Chapter 1

Are You Ready to Give Up Nothing for Everything?

God, who is everything, created mankind to be and have everything.
Choosing ego, which is nothing, we entered an experience of nothing.
We convinced ourselves that nothing was everything and everything was nothing.
Everything and nothing cannot coexist. Bring them together to see the obvious.
We can choose again. Are you ready to give up nothing for everything?

Everything Is Within You

Once Sai Baba asked Al Drucker, one of His ardent devotees and professor at His university at the time, “What do you want?” As everything was going smoothly, Drucker replied in all honesty, “Nothing, Swami.” (In India, Swami is used as a term of respectful endearment for a teacher). That did not satisfy, so again Swami asked, “What do you want?“ Drucker again responded, “Nothing Swami, I’m content.” Baba was persistent and asked a third time, “What do you want?” This time Al said, “I only want You, Swami.” Swami exclaimed, “That’s not nothing, that’s everything. That’s freedom, peace, love, joy, power, wisdom, enlightenment, understanding, truth, eternity...” He pointed to Al’s heart and said, “Everything is in here,” then pointing to the market place, “Nothing is out there.”

Everything is within you. You were created by God, as God, to be and have everything forever. Are you ready to accept that? Is that all right with you? Do you feel you deserve everything, without any effort on your part? If God created you like Himself and if He were everything, then would it not follow that you too must be everything? Or is your question whether you really were created by God? Well, then do you have a Source, and if so, who is your Source? Is it just a mystery that has no answer? Can you content yourself with that? I felt it imperative to know how I came into being. I now trust, through a process of deep inner exploration, that I was created by God. I now trust that I am as He created me and that He created me to be and have everything.

What is meant by everything? Everything means that which does not change and yet continues to increase and expand forever. Everything includes peace, love, joy, truth, heaven, freedom, oneness, life, power... Everything is all-inclusive, though nothing is not part of it. Nothing refers to all that changes, deteriorates, gets lost, dies or suffers, for that is not part of everything. The world as we know it is nothing, for each body, place and thing in it has the mark of death upon it. Your body is nothing. Anything that changes shape, content or form is nothing.

Are You God?

Sai Baba says, “I am God. You are also God. The difference is that I know it, and you do not - yet. I have come to tell you that you and I are exactly the same.” The Bible says God created man in His image and likeness. Jesus says in the New Testament, “You are Gods.” When Jesus declared his oneness with his Father he was condemned to death by crucifixion. He was accused of blasphemy. A deeply entrenched thought system was seriously threatened by the idea that we could be God, an idea Jesus fully understood, lived and taught. Why has there been so much fear around accepting that idea?

Ego has convinced us that to believe ourselves Divine is arrogant, but can it be arrogant to be who we are? Ego does not want us to know our truth, for then ego loses its hold on us and will vanish. Is it possible to have been created perfect, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent forever? When we open the door to that possibility, we give ourselves the opportunity to have that as our direct experience.

If God created us in His image, it must be that we were created exactly like Him and therefore must be God. If that is so, then we were created to be and have unconditional love, unending joy and eternal peace as our direct and only experience right now and forever. Then we must have been created to be ever free, limitless in understanding, mighty in sovereignty and power, masters of a glorious, resplendent destiny. If we indeed were created by God as God, then we were created to be certain of who we are as Divine, holy, innocent and so many other wonderful exaltations that most of us dare not even dream of and certainly do not experience right now.

If this description of yourself is even remotely possible in your mind, you will want to know why it is not your direct experience. Perhaps it is not your experience now because you wanted a different experience. God is love and can only create in His likeness. He created you in love, to be and experience only love. Love is everything and alone exists, yet we experience fear and hatred. How is that possible? Can you imagine God to be afraid or hateful? How then can you, who were created by love as love have an experience other than love? Perhaps your unloving experience is not real. Perhaps fear and hatred are in fact nonexistent and sustained only by your belief in them.

God is peace. Peace is everything and yet conflict is on the rise everywhere. Perhaps war and faction are not God’s will and therefore nothing in truth. God created you to be eternally joyful, yet joy turns quickly to sorrow. Perhaps sadness, emptiness and loneliness are unreal as they are not of God. We experience restriction and limitation rather than the boundless freedom of God’s kingdom. How is it that our experience is one of being buffeted about by circumstances beyond our control? Surely God does not experience helplessness. How can it be that we are God when our experience is so lacking in Godliness, Divine splendor and certainty?

