kindness. It will be in the best interest of all if you see clearly what ego’s game is and walk away from it toward the light. Once ego is seen truly as false, it will vanish. It was never real.

Truth is the same for everyone. Everyone has always been innocent. ‘Even the hardened criminal?’ you might ask. There are no exceptions. If you make one exception, if guilt is real for anyone, then it is real for everyone, and then it must be real for you as well. If the hardened criminal kills in cold blood, his ego is guilty, but he is not. He has done nothing but listen to ego, which gave him some very bad advice. This does not make him a victim of forces beyond his control. He chose to listen to ego. He is all-powerful and there is no force outside of him making him do something he does not wish to do. Ego persuades you to engage in corruption so you will feel guilty without taking responsibility for your actions. You are responsible for every one of your actions.

In the movie, Dead Man Walking, a nun helps to transform a man on death row convicted of rape and murder. Initially he denies the charges, but through her love finds the courage to admit his wrongs and take responsibility for them. She tells him, quoting the Bible, “The truth shall set you free.” Her unconditional love helps him come into true relationship with his actions so he is able to apologize to the families of the victims and leave this world with dignity. He makes huge leaps in consciousness due to her willingness to see his innocence beyond his actions.

Make A Life Changing Commitment Today

It is only in being fully responsible that we will be willing to change our minds. This change of mind alone permits the undoing of the consequences of erroneous acts. We are responsible for our actions and our minds can only be healed when we are willing to be wrong if we commit a hurtful act. Because we are innocent no matter what we do does not justify unkindness. A devious mind can justify any action, unto murder. This is ego’s racket. If you touch it, it will burn you.

Always be careful about how you interpret the teachings. Impure actions do generate guilt or they simply could not have been enacted and then ego makes sure that the proper punishment is meted out. If you listen to ego, you will be persuaded that you are guilty and will agree to suffer the consequences of your actions. Be responsible for your actions. There is no power outside of you forcing you to do things against your better judgment. Past is gone, but turn over a new leaf and stop justifying the unjustifiable. Make a life changing commitment today. There are plenty of examples of reformed alcoholics, transformed liars, thieves, drug addicts… With God all things are possible. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

Perhaps you are not aware of this particular mechanism whereby suffering is associated with acts that produce guilt. That is only because it takes place in the unconscious part of mind. The purpose for bringing it to conscious awareness is to reestablish awareness of the unconscious. The unconscious is also ego’s idea to keep us from seeing truly. God’s creations cannot have a mind that includes subconscious and unconscious aspects. Bring those into conscious awareness by being ever vigilant and by wanting to be fully aware and awake. In your vigilance, they can be exposed to conscious awareness. Once aware of our unconscious mind, it is no longer unconscious. Then we have been restored to purely conscious mind.

Though everyone is responsible for his actions, no one is ever guilty. If a criminal truly turns to God for a total solution, God will reveal to him the truth that he cannot harm anyone in the truest sense and that he should not want to, for all are worthy of only kindness. Every person is God’s gift to him thus only appreciation and gratitude are a worthy response to anyone. If he gets it, he will have taken a quantum leap in consciousness, a shift from victim-victimizer consciousness to God-consciousness. That quantum leap ameliorates any negative effects from any deleterious past actions. When he has changed his mind, he will never have a desire to perpetrate hurtful acts again. He will be restored to wholeness. That requires a miracle. No time is necessary. It does require his recognition that he is wholly worthy because he is a precious child of God, no matter what may have gone before.

It also requires a willingness to trade in his lawyer who wants him guilty, for a lawyer who wants him innocent.  All he need do is be willing to trade in ego for God. Generally we will witness a more gradual process of transformation or awakening to truth. Generally we will lead many lives of purity and determination for the truth before we are ready to make a tiny shift in consciousness. For a murderer to make a quantum leap is very rare indeed, but with God all things are possible. It is all up to you whether you want to collapse time immeasurably, even instantly or gradually. That is the only reason time exists at all.

The truth sets us free. We are free when we want to be free, because in truth we are already free. God created us free forever. That is not alterable. That is why it is really wise to choose God to be your advocate. It is really wise to stop looking to ego to give you sound advice. Ego wants you convicted, guilty, bad, sinful, deserving of punishment. Ego’s advice is never in your best interest. The truth is you are and have always been innocent.

Only truth is true and nothing else is true. Be true to the truth. Be passionate for the truth. Be willing to be wrong about everything for the sake of truth. Then truth will dawn once again upon your most holy mind. In choosing for the truth, you make it that much easier for all people everywhere to accept the truth of who they are and to stop being terrified to change their minds about their erroneous beliefs. Courageously choose to want only the truth and thereby be a beacon of hope to all your brothers and sisters in all the world.

God of truth, Grant us the courage to want only the truth. Grant us the willingness to be wrong about everything for the sake of the truth. Grant us the broad-mindedness to see that we each have a portion of the truth and that we need each other for the whole truth. Thank You for giving us miracles, forgiveness and healing for undoing untruth and restoring us to our true experience with You. Thank You that truth is one and the same for all and does not change. Help us to love each other, despite seeming differences of religion, gender, nationality, color… Help us to recognize the underlying truth that we are all equal and so much more alike than different. Thank You that we do already know the truth. Inspire us to lead lives of purity so we can recognize our truth. Help us to be willing to give everything for the truth and grant us the courage to relinquish all untruth.

May all beings in all the worlds be happy and blest, Amen.


Only Truth Is True

Figure 10a

Ultimate Truth, Relative Truth and Untruth

Figure 10b