If you are as God created you, you must be as powerful as God and it must follow that there is no force outside of you arranging your circumstances for you. Then everything that happens is by your choice. If we choose our experience ourselves, what could possibly have possessed us to convince ourselves that we would prefer this insanity, this unreal experience, this nothingness, to everything? This mystifying, unbelievable descent into madness will be the exploration of this book. We have to start asking the right questions. We have to start looking at what we have taken for granted and scrutinize it. Does it hold up? Is our experience conclusive evidence that what is taking place in our lives is a real experience as God intended for us? If not, what will it take to be restored to sanity and to enter into a real experience as we were created to have forever?

Why Were We Created?

We were created to create, to love and to know. We were created as ideas in God’s mind. Ideas cannot leave their source, therefore you are an idea in God’s mind forever. Since God did not change His mind, you are forever exactly as God created you and thus forever exactly like God. God created us eternally whole, free, flawless, all-powerful, ever-extending, ever-creating and delightfully happy. Of our own freewill we chose to exit heaven, or everything and enter an experience of nothing in a world of sickness, suffering and death. We have convinced ourselves that our experience of nothing is everything and that everything is really nothing or nonexistent.

How were we created? Sai Baba says, “I separated Myself from Myself that I might love Myself.” God created us by extending Himself within Himself. God created us one with Him eternally. God is love and can only express love. He loves us, His creation, one with Him, though unique and free to create uniquely. We chose a different purpose than the one God gave us when He created us, because we wanted to experience separation from God. Thus we chose for ourselves an experience devoid of God. Any experience devoid of God must be unreal, as it is impossible to be separate from our Source.

To be restored to a real experience, we must heal the separation, the gap between who we think we are and who we really are. How do we do this? We must want to experience our oneness with God and with everyone and everything. We must stop wanting autonomy. Baba tells us to see God in everything. If you see only God, you will treat everyone as God and hold everyone’s truth of Godliness whether they are acting in a Godly manner or not. That restores oneness and heals the separation.

Should we see God in the evil as well as the good, turning a blind eye to evil, wickedness and unrighteousness? That cannot heal the separation for that is the out-picturing of separation. We must learn to look past error to the truth in ourselves and everyone, thereby inviting error to be corrected and truth restored. If you see error and condemn it, you make it real. If you see error and condone it, again you make it real. We inspire others to lead lives of purity and holiness by example.

If you see corruption or evil and call that God, you are making the unreal real and including nothing with everything due to a lack of discernment. This is mere conceptual understanding of the teaching to see God in everything. If you see corruption and bring God to bear on the situation, the corruption must be undone. That is bringing light into the darkness and thus the darkness vanishes. If you think God is in the corruption as much as the good, you have not understood God. God is everything and alone exists. Corruption is nothing and does not exist at all in truth.

Everything And Nothing Are Mutually Exclusive

Everything and nothing are two thought systems that cannot both exist. Everything has no opposite. Nothing is nonexistent forever. What is the veil between everything and nothing? It is merely a wish to be other than who you are. Is the veil impenetrable? No, it is light as a feather and whenever you want to cross back into everything from nothing, there is no force to stop you. There is no power opposing your will. You are all-powerful as God created you.

What landed you on the side of nothing when you were created to be and have everything forever? It was your choice. Your wish or desire put you there. What will it take to get back to everything? The wish to be home will permit you to cross the bridge back into everything. It is all up to you, for you are all-powerful. God wills you to be home and that choice is available right now, as God’s will is everything and alone exists. The world of lack, loneliness and fear is nothing as it is not part of God’s will.

However, let this teaching not be used to conclude that nothing is nothing for you. We must be vigilant never to underestimate the reality we have invested in nothingness. To whatever extent we experience sickness, suffering and death; peace, love and joy have been abolished. Peace, love and joy are everything while sickness, suffering and death are nothing. Everything and nothing cannot coexist.

We were created to be and have everything and to live in the Garden of Eden forever. What could have possessed us to leave paradise in the first place? Maybe we wanted to experience what it would be like to be different from how we were created. Because your mind is all-powerful, you can give yourself any experience you want. We tried to give ourselves an experience of being and having more than everything, but what would that mean? It would mean that we could actually be more than God. That is impossible as God is and has everything.

An experience of having and being more than everything cannot be a real experience, even though we can make it seem very real. You can be exactly the same as your Creator, because He created you exactly like Himself. You cannot be less because He cannot create less than Himself. Nor can you be more than your Creator, because God is everything and there is nothing greater than everything. To think you can be either more or less than God would be to think yourself separate from God. Separation from God is impossible because He created you one with Him forever. When you think separation possible, you are mistaken, though your experience may support your erroneous idea. Your mind is all-powerful and you do get the results of your own mind.

We Made Ego To Replace God

You can give yourself an experience of separation and thereby convince yourself that you are different from who you are. We each made for ourselves an ego to become different from how we were created. We made ego to replace God because we wanted to experience autonomy or separation from God. Isn’t it true that we use the world to experience independence from God? We work to meet our survival needs and forget that we are sustained by God’s love. People pride themselves on their independence and think, ‘I don’t need God,’ ‘God doesn’t love me – He doesn’t respond to my prayers,’ ‘God is up in heaven and I don’t experience Him with me in this moment,’ ‘To depend on God is weakness...’ In one way or other we find our experience to be one of separation from God. Maybe God exists, but not as part of our direct experience.

If we are all-powerful, an experience devoid of God must have originated from the idea that we’d like to experience independence from God, so, using our all-powerful minds, we made our own source to become autonomous or self-created. It was our way of pushing God aside or usurping God’s throne. We made ego to replace God. Ego means Edging God Out.

Making your own source is comparable to giving birth to your parents. It is not only ridiculous but impossible, and yet we each convinced ourselves that it was not only possible but the only truth. Though ego has been heavily invested with reality, it remains unreal. God is and has always been our Source.

Maybe you don’t accept that you made your own ego. Ego is in trouble when you know you made it and can relinquish it as easily. We have given our power away to ego. When you own that you made it, you can take back your power and pull the plug on ego. That is good news for you but not for ego, thus ego does not want you to know you are its maker and thereby in a position of power over it. Ego does not want the obvious exposed, so most people find themselves defending their egos by convincing themselves ego has something good to offer them like personality, specialness or individuality. We tend to justify its existence and do not question it because we made it.

We have an allegiance to or affinity for what we make even though it may not be real, and even though it may be hurting us. This tendency is due to a certain sense of pride of source. You naturally love what you make, just as God loves what He creates. If you have children you cannot but love them and feel proud of their accomplishments – they are seen as your creative extension, not separate from you. The confusion around ego is that it is not a creation, but rather an attempt at mutiny. God created us to create, but it is not possible to create our source. Creation is not reciprocal. We can create as God creates, but God created us and we could not in turn create our Creator.

Though it is not possible to replace God as Source we can believe it possible and that will make it real for us, as our minds are all-powerful. We can convince ourselves of anything. Ego has convinced us that we will lose ourselves if we lose it because we have believed in it as our source. The fact is we will only gain who we are by losing ego and acknowledging God as our Source. Can you become less by being who you are?

Another reason people reject the idea of having made ego is that ego is the cause of all the suffering in the world. If we made ego, we would then be responsible for the state of the world. We don’t want to be responsible, so we make God or someone else responsible. Only when we understand the unreality of our world will it become acceptable to take responsibility for the state in which we find the world. When we step into personal responsibility for the world, we will be motivated to do all we can towards its healing. Only when enough of us are willing to step into that level of responsibility can ego and the world of sickness, suffering and death be undone. They came together and go together. And only when ego is undone are we restored to wholeness. Then we will again find ourselves in a true experience of being and having everything. Then nothing will have been seen truly as the nothingness that it has always been and it will no longer be part of our experience.

Are You Willing To Give Up Nothing For Everything?

All the mystical teachings exhort us to surrender. The idea of surrender is usually resisted because it seems we are being asked to give up something. We are being asked to give up nothing so that we can have everything forever. The problem is we have made nothing everything by giving it value. Once you see that you have put value in nothing, will it be a sacrifice to trade it in for everything? All that is necessary is that you stop convincing yourself that nothing is everything, and let everything be what it is, the truth. In order to be willing to give up nothing in exchange for everything, we have to withhold belief in it and see it truly as the nothingness that it is and has always been.

When we do not place belief in what is not true, it will be undone for us and all that will be our experience will be everything, which is all there ever was. We just covered up the truth when we convinced ourselves that nothing was everything and everything was nothing. Everything has no opposite, thus nothing is truly nothing and does not exist now, nor has it ever existed. Because we have made nothing everything in our minds by giving it energy, it must be undone. This happens by seeing its nothingness. When we bring nothing and everything together the truth stands revealed.

In bringing opposites together, the fact of their complete incompatibility becomes apparent. In keeping them separate they cannot be reconciled. When two systems of belief are brought together, one must disappear. The fog of untruth lifts in the presence of truth. Light dispels the darkness. Everything is all-inclusive and there is no room in that for that which is not. It is impossible. As nothing is not part of everything it is merely nonexistent and is therefore undone when seen truly. This undoing of the unreal requires a miracle due to the reality that has been invested in it. We prepare for miracles through a shift in consciousness or an action of mind. From giving reality to nothing we withdraw belief in nothingness and allow everything to be what it is, true and real forever. The following fifteen descriptions for everything are looked at briefly here in an overview and in greater detail in the chapters that follow. Their counterpart, nothing, is exposed as what it is in truth, nonexistent.

Fifteen Aspects Of Everything Versus Nothing

1. Eternity (everything without opposite) or time and space (its apparent opposite – nothing) - God created everything to be eternal. Our experience is of time and space where all we see dies, disappears or disintegrates with time. We think time and space are the only reality and that eternity is nonexistent. Thus we have convinced ourselves that time and space are true for all eternity. We have brought eternity to time and space and thereby made the unreal real.

Eternity can be experienced right now by dropping past and future. Time and space require a past and a future, neither of which have anything to do with God and His creation. True teachers teach you to be here now, as here and now are real and truly reliable. When you have no regrets about the past or worries about the future, you are in the present, the eternal now.  We made time and space to be our experience for all eternity by pushing eternity out of the equation. As soon as eternity is brought back into the equation, time and space simply disappear as they were never real. We can use them wisely now to regain eternity.

2. God-dependence (everything without opposite) or ego-dependence (its apparent opposite – nothing) – You are a thought in the mind of God. As such you have never left God. You have no existence apart from Him. You are totally God-dependent. This dependence is where your freedom lies, for God created you free. His kingdom is freedom and in your dependence on God you are equal with Him, and thereby you are God. Symbiosis, whereby God depends on you and you depend on Him, is your true relationship with God. It is a naturally joyful interdependent relationship.

We made ego to be independent of God, but we merely traded in one dependency for another. If you look closely, you will see that ego-dependence is actually the cause of all apparent bondage. Dependence on ego is an unreal relationship, while dependence on God is a healthy, true, dynamic relationship - the dance of the lover and the beloved, wherein you enhance each other’s joy. You pine for God and He pines for you and you rejoice in each other’s presence. It is Divine nectar. By contrast, ego dependence is a parasitic relationship whereby it leads you to believe you need it to live so it can live at your expense. Ego is totally dependent on you, or more specifically on you thinking you are guilty, for its survival.

Maybe you are interested in exploring the possibility of being independent of both God and ego as the truth. There are those who think that to see God as your Source is dualistic, but when we realize that we are equal with God and not separate, both the idea that we were created by God and that there is only oneness can be held simultaneously. Sai Baba says you can only choose between God and ego. If that is so, we cannot escape dependence. When you see clearly what the choices are, would you rather depend on God or ego? You can depend on God for everything. You can depend on ego for nothing.

3. Reality (everything without opposite) or unreality (its apparent opposite – nothing) - Everything God creates is real. Everything we make without God is unreal and therefore nothing, as without God we can do nothing. All peace, love and joy are real, while all sickness, suffering and death are unreal, as God did not create them. When we made ego to be our source, we made for ourselves an unreal situation, as ego is an unreal idea in our minds. All that comes from alliance with ego is unreal, as it has no basis. That is good news, as it can therefore easily be undone. It is only held in place by our belief. As soon as we withhold belief from the unreal, reality will be our experience. It was our wish for unreality that made it real for us, just as our wish for reality will allow that to be our experience.

Unreality can deceive, but can change. Reality is changeless. It does not deceive at all. If you fail to see beyond appearances, you are deceived. Everything you see will change. If you believe the changeable to be reality, then reality has been reduced to form and is capable of change. We have given the unreal reality, though it can never be real. As long as we insist that the unreal is real, reality is not allowed to be what it is. Yet reality remains ever unaffectable and it is this that makes it real and keeps it separate from all appearances. It must transcend all unreality to be itself. God is a real idea in your mind. Everything that bubbles forth from alliance with God is real. Ego is an unreal idea and all that comes from that alliance is unreal. We need merely stop making the unreal real and allow the real to be real to be restored to a real experience.

4. Heaven (everything without opposite) or hell (its apparent opposite – nothing) - God created you to be in heaven forever. Heaven is everything. God made a real world, a heavenly world. The world as we experience it does not exist except in our minds. Neither do our bodies. Your physical body was made to be a limitation on what God created you to be. It is perishable and vulnerable. Yet it can be used either to return to heaven or to remain in hell.

The world has been used to hide from God and so it became a hell, yet it can be used to reunite with God and then it will again be heaven. The unreal can be transformed back into the real. Unreal thoughts lead to an unreal world and an unreal physical body, which has been mistaken for our true identity. The world is a projection of the mind. It reflects back to you what is in your mind. Your true thoughts help to heal the world. Until the world is healed, your mind is not healed, as the world is in your mind.

Jesus says, “The kingdom of heaven is within.” Heaven is also an idea in your mind. The world and your body are ideas you projected outside of your mind, though they did not really leave your mind and can now serve to reveal to you the contents of your mind when you are willing to know your own mind. Heaven has nothing to do with the transitory world of name and form. Heaven and the unreal world are irreconcilable. Bring them together and the world of sickness, suffering and death must disappear. There is only heaven. Let the heavens be reflected on the earth now, that the earth may return unto heaven.

5. Innocence (everything without opposite) or guilt (its apparent opposite – nothing) – Either we are all innocent or all guilty. We were all created to be innocent forever. Innocence has no opposite. Guilt is nothing. You cannot ever be guilty for anything. You can make mistakes because you were created free. Part of that freedom includes the freedom to choose to have an experience that is other than who you are, but it won’t be a true experience.

You can choose to mistakenly don a false identity. Mistakes do not take away from our innocence as they can be corrected. When we thought we could make our own source we were mistaken. The correction is seeing that we cannot make our own source. We felt tremendous guilt for our mistake only because we thought we had actually succeeded in replacing God as Source. God cannot be replaced. It was ego, ‘God’s replacement,’ that insisted we be guilty and punished. Why? Because once ego has been given life, it wants to survive and depends on guilt and punishment for its existence. Only if you believe you are guilty can ego exist. Ego and guilt come together and go together. Ego wants you to think you are guilty.

To choose to do something that is not in alignment with the Divine will is an error as it is impossible to defy the Divine will. To realign yourself with the Divine will is to correct your error, in which case you are back in a true experience of peace, love and joy as you were created. To leave error uncorrected leads to suffering. You will inevitably feel guilty for uncorrected error, as denial of error is an admission of guilt. Perfection or purity are easy as they are who you are. God will encourage you to correct your error, as that is in your best interest.

Ego wants you punished for your error as that is in its best interest. Your suffering buys ego time, thus it tries to convince you that error is sin. As long as you see anyone as guilty, you do not believe in your innocence. Guilt is impossible for any of God’s creations and everyone was created by God. Only ego is guilty as it is a false idea of limitation and separation that could never happen in truth. As innocence overcomes guilt, so also good overcomes evil. Leading a life of goodness, virtue and nobleness reestablishes your innocence in your mind and your guilty verdict is seen truly as insubstantial and baseless. The case against you will be dismissed on the spot and you will be free to be as God created you.

6. Life (everything without opposite) or death (its apparent opposite – nothing) – We were created to be immortal. We will live forever. We were created to have life without opposite. Death is not real. It is a joke we play on ourselves. Death is our final proof that God is dead. That is impossible as God is immortal and as He only creates like Himself, we too are immortal. Death is the opposite of life, but life can have no opposite. We simply cannot die.

Death is an attempt to escape life, but we were created to live forever. How is that possible when we see death all around us? Only that which is not real experiences death. Your body is not real. Even if it dies, you live forever. Plants and animals and everything you see have the mark of death on them, but that is not proof that death is real. We have the power to heal the sick and raise the dead, because we made sickness and death, and they can be abolished when we stop making them real through the power of our belief. Life has no opposite. If life is real, then death is impossible and never happened. God is life. Is it possible for God to die? Then how can anything He creates die? Life and death are irreconcilable. Bring eternal life back into your most holy mind and death loses its sting.

7. Love (everything without opposite) or fear (its apparent opposite – nothing) - God is love. Love has no opposite. You were created to be and have love as your only experience, both with God and everyone. Yet we experience fear and hatred. That is because we have mis-created unreal experiences, separate from God. There are only two emotions, love and fear, and only love is real. Fear is not possible, for God can only express love, thus only love exists. All fear is illusion.

Some think of God as fearful, but that idea comes from trust in an ego that wants you to believe that God is fearful, wrathful, vengeful, punishing, judgmental, sitting on some throne somewhere condemning you to eternal damnation. That is the furthest thing from God’s mind as He deeply loves all that He creates. But, as long as you believe that to be so, ego survives. Ego wants to exist. It will try very hard to deceive you, because its survival depends on you loving it more than you love God, thus it tries to convince you that God is other than who He is. God is but love and therefore so are you. Love means letting go of fear. Perfect love casts out fear. Love is all there is.

8. Truth (everything without opposite) or untruth (its apparent opposite – nothing) - What is true is the same for everyone forever. It doesn’t mean we all have to practice the same religion or enjoy the same interests or experiences. Variety and differences on the level of form can and must be appreciated and tolerated in order that we live together in peace. Wars are fought over differences of religion, race, color, sex, nationality… These are differences of form and forms will be different. Only intolerance of difference of form should not be tolerated.

Where content is concerned there are no differences. There may be many paths up the mountain, but when you reach the top, the view is exactly the same for everyone. There are countless ways to get to truth, but when it is seen, you will have seen what everyone else who has reached has found. Truth is one. We are all so much more alike than we are different and that is distressing only as long as you want to be special, different or separate. God is love and showers His love on all equally. He cannot be love sometimes and not at other times or with some individuals and not with others. Ultimate truth is universal. Be true for the fog of untruth to clear. Untruth brought to truth dissolves instantly as truth is all there is.

9. Peace (everything without opposite) or war (its apparent opposite – nothing) - God created us to be eternally peaceful, yet we pray for, hope for and search for peace. We accommodate our lives and compromise our ideals for the sake of peace and still it is not true peace we experience. It is not lasting peace. Conflict and war are a very prominent part of the world we live in. What must we do to experience peace for ourselves and for the whole of humanity? We do not have to do anything except change our minds. Peace is who we are. It is alliance with ego that is the cause of all conflict, as ego thrives on conflict. Our brother is never our enemy. Our only enemy is ego, and it is vanquished by looking, not by fighting.

If you knew that there was nothing and no one outside of you, wouldn’t attacking anyone or anything be an attack on yourself? If you knew that all were your brothers and sisters, given to you by God to be your family, out of His deep love for you, could you fight with anyone for any reason? If you knew that nothing happens to you without your will, could you blame anyone for your ills? If you knew all that to be true, wouldn’t you be at peace no matter what happened to you? Taking personal responsibility for conflict in our lives allows it to be undone. ‘Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.’ God’s kingdom was created to be eternally peaceful and that is your inheritance. Claim it now by bringing conflict to peace to be resolved and dissolved forever.

10. Knowledge (everything without opposite) or ignorance (its apparent opposite – nothing) - You were created to know everything. Why would God create you and yet keep secrets from you? Nothing is hidden from you that you have not hidden from yourself. There are no mysteries. There is nothing that is beyond your ability to know right now. There is nothing that is unknowable. We have no need to learn anything. As long as you think you need to learn something, you are giving yourself an unreal purpose. It is simply not true. But we do have tremendous capacity to learn if we so choose, as our minds are all-powerful. We have used that power to teach ourselves to believe the unreal real and the real unreal. That is quite a learning feat. Now we need merely unlearn what we have taught ourselves, for we have been poorly taught. We have convinced ourselves that we are ignorant and do not know who God is or who we are. We seem to have forgotten our purpose. Fortunately all these misgivings are simply impossible as we were created to know everything forever.

God’s children, created with the brilliant luster of dazzling diamonds, have become dull, lifeless and stupid, but that is a parody on God’s creation and never really happened. We can throw off our ignorance whenever we so choose. We have never lost our knowledge of the truth. We have not become ignorant. We have merely fooled ourselves into believing that we cannot know and then we call that ignorance humility. Ignorance is not humility but the height of arrogance. It is arrogant to want to be different from who we are. Only grandiosity would have us be other than ourselves. We are grandeur and to think it humility to be small, limited or lacking in any way is to deny that we are as we were created.

We have interposed a concept of ourselves onto who we are and have convinced ourselves that is true, though it never affected our truth. When we let go of all our ideas of what knowledge is, knowledge can dawn once again upon our most holy minds. When we want the truth above all else, then only will we be able to recognize the truth that we do know everything forever. It has taken much time to convince ourselves of who we are not. It takes no time to be who we are. The darkness of ignorance disappears in the light of true knowledge.

11. Oneness (everything without opposite) or separation (its apparent opposite – nothing) – You are one with God. God created you just like Himself. There is no separation between you and God. When you are totally in love with someone, you know each other through and through. You know that nothing can separate you from one other, not time, nor space, nor even death. You are one with each other forever. That is how it is with you and God.

God loves you so intensely that He is always with you, in you, around you, before you and above you. He knows everything about you because He is never separate from you. There is no place where God ends and you begin. At the same time, you are whole, perfect and complete within yourself. There is nothing outside of you. God is not outside of your mind.

Everyone is an idea in your mind. When you merge your mind with the mind of God, you are in the experience of how you were created - one with God. Your mind and God’s are exactly the same. The world also is in your mind and the recognition of your oneness with it is key to your salvation.

Your mind and soul were created as one. Your soul is unalterably perfect forever. As soul you are one with everyone and everything. As mind you can have an experience that is different from how you were created, but that is all. You cannot be different from who you are. When you merge your mind with your soul you will again be home where you never left in truth. That return takes place when you stop wanting autonomy or separation to be your experience.

Specialness comes with the idea of separation. You can be unique, but you cannot be special in the sense of being more or less than anyone else. Where is separation when there is nothing outside of your mind? There is only one problem, separation, and the solution is it never happened. Bring separation to oneness and separation vanishes without a trace.

12. Freedom (everything without opposite) or bondage (its apparent opposite – nothing) - Freedom is your true inheritance. God wants you to be free forever. His kingdom is freedom. God loves you.  Why would He wish you to be bound? What father would restrict his child’s freedom?

Does freedom mean lack of discipline, license or liberty to run after endless desires with no restraint? Of course not. Freedom lies in self-discipline and self-control. Because God willed you to be free, you have the freedom to choose that which may not be in your best interest if you so insist. If you want to stride into hell, God will not bar your way, for to do so would be to act counter to how He created you - free.

Though God is pained at your suffering and at your wish to experience separation from Him, He honors you and is your perfect, most gracious host no matter what your wish. If you wish to block Him out of your experience, He will step back and wait. If you wish to be as you are not, He will not force you to be who you are. Your wish to be other than how you were created does not alter the truth or make you bad. It does however make you wrong, as it is impossible to be other than who you are.

It is possible to make mistakes and errors are correctable. When your mistakes are corrected, you are restored to a true experience of love, joy and freedom in unbroken communion with God and everyone. A mind that is willing to be wrong is free. Freedom is your truth and when you want freedom to be your experience, it will be so, for there is nothing to oppose your will.

You were created to have the freedom of creation, but not of autonomy, for that is not possible. In attempting an experience of autonomy, we only produced bondage for ourselves. That bondage has nothing to do with God and everything to do with ego. Freedom and bondage are mutually exclusive. Our chains of oppression are self-inflicted and will be cast off when we no longer want them. Accepting that our freedom is limited to limitless creativity and cannot include separation from God or each other will lead to true freedom in the joy of unity with God and everyone.

13. Non-judgment (everything without opposite) or judgment (its apparent opposite – nothing) – God does not judge. It is we who have made God into something He is not. We fear Him and His judgment upon us. We project onto Him that He condemns, rejects and punishes. When we think these thoughts we simply expose to ourselves that we do not know God who loves all of us with the love of a thousand mothers. When we judge each other in any way we bind ourselves to judgment and condemnation and ultimately prove to ourselves that God judges. We make erroneous judgments all the time based on limited information. We have judgments, opinions, assumptions and conclusions about just about everything. This is what we have used our most holy minds for and this has been the cause of our bondage. We must stop judging in order that we be free.

When we see, not that we should not judge, but that we cannot judge because we do not have all the facts needed to make sound judgments, judgment will be relinquished. Then we will be restored to our true state of wholeness. That opens the door to everyone else being restored to wholeness as well. As long as you judge anyone you are judging yourself. Only when you see the perfection in everyone will you know that you are not judging. However, non-judgment does not condone or support impure behavior. Non-judgment is not passive. Use judgment to see where you are contracting into judgment. This is good use of judgment. Each unforgiving thought is a judgment and keeps the illusion of separation in place. In giving up judgment we are restored to our original state of purity and perfection. To be perfect requires no judgment at all as it is who we are.

14. Creation (everything without opposite) or mis-creation (its apparent opposite – nothing) - All God’s creations are extensions of Himself as light. You are light. As light you extend forever. You were created as an extension of God. God is limitless expansion. God is always giving. You were created to give forever. In giving you receive. You can only give to yourself. You are whole and complete eternally, in need of nothing and so is everyone and everything. There is nothing anyone can give you to complete you. You cannot ever lose anything.

When God gives it is not to complete you, but only to share His joy, which is a natural act of creation. When you recognize your wholeness, you look to God only to share your joy with Him. Then you are in true relationship with your Maker. When you see no lack either in yourself or another, your relationship will serve only to increase your joy. Then you have come closest in this world to your true relationship with God.

Our mis-creations or projections are unreal. Anything to do with name and form is unreal and anything to do with Divinity is real. Everything we see is made up of both what is real and what is unreal. Give energy to what is real. You projected a world and a body outside of your mind. On the surface they are changing, therefore not real. But your body is the temple for God and you as God are real. The world was created for you by God as a place in which to commune with God and all of humanity. When restored to a real purpose the world again becomes real. Invite God back into your life and into the world to restore it to a real purpose. Mis-creations disappear in the presence of your real creations which you create with God.

Lack is impossible in God’s creation. Only you can deprive yourself of anything. Abundance, fullness and completeness are attributes of God’s creation. Lack, constriction or limitation are due to mis-creating and are not real. We cannot create in the world as we see it. We can heal and when healed, the world will be restored to its original purpose. When your mind is healed, your mis-creations will disappear into the nothingness they have always been. Then you will be restored to your true function of creating the true, the beautiful and the holy.

15. All-Powerful (everything without opposite) or powerless (its apparent opposite – nothing) - You have everything God has since you were created by God, exactly like Him. God is all-powerful, therefore you too must be all-powerful. There is no one more powerful than you. Nothing happens to you without your consent. Everything that happens, you have agreed to and thus want. If you don’t like what is happening, you have the power to give yourself a different experience. You can change your mind. It is ego that tells you that you are helpless. Ego is simply an idea that things could happen to you against your will. Everything that happens to you serves some purpose. If it were not so, it could not be your experience.

Whenever you feel hurt by anyone or anything it is because you have given your power away. When you take back your power by recognizing that in God you are all-powerful, you again take charge of your life. There are those who say power can be dangerous. What they are referring to is not power, but force. Only those who believe themselves weak use force. Those who know they are all-powerful do not misuse their power. We chose to experience powerlessness because we did not want to take responsibility for our particular set of circumstances. In giving up self-responsibility, we give our power away. You are responsible for everything that happens to you. You will accept this level of responsibility when you are ready to trade in powerlessness for all the power in the universe.

Miracles Undo The Unreal

The fifteen attributes of nothing dissolve in the presence of the fifteen attributes of everything. Though there are fifteen different descriptions under everything, they are all really just fifteen different ways to describe everything. Though there are fifteen different descriptions for nothing, they are all just different ways of referring to nothing. The way back home is through the undoing of what is really nothing but misperceived as everything and that requires a miracle.

We prepare ourselves for miracles through forgiveness. We forgive ourselves for mis-creating nothing by recognizing its nothingness. Thereby nothing is transformed back into everything, unreality into reality, untruth into truth, sickness, suffering and death into peace, love and joy for all humanity. Miracles are natural expressions of love. Love is real. Miracles are gifts of God. You cannot heal yourself, but you can be healed when you are willing to be healed. God is always eager to heal you, but He waits on your wish. When you are healed you are contributing to the healing of the world and until the world is healed, we have work to do. In truth you were never broken, therefore the only healing necessary is to change your mind about who you are.

Sai Baba says, “Everything is within you. There is nothing outside of you.” Jesus taught, “The Kingdom of heaven is within.” We must seek it within. We must look within for answers. Sometimes people living permanently at Sai Baba’s ashram, especially when they feel challenged, might be tempted to think, “Baba, I gave up everything for You.” The fact is they gave up nothing for everything. In giving up the world we give up nothing. In coming to God, we receive everything. Is it a sacrifice to give up nothing and receive the love of God forever? Baba says, “Forget the world; Always remember God; Never fear death.” God is everything. The world and death are nothing. See them truly and they are undone. Nothing untoward happened. That shift in consciousness allows the miracle of the undoing of the unreal.

Forgiveness sees unreality for what it is, unreal. Forgiveness is the idea that nothing happened to you that you did not ask for. It is an admission that what you thought your brother or sister did to you, you did to yourself. It reveals that nothing distressing ever happened in truth. When you know that, everyone is free to be to you who he really is, namely your dearest, most cherished friend, for that is how God created him, as a precious gift for you. We are all brothers and sisters and have one God, our Father/Mother, Creator and Source.

Sickness and suffering come from thinking we are guilty, which is erroneous thinking. Sickness, lack and suffering unto death are not real. When you assure anyone that they are innocent by treating them with the utmost respect, compassion, understanding, forbearance, patience and charity, you are sending a message to your own subconscious that you too are innocent. That is forgiveness and opens the door to your healing. That is why service to humanity serves you and is where your salvation lies. Service to anyone is service to yourself, for we are all one.  As you give, so you receive. Give everything to have everything forever.

Beloved Creator of us all, May all beings regain awareness of their original state of being and having everything forever. May that which is nothing in truth be transformed back into that which is everything, so that everyone everywhere may experience everything forever, in the form of true joy, deepest peace and eternal love. May all beings live together in harmony in the knowledge that all Your creations are and have everything without cease. You cherish Your children and stand at the end of the road to nothingness with infinite patience and intense longing for our return home to Your wide-open arms which give everything forever. Glorious victory to You, sweetest dearest God.

May all beings in all the worlds be happy and blest, Amen.


Everything vs. Nothing

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